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  1. Congrats new staff, sorry I'm not around much these days to tormen.... I mean offer any sort of assistance.
  2. This is sad news indeed, but you have done so much for the community. Thanks for everything!
  3. I'm definitely keen to give ESO another go, hell I still update it from time to time meaning to do just that. If a bunch of guys/gals get together that would just make it even more worthwhile!
  4. I might have to log back in soon ;). I knew there was a reason I hadn't deleted it yet
  5. Sadly languages have never been my thing. In South Africa we have 11 official languages. English is my native (what a massive surprise), but while growing up and going to school I learnt Afrikaans (very similar to dutch) and Zulu. Now my ability to speak those two are pretty much non existent, but I pick up a few works here and there.
  6. That is probably what happens. I just remember I missed three 100% chances in one mission once.
  7. haha, unlike most I don't mind him... despite uh that characters tendencies. I had forgotten that it was back, so I was just more delighted that TWD was available for watching The best episode of the entire series by far!
  8. Makes me wonder how the 100% hit chance works then when it's possible to miss :/... Actually it doesn't, basically the number doesn't mean anything. It's a guideline for the player... So we might as well have a mod that disables (hides) the number and you have to make judgement calls based on how your are situated on the field of battle.
  9. Same, I was so disappointed that there wasn't a South African version. If I had a decent mic I'd do it myself, but that's not going to happen for a while.
  10. I'm currently using the mod that stop timers from moving until you lose concealment. So far it's been fantastic, really is a great mod!
  11. You even said you had to, so thought you knew *facepalm*, you basically become one of the VIP's for a mission. As for modded weapons, don't think you get those back. At least, I know you don't have them in the mission.
  12. Nothing like the added pressure of having to save one of your "best" soldiers
  13. The pink are trying to confuse us once again
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