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  1. Thank you, I just connected, just need to get authorized
  2. Hi I was wondering what the link to the discord server was.
  3. I would like to contribute to the fashionframe of our dojo. Is there a way that I can get the rank of Architect? IGN: Wholfe1999
  4. Cool, gonna be honest I'd didn't expect any replies.
  5. I've given away the last code, congrats to the people that I have given them to and hopefully you guys will enjoy the game.
  6. Any want the beta codes I got for Dauntless? I got 2 of them.
  7. Dylan


    I just want to get your opinion on my concept for the weapon contest. What do you think? Name: 感染する - Kansen Suru Weapon type: Hybrid; Heavy Blade/Hammer Faction: Infested Heavy Blade / Hammer Special: Has innate rank 7 Blood Rush for Heavy Blade Preset, and Rank 4 Weeping Wounds for Hammer Preset. Damage: 100 slash, 15 impact, 15 puncture / 120 corrosive Attack Speed: 1.00 / 0.833 Crit %: 30% / 10% Crit Multiplier: 2.5% / 1.5% Status Chance: 10% / 30% Stance polarity: Vazarin D Polarities: 2x V Example Photos:
  8. Don't worry I'm now apart of the Clan.
  9. Done, I forgot I made my own clan a few years back when I played warframe, then I stopped now in back.
  10. Wholfe1999 that is my account name sorry i got it mixed with my twitch name.
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