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  1. I do not know why games about the future seem to have mandatory inclusion of four letter words from our time. It is not realistic. It is just coarse.
  2. Beside the stutter, the screen looked ... a bit hmmm the words I want to use are gargled and poxulated... There are what seem to be tiny ripple points all over the edges of the screen, not so bad in the center. It isn't all that obvious but my epileptic brain picks it up quite readily. Overall it isn't unwatchable. The stutters are less watchable and I would probably have to watch on the small inset screen, but I have to do that watching most of these videos because sudden panning makes me quite sick quite rapidly. Like going up or down a spiral staircase in Skyrim. In the present video t
  3. It is funny that you keep forgetting you are going west. This was one of the best episodes.
  4. It was enjoyable as a play through, but I got the game and got really bored with it by the end of the main game. It is not a Fallout or a Skyrim. I hve spent considerable brain goo on trying to figure out why and really don't quite know. There is no place to wander around relaxing while wondering what you will encounter. Not really. It is too garish which makes it a bit jarring to the senses. The NPCs don't feel right. Again I don't know why. The whole thing feels more like a bad dream than an alternate reality. It is not my fantasy? Maybe? There are only a couple of things in the game wo
  5. Speaking of breaking a game... You guys were so obsessed with the frying pans that you ignored the radio. Of course it doesn't "break" the game it just ignores the plot.
  6. Ok there are several things going on right now. I will talk about the old problem first. Start by making sure all your applications are updated, especially visual display and sound files. Second make sure all windows updates are installed. SKSE assumes this has been done. SKSE is not always up to date. Disable SKSE and all mods using SKSE and try that. If the game runs without SKSE then the problem is probably in Windows being updated by Microsoft and Skyrim being updated by Bethesda. All you can do is wait for SKSE to issue a new update. Once you get a version of SKSE working d
  7. Did you just stop there? That seems to be your last post.
  8. Funny... I just did Red Eagles Bane in my own game.
  9. I should add that I completed the quest to kill the World Eater and the War between the Imperials and the Nords, but have just started the Dark Brotherhood. I have not even started Thieves Guild. So I have much to look forward to. Next is Elsewere.
  10. Inspired by you I started to watch the old Richard series. Unfortunately the same thing always happens -- watching Gopher makes me want to play Skyrim -- so that is what I did. I have been playing Library quests for over a year and only have some 850 items in the Library. Of course I started with the old library and then when the new version came out I started over -- and then when some new mods caught my eye I completely revised my mod list and had to restart the library again. I am not focusing on library quests the way Gopher is. Instead I am doing everything else and dumping everything I f
  11. Gopher has never made a cheat mod. I suspect you are just remembering the trouble Gopher had on Skellige with the wolves there in one of his quests. He considers fast levelling that is not part of the game to be cheating. He does use console commands when absolutely necessary to achieve some things in a story that is not behaving the way it should in his role playing. For example, upgrading the Dragonborn Museum or adding Steve to Bruma, not that he has actually done either of these things. Killing monsters is not the way to level up anyway. Go to the bulletin boards and take quests. Much
  12. Yes This was a good one. It made me want to play the game enough that I bought it. Played it almost to the end and and got bored. Went back to Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout NV, and Fallout IV. I might go back and watch Gopher playing Skyrim. I haven't finished one of his playthroughs.
  13. OutlandBack is right. Although I have seen you online, it wasn't here. Soooo.... Welcome to the forum. Have a cookie. They are guaranteed non organic. and without any nutritional value whatsoever! (Synthesized by secret alchemical formula from recycled quarks). Be aware that you may be dive-bombed by ravenous cats, rats and bats who are addicted to our cookies. And have been supplied with flame-throwers and fire bombs by certain individuals who shall remain unnamed. Enjoy. Enjoy. But beware of getting delirious. Welcome to the forum! 😄
  14. Well, he also loves his revolver. His favorite of course is the one he buried. But revolvers can be replaced and I am sure he has more in his stash. And you are correct, he also loves his shotgun... and his underpants.
  15. If Gopher brings Jack back, I am sure he will provide a suitable back story.
  16. Gopher mentions his intentions about Jack frequently. He has considered reviving Jack for further episodes of Fallout if there is an appropriate New Vegas type sequel. However, you are correct the ending of the story as it now stands is rather special. There is no way to predict what Gopher will do. He seems to operate by his own royal pleasure. Sometimes he feels one way and then switches just when you thought he was going to do something expected. What ever he does with Jack in the future will suit Jack's personality.
  17. There are a few who can contact Gopher directly. Questions left here can sometimes be brought to Gopher's attention. But you are correct that there is no way to contact Gopher directly. Gopher's Vids is not a company. Thus it has no address. It also has no presence on Facebook because of trolling. Gopher sometimes reads comments on You Tube but trolling there is sometimes pretty bad. Most people do not even know what Gopher looks like and do not know his actual name. However, on the home page you can use "Find Gopher" to link to his live streams and you can sometimes ask questio
  18. I guess the 3 of us are the only ones here... 😝
  19. Just getting Discord set up would probably take me an hour. LOL The set=up instructions seemed very complicated. I am not adverse with playing but i am sure I would need a lot of help setting up.
  20. Did you run Alice is Missing? When I got home from church I meant to check in but fell asleep instead.
  21. That's pretty funny. How many dungeneers were playing? At the end, were you Bear or Criminal?
  22. I love D&D when playing live. When playing on a move a day environment I get bored and forget to log in. Still I wouldn't mind trying if no one would get mad at me when I forgot to play.
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