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  1. Didn't delete anything. Ran fine until I got into the "Inbetween." As to why I got stuck, I ran the file check and found a bad file. The game runs fine now. I'm in no rush to get to Ark. There are many changes. Less mystery. The story is more logical. Not sure if I like it better or not.
  2. Really need to set respawn. Otherwise you will deforest the entire island. Or is that what you are testing? You don't even have the roller coaster yet... And don't forget you need at least two towers to launch the gliders back and forth. Just what they have is nearly a hundred trees!
  3. I started a new stream for the actual game. I downloaded it and ran into a problem using the Meditationn spell to exit the Inbetween. Stuck there. Been stuck there for three days.
  4. Gopher should probably find the rose garden. He made need a rose sometime. He probably should also get a present for Teresa. It bothers me that the Lord wants to give his grandmother's necklace to a Butcher's daughter. Family heirlooms should probably be given to fiancees.
  5. Cryzeteur

    Replaying Oblivion, question

    I can't answer your question. My Steam version of Oblivion works fine. I play it off and on. It is fairly heavily modded and I don't want to mass with it. Every time I do it takes hours to get it working again.
  6. I understand the concept of labeling them "House" but in game the player does not know where they are most of the time and finding a "House" does not feel like a "player home". There may be other views but there must be better labeling options than just "House." Maybe "at least, "Home?" Not sure. "House just seems too generic. While searching for your houses I found a number of hunting camps with chests labeled "My Stuff." I don't know which mod is adding these camps but they are really nice because all the player chests are linked so they contain all your stuff. That is a really nice feature. Using this, you could make a mod containing a half dozen houses with common storage and call it "Convenient Houses." I actually considered doing this but have not had time. I also considered linking the storage containers in all the existing houses, but I am not sure if that would be considered too over powered.. Seems like I recall an Argonian home in Oblivion that was partly flooded with lots of water plants and animals. I think it was on the east side of the Cyrodil lake. I made mushroom houses using my own assets, but you could borrow assets from Dragonborn. You could even put it in Solsteim. I suspect you have already considered both of these.
  7. Cryzeteur

    Forum new

    Congratulations Niris, you have just joined Gopher's Minions. What can you do? Well, you can join in the discussions, ask questions, create new topics, and generally just have fun. The main thing here are Gopher's vids. If you go to the "Home" screen, you can see all the "How To" and "Let's Play" vids for a ton of games. While you are here, sit back, watch a video, laugh at Gopher's antics, have a cookie (they are famous for being totally artificial with no health benefits what so ever) and watch the skies for dive bombing cats, rats, mice, and bats with flame throwers and fire bombs... Quarico loves the firey aspects of weapons in many of Gopher's game streams. So... Welcome.
  8. Cryzeteur

    Enderal: Forgotten Stories

    I started Enderal: Forgotten Staries but in the perk screen (Strange Place/Meditation) the RB does not activate the meditation power to exit the "Inbetween." Any one else having this problem? Anyone solved it?
  9. The Just a House is very nice. You could add some rugs (skins) on the floor and hanging things like garlic, elves ear, rabbits, fish to give it a homier feel. The hanging decoration in the bedroom is a little low and could be placed better. You could also add a couple of empty bottles, baskets, wood, maybe some flowers laying on the table or on the shelf. The Rickling Shack is also very nice. Could use more skins on the walls and floors and maybe a few reikling spears stuck here and there. The scathcrow out front is a nice touch. Did you warn users that you need the DLC for those assets? I didn't get a warning in the download panel. I also don't see a warning on the mod page. The Dunmer House is not identified. The name just says "House." The location description is too vague and should say "west of the large lake." The house is very nice with all the little dunmer touches, but again the walls and floor are too bare. I know nothing about the Dunmer but I suppose furs and herbs (hanging garlic, etc) on the walls and furs on the floors. There is also an alchemy bench so the hanging herbs are a must. A shelf of herbs that the player can't touch, like in Solitude, would be nice. The Hunter's Shack could use a set of deer antlers on the wall, a sabercat rug, and hanging rabbits. It also needs a couple of cheap bows and some iron arrows. I like all four houses and the concept behind them. Beginners houses that just give you a place to sleep, cook, and store stuff. The alchemy bench is not too overpowered for a beginner, since there are alchemy benches all over that are just inconvenient to get to. I do not really like player homes with self sorting features and tons of containers. I can never find my stuff in them. The player homes I make always have full smithing, enchanting, smelting, alchemy and four chests: Books, alchemy, smithing, and everything else. I usually carry my soul gems on me, but some people like a container near the enchanter. I often put a fountain and plants in my larger houses just for fun. I don't like houses with interior doors because load doors take too long and I get impatient. Same with fancy special effects. Special effects are cool but everything that takes time is annoying. Elianor makes nice houses. I like the idea of the Dunmer house but it would take some research to add the proper elements to give it that homey Dunmer uniqueness. But this idea could be applied to all your houses to make each one more unique to the house type. More interesting. More strange. I think you can do some of this without making new items. Personally I go overboard on making my own assets. I don't do much with meshes but I like to make my own textures. I don't think I put up any of my house or dungeon mods on Nexus. I put up some assets on Steam as a test. Unfortunately, downloading that little mod nothing worked properly. Some assets disappeared and the fairies became immobile and lost their wings. It is really annoying when assets require stuff not in your mod and you don't know what is missing.
  10. Visage is a horror game similar to Allison Road. Gopher should play it when it is released. Right now only the first of four chapters has been tested in Beta. The shark shows up several places and where Gopher saw the fin is one place. I have also seen it near Gopher Island. I killed it and got the achievement.
  11. After discussing all of this, I do not understand why YouTube would have no trouble processing 1440 that has previously gone through frame blending as opposed to Gopher's videos which I suppose have not. Caloss, are you changing the frame rate? I think Gopher is 60 fps. I don't see how post processing would effect YouTube processing unless the frame rate is different. O always submit videos in MPEG-4 AVC and the conversion is very quick.
  12. If you go to Steam, third video over and go to the end of it it gives the July release date for the mod. The February release date seems to be the novel: Dreams of the Dying. I could be wrong but I am following the links and instructions directly from the developers page. " Enderal: Forgotten Stories, the award-winning Skyrim Total Conversion is coming to Steam on February 14! " So... two official dates?
  13. Please note: German Release 1-3 July. English Release End of July. \The title of this stream is incorrect. The new release date is copied directly from the release video on Steam.
  14. Cryzeteur

    EU and the proposed Article 13 !?!

    I agree. It feels a lot like 1984.