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  1. I agree. They had to start somewhere. You need customer feedback to perfect any new technology. VR is still in a very primitive, experimental state. A lot of trial and error will happen before it settles down to something gamers adore.
  2. Skyrim Classic or Skyrim Special Edition

  3. Totally agree. I am absolutely loving the Lenny character. Gopher is slow and methodical, always, but this is exactly the approach Lenny needs. A whole episode doing nothing but sneaking around to get one key. It was very Pink Panther-ish... some aspects are also very Monty Python...
  4. Music

    This is from the Triple S League And if you want to add this song to your game ... here it is... https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19212/?
  5. Nothing new, except another stockholder update, but the mainstream media is continuing to publish info that has been on here for a very long time... https://screenrant.com/cyberpunk-2077-release-date-announced-soon/ 6 weeks will go by fast... Curiously... What does this mean?... It seems changes are being made at CDPR and are yet incomplete... https://forums.cdprojektred.com/forum/en/cyberpunk/fan-art/10196202-madqueen-show-cyberpunk-2077-data-videos-unofficial/page2 BUT... rumors are ridiculous... so don't believe everything you hear. Madqueen sets it right:
  6. Gopher's questions and conclusions are as freaky as the game... I kept saying, "Gopher! Write it down!" Then he always does everything but what he is supposed to be doing.
  7. The video stream is a little less stable, not exactly a stutter but more like a stutter in jello. This wobble is what makes me sick. Otherwise, the video the viewer sees is not any different than a regular view and has no VR immersion. So I would suggest Let's Plays should be normal not VR. The idea of a chest sensor is a good one.
  8. My zip-line, the same one Gopher was building around, goes over my wall. Didn't really plan it but discovered it works fine after I made the wall. Another cannibal got onto my island by wading and another one was only a few feet off shore, also by wading. So the wall on the land side is necessary. That makes four now. One down the zip line. I like what Chay did with the path. I don't like the wharf. I put mine on the other side so that there is no break in the wall on the land side. But then that is where I put my house out over the water so the wharf is below the sea-side veranda.
  9. Elex...Anyone playing?

    There is no question that Elex is well worth the price... and the price is pretty cheap...
  10. THE FOREST #59 : Zero Sanity

    OutandBack ... Hey ... do you know what happened to The Forest #60? It was up and then gone. I watched it while it was up and it was a good episode. Chay's version of Episode #60 is here:
  11. It makes me cringe to think Braindance in Cyberpunk 2977 might resemble this. Hope not.
  12. A fun episode. And he still doesn't have the gold ship model...
  13. THE FOREST #59 : Zero Sanity

    I should add that I am still enjoying the game. It is a bit flunky in the builds, but as Gopher said, "It is rustic." It will be exciting to see what they have done in version 1.0 a week from Monday... or.., hmm... the update is at midnight ... so does that mean it will actually be May 1st when we see it? With all the expansions they are talking about, I wonder how that will effect Gopher and Chay's game? New monsters in the caves and Gopher and Chay have not found one cave... maybe more caves as well... and a new plot expansion... wow...
  14. THE FOREST #59 : Zero Sanity

    I watched it before it got deleted. Crafty registered one more build yesterday so I am now 23/26. I can't find a single thing I haven't built. Don't Save The Forest is still working as I went from 441/1000 to 523/1000 trees yesterday. Stuck accomplishments: Trophy Hunter 10/11 (Animals) ... haven't killed and retrieved head of a goose yet. They are removing swimming geese from the game so maybe this is a known bug. Naturopath 7/10 (Medicine) ... there simply is not any more medicine to craft. Get Closure 6/43 (Passangers) ... really stuck. You Are A Fun Guy 5/6 ... still haven't found any chantrelle mushrooms. Pacifist 4/10 (no native kills)... maybe it is counting real days and not game days? Longest Wall also appears stuck at 222/250. I built a hundred stone wall extension yesterday and it did not register.
  15. THE FOREST #59 : Zero Sanity

    True, but I got way ahead of Gopher and Chay and got bored so decided to see if I could do the accomplishments. Unfortunately, only some of them are working for me. The last one I got this week was Bite Me. There are only a couple that seem to still be working.