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  1. You should watch Gopher and Chay on their first playthrough. Note added: Oops... I thought I was on a different chat .. pjm0925 was talking about The Outer Worlds... not The Forest... me bad... However, The Forest playthrough is worth watching. While waiting for The Outer Worlds...
  2. I loaded the updaye and I was able to pick up the rabbits and get feathers from the bird houses. I now have four rabbits in two cages. I have a third cage and if they do not breed I will add three more. I seem to recall 8 cages work really well. But 8 might be overkill. Maybe 3 or 4 will work fine. I am on day 54. Killed an armsy drowned another. All is fine.
  3. I love Firefly. When I watched it I was looking for something Steampunkish because I really love steampunk cartoons and novels. ... Steampunk is low tech. Cyberpunk is high tech. Firefly was corroded steel and junk crafted spaceships. I love the stories about teenage geniuses who can fly their tricycle spaceship to other stars. Firefly had one of those geniuses. As far as voiced protagonist... I am looking forward to the player speaking into the microphone and the game AI translates this real dialogue into game logic and crafts a real response to the player... better than Cortana or Alexis, but game oriented, not an online encyclopedia. Curiously, as much as I advocate future AI, I am finding the current intrusion of AI into my computer usage irritating. Mostly because the current AI makes wrong assumptions and often breaks searches. Still, I think AI is being cleaned up and will get better. I hope it is open world. Otherwise it will be linear which is not good for RPG.
  4. Cryzeteur

    The Forest (HARD) #11 : Chay Rage

    Thanks. I did not run into it in my first playthrough. I am going to try catching rabbits near Gopher Island and see if it is restricted to the Rock of Doom area. If it is a game bug it may not be a corrupted save file.
  5. Cryzeteur

    The Forest (HARD) #11 : Chay Rage

    Gopher completely does not understand how to breed rabbits. If he reads this... You HAVE TO PUT THE BREEDING PENS CLOSE TOGETHER. I am having my own problems with the rabbit traps. I can't pick up trapped rabbits. I have to kill them or let them free. The game will not activate the pick up option. I have tried everything and have come to the conclusion that my save game is corrupt. I was having no problem getting feathers from my bird houses and suddenly I can't harvest the feathers.
  6. Lovecraft is considerably clearer about what transpired. He always ended with a survivor looking back on what had happened. Usually writing it all down in a journal which was the story published in the magazine you, the reader, are reading. This ending was less than satisfying.
  7. Cryzeteur

    remove mods not archive

    If you are asking about save games they should be in C:\Users\"Your name"\Documents\The Witcher 3
  8. I went to Steam to see if I could pre-order Outer Worlds, but all it has is a To Be Released 2019 It would have been a nice Christmas present to me.
  9. Gopher being Gopher. Lots of time waffling. Lot's of Monty Python moments.
  10. Cryzeteur

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    I use Castle Albanna and like it. It is a good mod.
  11. Cryzeteur


    Yes I have been killed two or three times by the scorched beast. I found I can hide from it under trees if it has not seen me.
  12. I used both greenery and seasons mods and had no problem with them. There are also other mods that turn the wasteland into something closer to the actual Atlantic seaboard. I like forests soo I like these mods. It is also more realistic.
  13. This is exactly what I think Starfield is going to be like... If Bethesda ever releases it. The Outer Worlds should satisfy everyone's craving for a new Fallout game! Looks amazing.
  14. I agree they need to expand the studio.
  15. Cryzeteur

    Call of Cthulhu #13 : Truth Seeker

    I am not sure what to think. It is so different from the Lovecraft novels. They were more ... you have a team ... you enter a strange daedric shrine, all your buddies are killed suddenly and you wake up on your boat unharmed but confused. There was the Necromnicon and other forbidden black books that you had to read to unlock doors and attempt to overcome the Kraken, but nothing really works against multidimensional beings. Mostly you had to bind seals to keep the beings from invading your time-space. The old gods were a lot more like Molag Bal and the Frog People from that village northwest of Cyrodil. This game has them acting like zombies.