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  1. Is no one gonna talk about the new Half-Life game here?

    1. Cryzeteur


      If you think a game is being neglected, you can start a new thread in games and stick in a video of the game to start a discussion. People may or may not respond. 

      If you would like me to start the discussion I would be happy to do so.

  2. Dude are you the one who commented on my vids a lot on youtube when I was making them? I actually don't think I've ever realised this even though you replied to me before on here.

  3. How has it been 3 years since I've joined this place? Time flies. 😶

    Haven't been active at all, bad habbit. Join a forum/site -> forget you made a profile on it -> visit it again within the next 5 years.

    1. Cryzeteur


      I remember you. Welcome back... assuming you went somewhere. Enjoy the new vids. Leave a message. Have a cookie... usually chocolate chip with (insert here your favorite ingredients, such as vampire dust, a giant's toe, or a carrot). Watch the skies for flamethrower wielding bats and cats. 😊

    2. Goxy287




      I didn't go anywhere but I forgot to be active heh. 

      Ill have a choc chip with snowberries, maybe that would actually be plausible 😄

  4. tfw when you are quick enough to join the teamspeak server before its full for overwatch but it glitches out and still says its full


    sorry R3DR4GON for leaving so soon was late here, was waking up family members

  5. Does anybody know if overwatch stays 40 euro/dollars on its release on 24th or is it gonna be more like 60 and its 40 now only because of pre-ordering?

    1. Jognt


      I really don't know. All I know is I pre-ordered it even though I usually hate pre-order systems.


    out of curiosity does something like that exist even?

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    2. HighNinjaFly
    3. Goxy287



      nah i already know i have bad hearing and bad vision

      but the problem is that i don't check gopher when he streams out of his schedule so i miss it

      @HighNinjaFly Thanks, i'll try that

    4. Jognt


      Do you have an Apple device? The Twitch iOS App has so far let me know about Gopher going Live 100% of the time with very little delay.

  7. I find myself in need of money, so where am i supposed to start when looking for a job? I'm still in high/middle/second school, and i absolutely have never heard of such thing as a part time job here in Serbia. Argh! the heck life? Give me a break, i've no idea what i'm doing. 

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    2. ShawnBoucher


      I would say the main thing for you to do is simply put yourself out there. If the goal is money and you are willing to do a wide range of things then get out in your community and sell yourself. Door to door business to business. Ask them if they have any jobs they are willing to pay you to do. Expect a huge amount of rejection.  Just keep trying. 

    3. KittyLordMeow-Meows


      Hell I still need a job, I'm basically following in my fathers footsteps at this point .. Took him till 25 to get his shit together, I seem to be the same lol.

      Seriously, wish ya luck. Lookin for a job is hell.

    4. Goxy287


      yeah well thanks but, ehh this is gonna be harder than i thought... I mean it's not like i wish to have even less free time but seeing as we're in constant never ending debts, bills are 10 times the sallaries, which are non existant, and theres's like 10 bilion games i have on my wishlist, i thought i'd give it a shot but, i don't know how it'll work out. 

  8. Rainy Mood & Blue in Green by. Miles Davis

    Damn that calms the nerves :)

    I never cease to surprise myself with the wide variety of music i like. I mean i usually listen to Monstercat for god's sake :D and now i'm listening to this relaxing piece of art 

    1. HighNinjaFly


      There's a special thread in which everyone may share what they listen to every once in a while :) 

      And yea, rainymood works with just about anything :D 

      ops... https://community.gophersvids.com/topic/84-music/?page=31

    2. Goxy287
  9. Joined the Gopher forums! Yay! Can't wait to meet the community. (no i'm not always this enthusiastic :D)

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