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    Animals (animals are the love of my life), history, studying Military tactics, cryptozoology, Gaming(RPGs, Strategy, Action) , Modding, Writing,
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  1. Of course and I think that we are Intelligent, funny, sensible, and awesome people here.
  2. I highly respect you OutandBack, but I most disagree. But it's important that everyone hears everyones opinions whether they agree with them or not. Everyone is important and everyone's opinion is important, We can all agree with that right?
  3. you are correct partially it's all about money and power censoring peoples opinions will give you control with control will bring power and power will bring influence and money and with money and power you can control politicians and with politicians the policies don't change keeping them on top, the little people down and the little down means no computation which means more money for them, and censoring people means that there is no one to challenge or question them meaning them and the rich politicians stay on top. And this part that I just mentioned is why we have political correctness. (p
  4. to be honest I think youtube is doing this purposely to appease the trolls and many other groups that like to censor and control because they don't like what someone said i.e they aren't fans of equality and free speech. This is a total attempt to censor and control opinions.
  5. Welcome enjoy your stay and please take a load off on one of our cheese chairs take a bath in one of our whiskey bathtubs, and don't forget to try some of our complimentary world famous face palm juice! It will make any pale face red!
  6. recently youtube announced Youtube heroes in which you can sign up to " fight trolls " which I only see that as an opportunity for trolls to flag things they don't like and could get one of gophers videos to be demonetized or taken down or even worse gophers entire channel could be taken down. So basically youtube is purposefully or accidently recruiting an army of trolls. So if anyone posts anything they don't like in any part of a video they could take it down I am kind of panicking here, I really think this is important and urgent! And is Gopher aware of this!
  7. Yes but surely you don't play ES games just because of the fact that their modable?
  8. I'm doing this to respond to a topic recently posted by jognt and I am doing this in hopes of well just to laugh and smile and to remind everyone that we are a game community a family even so without further ado.... CHEESE!!! and once more! Have fun everyone and may gopher and the cheese be with you! Warning these videos may make you want to eat cheese!
  9. Look it is kind of depressing to me that we are even having this conversation but it is important. Look gopher I will always support you whatever you play or whatever decisions you make I'll be there for you and the same goes for anyone in this community ( who ins't purposefully trolling). We all love you gopher and I know you love us ( except for the trolls). we are like a family, and like any family we will work out any problem in a adult manner.
  10. Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 2, Spore, the Fate games, or the return of darkest dungeon, any would be utterly epic!
  11. Thanks OutandBack for reading the message I appreciate so much, do you have any thoughts on it.

  12. Quarico what if I told you there was a game that was lord of the ring based and involved you and gopher attacking each other with massive armies and could involve you and a dwarven catapult with dual flaming boulders, what would you say to that. 

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    2. ShawnBoucher


      lol with friends like this who needs friends...uh I mean enemies :) 

    3. hunter of souls

      hunter of souls

      Lord of the Rings battle for  Middle earth 2 is the game and is notorious for it's fire mechanic and friendly fire mechanic, it's pretty awesome:D.

    4. hunter of souls

      hunter of souls

      oh, and you can also play a 2v2 with gopher against 2 other subs, which to be frank if they were to go up against you and gopher ...... I pity them.

  13. Why do I get the felling you designed a horror game that would probably scare the living **** out of me. (That's actually a compliment, although it's pretty easy to scare me.)
  14. ha tidinzeo I sent Pcat a message wanting her opinion on something and wanted your opinion as well so is it ok if I invite you to the message as well. Just a quick question hope I'm not bothering you. 

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    2. TiDinzeo


      Sure.  Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I was streaming.

    3. hunter of souls

      hunter of souls

      sorry that I posted something on your profile page while you were streaming

    4. TiDinzeo


      Don't worry about it.  I was just explaining why it took so long for me to rely, I'm usually much more prompt.

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