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  1. My ending was better, but I also skipped doing some of the things Gopher did. At the same time someone was shooting nuclear bombs at me which killed the bad guys. But Gopher skipped waking up in the Doc's office. I thought he would go through the office procedure and then make some comments about his missing weapons and robots. That was my first thought. Where is all my stuff? But not all is lost! You are still not a level 1 character.
  2. I played Daggerfall and remember the combat. I also remember part of the quest system. I played it after playing Morrowind and the graphics were so bad by comparison that I got bored and quit. I remember at least three areas. What comes to mind was searching for alchemical reagents for a quest and fighting in an arena. It should be interesting. Gopher is right about the side quests being procedurally generated, but there were still a huge number of locations scattered all over Tamriel that could be put on the map so that the full Daggerfall experience could be had. The problem is that the Daggerfall map was composed of little bits and pieces around each location and the only way to get between locations was fast travel. If the mod was completely translated into a cohesive world, all these pieces would have to be linked together. The map was huge but the in between pieces were never defined. It would be a challenge to figure out where everything was on the later maps of Cyrodill, Skyrim, and Morrowind.
  3. Well, I think Gopher got killed twice as much.... I got killed twice. I had better luck with three eyebots, two protectrons, Alpha, BARK, and the tribal kid from the vault... and a couple of other NPCs that I picked up. What's the girls name who was crucified? Anyway, they made short work of all the foes. I do not recommend an oven and a roach. I am not sure about the cyberbrain. It is hard to tell when Gopher takes all their weapons away. I thought this outer area was pretty easy. I basically just hid. First death was getting hit outside by the guard shack in exactly the same place Gopher died. Second death was fighting those two guys with rocket launchers.
  4. Yes. Gopher is probably near the ending and it will be very interesting to see what he will do.
  5. I watched most of it and it inspired me to go into Creation Kit SE and work on my Feiroon Mod. Got almost caught up to where I was when it totally crashed and I lost several months work. Maybe another 500 hours to be ready to release it in an unfinished state for other modders to get i8nvolved. Feiroon is a little known in-lore island to the north west of Tamriel with a more tropical climate. It is inhabited by the Fei. There are several in-lore books on the Fei (Faeries). I have developed several books that explains the lore in more detail, sticking to known lore and expanding it to make a complete backstory. I have trouble with making stable dialogue so I may figure out another solution for the main quest.
  6. Famine is, Oh! such delight! It kills the rats right along with me! So many dead they litter the street! Not one sweetroll, sold or free! Inigo sighs, "Not even one?" "Mr. Butterfly is not amused, Really, Gopher should make a ton!" But, Please, not one that's already used."
  7. Another album up. Although this is a David Smith Band... I worked on it ... so it is another of my projects. And if anyone is interested... that is me on the right.
  8. Shah Zaman was Sultan of Samarkand; One day he caught his favorite wife abed; And cut them both a central band; "I shall marry one a day," he said; I trust that for a single day; A woman may resist her urge; And nary any man may have his way; Before she sing her funeral dirge."
  9. Encourages me to release a reduced version of Feiroon. Just the coastal village with stock NPCs and no real large development. I may need help because my quest starter a unique couple of NPCs keep losing their dialogue but I might try using FusRoDoh. Inigo is an inspiration. I started the mod in 2013.. so at least 2000 hours so far. I actually had a version ready for release in 2016 but it was too big to upload to Nexus or Steam or Bethesda. With SkyrimSE I have been converting all the meshes and textures to in game resources using the material feature for variations. The mod is drastically reduced in size but I have had some trouble with obligations and time. I also lost all the previous development because I am using different meshes and textures. I also lost all the quests and dialogue in a system crash. My backup was also corrupt due to a virus. Large mods are subject to massive disasters. BTW With teasers released for both Starfield and ESVI in June 2018, it will not be too long before both of those games are ready. I originally had an estimated date of release as 2024, but with these teasers released, they may be coming sooner than that. Both games use technology that Cyberpunk is using and it is going to be released well before 2024. Technologically we are almost at the limit of the size of circuits that can be packed into a chip and the next major advance will be 3-D chips... solid crystals. I do not expect this technology to be available until 2030 so computers over the next decade will not improve significantly over 2020 technology. The advances over the next ten years will be mostly in AI and special chips to handle AI. So Bethesda's dream technology is here... all they have to do is build the game.
  10. I shall resist as the poplar does, Bend and sway, bend and sway, "Ha! Ha! You cannot hit me!" says, The Gopher dodging well away. "I'll let Inigo take the blow! He doesn't mind an arrow or three. Gives him a deed about to crow! I'll just hide here. Just invisible me!"
  11. Another album up and running... Some of my favorites are in here.
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