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  1. As before the movement in VR is so bouncy that it made me sick. Otherwise, good show.
  2. I agree. I also want to wish OutlandBack best wishes for his outstanding struggle to keep the forum alive as all the fans have moved over to the live chats. And I have to admit even I am not as active due to work. Wishing for a merry resurrection of old busy times. 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥
  3. I did not realize you had two cats. But the way you have trimmed your beard makes you look younger. Merry Christman Minionmas. Happy New Year!
  4. Yes. It seems people that started playing on release are experiencing a lot of bugs. These bugs were supposed to have been fixed before release. They were mentioned in Beta testing. Of course it is possible that in fixing other bugs they brought back old bugs.
  5. The first image doesn't show up in standard format and the second image has been deleted. As I recall, Witcher 3 was heavily criticized on release for nasty bugs. I was hoping Cyberpunk was cleaner.
  6. Yeah it has been a very quiet release. Probably because it was available so long as a Beta. Could be the fans have already gotten bored?
  7. A very good story. Most of the story and language was G... the rare drift into PG was unnecessary as otherwise it would be a good game for kids. Lots of moral choices and consequences.
  8. When something like this happens the first thing to always do is update Windows. If Windows is not updated new versions of Windows programs work badly with old versions and your system gradually becomes corrupted. Second, always run Update and check to see if any Update errors were encountered or if there are accessory programs like NET.Framework that need to be installed. Also you should have Update activated to check all accessory programs. If this is turned off, turn it back on.
  9. As I pointed out, the error message says that you are missing system files. I do not know what needs to be installed. I do not think they are files that could be replaced by a repair to the system. I think you are missing something else. I typed "1keyebww.0.cs" missing into my browser and Steam identified it as a missing map file. A CS file is a source code file written in C#, an object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft for use with the .NET Framework. It is used for developing a range of applications, from simple desktop programs to applications for distributed env
  10. Youu may not be installing correctly. Gopher covers this topic in: Modding Fallout NV Ultimate Edition part 1: User Interface: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-3c1a9cLL8&feature=emb_logo He explains a bit more in: Skyrim Mod : Mod Configuration Mod (MCM) without SkyUI https://www.gophersvids.com/?gopher_video=skyrim-mod-mod-configuration-mod-mcm-without-skyui Also: MOD ORGANIZER – Fallout New Vegas #2 : User Interface https://www.gophersvids.com/?gopher_video=mod-organizer-fallout-new-vegas-2-user-interface Now I recently installed MCM along
  11. Some files are not in your system. Did you run the game from STEAM before you tried to run it through SKSE64_Loader? Steam checks your system files and downloads missing files when it starts the game. When system files are missing nothing will work properly.
  12. When you didn't get the popup when you first installed MCM that meant the mod was not working. That meant something was not installed correctly or was corrupted. From that first error things went downhill. You not have a severely corrupted install. About the only thing you can do, since you are a beginner, is start from scratch. Delete everything and start again. This includes Vortex. If you want to fiddle, which could take a very long time and might not work, you could try deleting everything since installing MCM and reinstalling it -- then gradually building back your mod list making sure th
  13. A lot of similarities to The Forest. The clues do not build a picture of what is happening. They only add to what you already know. I am not sure who the protagonist actually is. By the voice I would guess she is female, but is she a demon who possessed the woman's body? "I feel so much better." In front of an altar to a horned deity? Is that supposed to be an early version of Hathor? When things are too weird they are not as scary.
  14. This is not a game for looters. :{ The poem was pretty sad and hopeless.
  15. You need to tell me what did not work. When you ran FNIS did id give you an error?
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