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  1. Need some advice about monitors and SSDs :)

    Some people can tell the difference between 1ms and 5ms. I can't. Some people notice a slight stutter during fast movement, I don't. So I think it really depends on your personal sensitivity. I am sure you can look at the screen in the shop and tell if the display movement looks smooth to you. Personally I prefer a 27" screen for a monitor, but you view a monitor from a closer distance, like less than 30" so the viewing angle is similar to a movie in the theater. Sometimes I have to move the screen away a bit further because I can't see the peripheral stuff, or closer to read text. Again it is personal preference. Both ASUS and the IIYAMA have good products. My monitor is Samsung with 1980x1080 I like it.
  2. Underwater Green Screen of Doooooom!!!

    Welcome to the forum Cody Vs E.T. Your problem sounds very much like bad data. Reinstalling will probably be necessary... but first go to Steam and in the left listing of game right click on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Click on Properties. Click Local Files Click Verify Integrity Of Game Files Let it run the check and it will automatically repair some errors. Another check is to start a new game and see if the problem still exists. If it doesn't then the problem is a corrupted save file not a corrupted game file. You can also remove all ENB, Lighting, and similar mods just to make sure it is not something wrong with a mod or a mod conflict. If that doesn't help I suggest either reinstall or live with it until the data corruption gets worse.
  3. Nice through instructions. This is what I expect from Gopher!
  4. This link doesn't work for me but the following does... https://www.gophersvids.com/?gopher_video=the-forest-33-i-think-chay-is-driving-me-insane I build drying racks and beds in the caves so I can save and dry food.
  5. My Fallout New Vegas Modding Curse

    I have never used One Tweak, nor UIO nor ADAM nor Better Game Performance, nor JIP LN nor Courier's Stash Integration, nor Simple DLC Delay nor ZanAutoPerge. So it is probably in one of them. Most of these are supposed to make the machine run better. Because so many of these improvement mods could be trying to do the same thing, I would guess it is one of them. I'm running about 150 mods in FNV without any CTDs.
  6. That's crazy! So much cloth, so many logs! But very nice...
  7. Fun episode from Gopher's bone charm turning the dogs on their masters to putting the two bosses in crates to exile them.
  8. This is the treehouse I built above Gopher and Chay's Rock Of Doom. My fire and drying rack are there on the Rock of Doom itself. It is a very good place to stock up on supplies. And very close to the cave into the Sinkhole.
  9. I agree with this. My only problem with the game is that it requires basically, grinding. Gopher could edit out the boring parts but I am not sure how he is going to handle this as a Let's Play. It is a lpt more fun for the player to play a game to level-up than it is to watch it. The glitches are hopefully being worked on and again hopefully will be fixed soon. Gopher hates buggy games. They ruin immersion. I was playing The Gray Cowl Of Nocturnal which Gopher may want to include in his thief play, but for me the magic necklace and ring CTD so I couldn't finish the quest. Very annoying. Only fix is to play other quest mods I have installed and delete them after completing them and when they are all gone try to finish the quest. The mod author claims there should be no problems but there is obviously something strange about he scripts he is using for magic items.
  10. I agree that it is not really suited to a Let's Play. Too much leveling. But maybe he wants to try it just because it is a challenge to make it interesting to viewers? He does like challenges. I don't think the missing Part Three is a problem. It is like a DLC. Gopher would probably only play Part One and then do a review. Elex is quite different as it is more similar to Enderal in being more like Skyrim but totally different. Gopher has said he does not want to start another Skyrim-like game right not as he is playing SkyrimSE.
  11. It is true that Gopher rarely posts but he does read the comments here in the forum. He also takes them into consideration. He has often made comments about the forum that I recognize as something I posted. I also know that he is aware of what we have been talking about regarding Elex and KCD. I think he is still leaning toward KCD.
  12. Yes, I thought of that and am not criticizing Gopher, but I expect some will get problems and I wanted to show that there are easy solutions.
  13. Gopher did not explain how to deploy your game DLCs if they do not show up. It took me a couple of hours to solve this problem and figure out that my game files were not deployed. He also did not explain Vortex errors in which the download stops, errors out, or does not deploy properly. You need to dismiss and then redownload if that happens. Or deploy it if it did not deploy. Also it is important to let files deploy fully. There are several times when everything seems paused but is not: such as when downloading large files, deploying files, and installing files. There are ways to check each of these states to see what is going on and make sure there is no problem.
  14. TESO : Playing with the Developers

    As I said on my previous post, in part, on Gopher's channel, I played everything in ESO through the begining of the thieves guild quests. I was something around level 100. I enjoyed the game, but at that point I began to feel a bit bored and I did not like the implementation of the Thieves Guild. Stealth was pretty much nerfed. So I quit. This new quest is interesting but feels very much like just another ESO quest. Nothing special. Going through a quest with a group was fun but was not Elder Scrolls. I was also playing FFO and both games were so similar I got overloaded with the online experience. I am not saying that both games were not fun, just so similar that they felt like WoW... which I was also playing. I think there are so many problems making online games that they all end up being pretty much identical. Also the devs nerfed Cyrodil PvP. The Beta was a lot more fun. My first Elder Scrolls game was Arena and I have been playing ever since. I tend to be a completionist so I do everything I can and then read all the game descriptions to see if I missed something and then go back and do what ever I missed. BTW,, The Devs in ESO were all cool when I met them in game. Very nice. I think the Devs in FFO were more fun as they played a number of jokes on me. The Devs in WoW were no fun at all.