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  1. I have been consulting on an insurance information platform and I was told that the videos that we post are tallied with the original so that our views and comments contribute to the ranking of the video on YouTube. I am not directly involved in the money end of things, but this is my impression. I do know that the advertising carries over.
  2. I always leave my comments on the forum. I don't like the negativity on YouTube.
  3. I just posted on a video and will post something else right now. Yep. Posted on Divinity - Original Sin #39 : Obsessed with other peoples bowels much? No problem.
  4. I like the fact that Quarico is still obsessed with fire. It would spoil her image if she changed! 😄
  5. Even with Gopher's narrative this story still isn't making sense. Of course Gopher doesn't know what is happening either, so his narrative is not necessarily relevant anyway. My take so far: You got hired for a movie and were abandoned on a ship where you were supposed to meet the director. The director is either insane or dead. Instead, some maniac is playing Halloween games using lights, holographic projections, and automated sets. There may have been actual actors on a couple of sets, but they could be automatons (antique clockwork manikins). The little boy looked real. The rest could be flimflam. The big question is WHY? There seems to be no point unless an ex-wife is out for revenge... just pulling his chain before killing him. Maybe the "director" is filming a "real life" movie about ghosts. If so it is definitely C grade. Maybe D. If it is a movie it is boring nonsense. Game play: Strictly linear with no point other that progress along the linear line of events. These events are not linked together to build a story. The events, which have the theme of a children's story, or rather, a children's game, do not tell a coherent story. They are slightly reminiscent of stories like the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, or Treasure Island, but only slightly reminiscent, because a coherent story is missing. All in all, I would not have continued playing at this point. Still, I will continue to watch Gopher because his antics are worth it.
  6. It's on my wish list and I could have got it a couple of weeks back when it was on sale, but now I will have to wait for another sale. It looks pretty nice.
  7. It is half downloaded at the present time. My system is busy compressing my Steam Folder (a terabyte drive that is 90% full), so I downloaded to a different drive. I am actually working while all this is going on in the background. I know it's my birthday, but I like working. Hmmm... it's almost 5 ... I guess I should go get some lunch... Might be able to get back by bed time....
  8. Thank you so much. The game is downloading. I will let you know how it goes but my internet is not very fast so it may take all day. 😊
  9. Some of the games Gopher has played have been really creepy. This one should be but I don't feel it. Maybe it is too obscure. Too weird. Like Gopher, I am lost.
  10. No I have not played it. Should I? 😁 Well, thank you, thank you, thank you... 😄 Actually I have never heard of this game so it will be a total surprise.
  11. I will be 75 tomorrow. 😃 Dinner Tuesday. "Happy Birthday to us! ... Happy Birthday to us! ... Happy Birthday to uuuuuuuus! Happy Birthday to us!"
  12. I don't know why Gopher assumes he is mad. Just because the stage is weird does not imply madness.
  13. I believe the problem turned out to be load order involving mod conflicts regarding LOD modifications. Quite often disabling mods does not fix the display of textures because those textures are loaded into the texture file. Removing the mod does not always remove all the texture files. So the incorrect LODs were there, just inactive until the load order got changed. As I recall the load order changed during an automatic update. Part of the problem when you run hundreds of mods at one time is that conflicts are inevitable. They are very hard to trace down. XBOX mods are handled completely different from PC mods so the problem you are having could be completely different.
  14. Well, pull up a rock and sit on a log and pound the game with the rock until it asks you to stop. Have a cookie. They are synthesized by someone around here. At least they used to be. Guaranteed non-organic. Gives us the energy to dodge the flying cats with flaming monkeys. Stay awhile. Watch Gopher pop up his head every now and then to rant. He is also very adept at breaking games by doing the quests backwards. Lots of fun to watch. Have fun.
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