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  1. SPOILER ALERT The thing about becoming thane of Dawnstar that is not easily discovered is that you have to be a certain level to be offered the quest and even then it is not easy to get it. I hope this is not too spoilerish since we do not have the spoiler hide box any more.
  2. Starting with an apparent announcement that ESVI may be released in 2020, this should be an exciting year at E3. Any other games we should be watching? Gopher will be doing Let's Plays for Bloodlines II, ESVI, and Cyberpunk 2077. Gopher has said he may stream other games shown above. His schedule is really full.
  3. Totally understand. It is a beautiful soundtrack.
  4. You are correct. Beta is not the finished game and does not contain everything that will be in the final game. Devs are very hedgy about what they will say because of this. I have seen major changes in games between Beta and Final. Normally, Beta does not contain all the quests and sometimes contains content that turns out to be so buggy that it is cut before Final. Content denial: The following is based on speculation... Stop reading if you do not like speculation... Since I started this board I have tried to verify what I could and generally what I post here is not too far off. I try to be accurate and avoid all the hype. I also post quotes and sources when I get a new published source. Still, we have now reached Beta testing and the information available is fairly accurate as to the general picture of the game. Things that are probably fairly stable are the map, game mechanics, dialogue and the main quest. These generally do not change much because it is very complicated to do so and can foul up the entire game. Still, Betas rarely contain the opening quest and some other quests as this spoils the game for the Beta testers. Beta testers can not release details on what they are seeing without violating confidentiality agreements, but things leak. The Devs themselves leak. Many leaks are inaccurate or exaggerated, but CDPR has confirmed most of the leaks anyway. Will the Final resemble the Beta? Will the Final resemble the gameplay footage CDPR has already released? It is hard to say. One of the criticisms leveled at Skyrim (BGS) was that promises made or implied in the trailers (BP) before release were not fulfilled in the Final game. That is one of the reasons why devs try to keep everything secret. When something is too buggy to implement it has to be dropped when time is running out. The Witcher 3 devs said that the DLCs were already in development when Witcher 3 was released but were too buggy to include in the initial release. At least one dev said that that was why the DLCs were free. It was always intended to include them in the initial release. I suspect that is what CDPR will do with CP. That is why I am not convinced that the gamer lounge will not be implemented -- of course it may already be in the game -- just without monetization -- or maybe that is what will monetize MP. How would you feel about playing a card game in MP that has monetization like GWENT? You could earn in-game credits for free or buy into the game. Players choice. I do know this was the original idea but do not know what the current status of the gamers lounge is. This is purely speculation at this point since the devs are silent and probably do not know themselves what will happen. I think they dropped the gaming lounge because of the monetization scandal. Most of Europe has very strict laws against in game gambling. But the devs were arguing over the games from the start so maybe they just dropped the idea because they couldn't come up with a really good game... however, one dev mentioned something about mini-games that could have been interpreted as there being mini-games in the hacking game play. Still -- no monetization in the hacking game play. BTW -- I really do not care about MP monetization and have not been following this. There is no information on this anyway. I am only concerned about single player game play.
  5. "Because of this, gamers should be concerned about monetization in CDPR games." ... I rewrote this sentence about six times and it still can be misread. What I meant was that all the players concerned about monetization have a point and their concerns should not be simply dismissed. I did not mean to imply that there was an active concern. That is not what I meant. Actually "The single player game itself has never been said to or suggested to have 'microtransactions'" is not correct. As I mentioned there was originally a game lounge planned where you could play mini-games and one of those games was supposed to be GWENT-like. There was originally going to be monetization in those games as in GWENT. This was probably two years ago. I mentioned this above somewhere when it was first proposed. I did start my comment saying that "CDPR never mentioned "microtransactions" per se. " I also attached the video by Madqueen which makes this point quite clearly concerning MP. Personally I am not concerned about the MP. However, CDPR's comments are directed to all monetization, not just MP. I have been told that Beta contains NO monetization, so this is probably a non issue with SP. However this game lounge may be implemented in the future. Apparently SP can be played off-line like Witcher 3. You buy the game and you own it. However this may change in the future. CDPR is apparently considering an online version. Cyberpunk 2077 is not the only Cyberpunk game they are working on. But this will not affect the April 15/16 release. Monetization requires online connections like GWENT, which is implied by MP mode. As Gopher says, people are anxious to misinterpret everything said on this subject.
  6. I probably should mention the "microtransactions" controversy. As stated above, CDPR never mentioned "microtransactions" per se. However, way back in development a couple of years ago they were working on something resembling microtransactions in their special area. This special area seemed to be a sort of in-game gamer lounge where terminals were set up. It was mentioned that they were thinking about something similar to GWENT where you could sort of play games and collect loot boxes and make in-game purchases. They kept saying that it would resemble the purchases in GWENT. Madqueen says that the gamer lounge was not implemented. I played GWENT without purchasing anything, but it was clear that if you wanted to advance quickly in GWENT you had to purchase the chests of cards. Because it was random, you had no control of what you purchased so it was very much gambling. I do not know why GWENT was never involved in the LOOT BOX scandal, but it probably should have been. Because of this, gamers should be concerned about monetization in CDPR games. I am not playing the Beta. If I played the Beta I would not be able to talk about the game. Gopher's new rant with Quarico discusses the multiplayer thoroughly. Basically nothing is yet fixed on MP.
  7. CDPR is beginning the promo blitz for Cyberpunk 2077. Note that they are now talking about more Witcher games. https://www.cbr.com/cyberpunk-2077-unleashes-new-instagram-filters/ CDPR is making confusing statements about many things. This may reflect how unfinished the game actually is. The dialogue is compared to Witcher 3 but it is never stated clearly how much dialogue is in game. "The texts that will not be recorded will be the same, and the words in the documentation for the game cannot be counted, but there were plenty of them." https://www.tweaktown.com/news/69051/cyberpunk-2077s-dialogues-wider-scale-compared-witcher-3/index.html The release of the map seems more like a way to keep fans satisfied waiting. A stop-gap measure. But it could be meant to be promo. The map is described as slightly smaller than Witcher 3, however it is unclear whether or not this map size includes the expansions in the Witcher 3 DLCs. The map itself is hard to evaluate as it is very -very dense. It is also difficult to tell what is above water level and what is below. https://www.videogamer.com/news/cyberpunk-2077-night-city-map-appears-on-official-art-book It is also clear that the game will be released unfinished with DLCs added later as development completes on those quests. https://www.gamesradar.com/au/cyberpunk-2077-will-be-shorter-but-more-replayable-than-the-witcher-3/ This is good news and bad news. But at least they are trying to stick to the PR department release date. Apparently their investors were getting antsy. I totally understand this because if they held up release any more there would be so many cyberpunk copycat games out there that the game would have almost no impact. The best news is that it will be definitely RPG and not shooter. It is designed for replayability. I hope that the atmosphere will be alluring so that gamers will be drawn into the world and feel so comfortable that they will want to live in the world as different characters. I suspect there will be mods released from the first month that will allow gamers to correct any mistakes CDPR makes as with the Witcher 3. I only used a half dozen mods in Witcher 3 but they made the game much more enjoyable. I am still a little worried about the atmosphere because I have not heard any background music that I could enjoy for hours without going a bit nutz. I do not think it will have a Skyrim atmosphere. This may make it only playable a couple of times through.
  8. If you read my post this is exactly what I said. The Beta started about October 1. 6 months takes us to March, but it usually takes another month to finalize and release. That is why I am saying the release may be late. There are normally a lot of changes between Beta and release versions. Sometimes companies rush because marketing wants the release, but CDProjekt has promised not to do this. ... sorry I forgot to post the Beta.
  9. There is no current estimated release date for PC. It is not being presold. CDProjekt has said they need to adapt the development version to PC and they basically used a supercomputer to run the PC version. All that we know is that the PC version has yet to be announced. ... and that it will need a high end computer. Everything they are saying has been in Polish and there is no guarantee that the translation is accurate. BTW translation to supported languages is not quick and easy. It takes time and starts before the game is finished. It is not uncommon to take a year for this. Final stages suggests they are ready for Alpha. Usually Alpha takes several months if all goes well. Then there is Beta. An April release may be pushing it. They also said they will not release an unfinished game. However, they may do the same thing they did with the Witcher and release free DLCs to patch unfinished quests. They mentioned in the history video that the Witcher 3 DLCs started as Witcher quests and were unfinished when the game was released. Also the multiplayer mode is still being defined. It is suggested that it will be 6 player team mode. No PvP has been mentioned.
  10. That's why I give the sources. "Since it’s already been delayed before, the release date of 16 April for Cyberpunk 2077 was always going to be open to question, but according to CD Projekt Red they’re in the final stages, implying no more delays." for XBOX... PS is still uncertain. But to be clear, there is no "official" release date from CDProjekt. Officially, "It will be ready when it is ready" and there will be a massive publicity campaign when it is ready. April 15, 2020 is the release date according to Steam, but there is no guarantee that it is a rigid date. Walmart gives April 15 for both XBOX and PS. Gamestop says April 16. PC is delayed. Next Gen is delayed. I admit I have XBOX and PS but I think most people here are PC gamers... CDprojekt has said that they will deliver a better game for the PC because PC gamers expect it. Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/11/25/cyberpunk-2077-ps5-project-scarlett-doable-not-next-year-11216675/?ito=cbshare Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/
  11. https://metro.co.uk/2019/11/25/cyberpunk-2077-ps5-project-scarlett-doable-not-next-year-11216675/ Fromm the newest corporate chat, CDProjekt confirms no release this coming April as a few bloggers have reported and my estimate of 2021 still seems the most likely. They mention the next gen XBOX and Play Station as not being their initial release goals and imply the reason is because they have to see the final product to see what they can do with it. If you look at what those two consoles are speced at right now they are not as good as initially thought in some areas. That may change as we get closer to release. Microsoft is going in a totally different direction from PS. If plans come together the tech may be pretty mind-blowing. Cyberpunk is coming together. That does not mean it is anywhere close to Alpha testing. Sure some areas are finished enough to demo but they are still pulling together the quests all over the map.
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