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  1. Bethesda did announce that they will release an RPG (maybe open world) in 2020 or 2021. We will find out something at E3. My information says it is not Starfield and not ES6 however a lot of rumors are saying it is either Starfield or ES6. The engine is probably a highly modified Creation Engine. But then the name Creation Engine covers a lot of very different versions. The latest version is the Fallout76 version which runs on XBOX and PS.. Note that ES6 has an entry on Wikipedia and Starfield does not. Insiders are saying ES6 is further on in development than Starfield. But ES6 is supposed to be a much larger game. However there is another RPG in the works that is top secret and that one may be the one coming out. BTW Sony and Google are working together on many projects and Google has unimaginable wealth. I have seen nothing about a partnership between Zenimax and Sony.
  2. Yes Gopher... all comments were "Gopher is wonderful. He does everything perfectly! He could not please me more." Ada is just weird.
  3. I can see why people are complaining that Gopher doesn't talk to everyone. But at the same time Gopher seems to be collecting most of the main quests. Still, players were saying that Gopher missed a whole series of quests that were really fun. Gopher said that he did not pick up anything new on his second play through though. Curious.
  4. The weird questions at the beginning don't make sense. Don't they understand RP. The moustache is .... ummmmm... nice? Flying circus? I think more like the villain in the old short films about Pricilla. Or Boris on Rocky and Bullwinkle... Monty's is better than Boris.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone! ... Have a Yule Wreath:
  6. I couldn't figure out the pain or why he was insane... oh well...😄
  7. To All ... My best wishes ... and have a cookie ... all cookies guaranteed to be filled with unbelievable sweetness ... manufactured in the best alchemical labs in the Elder Scrolls Universe ... guaranteed to be non-fattening ... absolutely no tooth decay ... no sugar high ... and absolutely nutrition free! (Feel free to substitute other cookies to suit your desire. Substitution voids guarantee.) Seriously, to all, best New Years Wishes. May all your happy thoughts be fulfilled this year. ... and may we get a new Elder Scrolls game or DLC or really wonderful MOD!
  8. I watched this live and watched it again here. I guess that means it was interesting. I don't know why. Maybe it is because Gophers explains his Khajit companions and then goes off topic on why monetizing The Stick might never happen. Still, Gopher has said The Stick will ne posted when he gets it edited. Next week ... Look forward to Gopher's Christmas Special. That may be Thursday but Gopher said things may not follow the expected schedule.
  9. SPOILER ALERT The thing about becoming thane of Dawnstar that is not easily discovered is that you have to be a certain level to be offered the quest and even then it is not easy to get it. I hope this is not too spoilerish since we do not have the spoiler hide box any more.
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