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  1. Cryzeteur

    Good (cheap) capture card

    Just to let you know you are not being ignored. Someone here should know something about capture cards. I don't. Last time I used a capture card was 1995.
  2. Cryzeteur

    SKSE64 problem, can someone help me?

    The "A:" drive is the default path for a 3.5" floppy disk. I don't know of any normal system that uses the A: drive for anything else because various programs reset the reference to "floppy drive." The "B:" drive is the large floppy or CD/DVD drive. It too is not something to reassign as a data drive. The "C:" drive is normally your main drive (default). This leaves the rest of the alphabet for additional drives. Drive names are assigned before installing your operating system program (i.e. Win98 or whatever). Obviously Skyrim is running. The question is why SKSE won't install. There is not much to installing SKSE so do it manually. Go to the Skyrim folder that has the DATA folder and copy the contents of the SKSE folder (including the DATA folder in the SKSE folder) into the Skyrim folder. run by clicking --- skse64_loader.exe This should work. I do it all the time. Quick and dirty. But you can see that everything is where it needs to be.
  3. Cryzeteur

    VAMPYR #17 : The Graveyard Shift

    I think he is just avoiding meeting his family. Oops too much to do... Oh! Look there something else needs doing... Oh! I could do that now instead of later couldn't I!... and on and on...
  4. Gopher usually will try the different survival mods but I don't think he really likes them. He never used them for PT. I doubt it. Gopher has been mentioning future Let's Plays with Jack every now and then since Forest. So I think it has been in the works for a long time... like Lenny.
  5. We will just have to wait and see. Fallout Route 76 may come out first.
  6. Lenny DID ask Inigo NOT to embarrass him... 38:20 Yes he DID! ... 44:55
  7. Yes. I think it would be better if it made sense from below looking up at it, but from down there it looks like badly placed meshes. It would have been better to put it in the mountain behind Solitude. It is a shame because otherwise the mod author put a lot of time into it.
  8. We need true AI in games. It is so frustrating when you can't ask the question you really want to ask. Or in this case back out and find out what the Doctor is talking about. Blood? As a weapon? Put all of London under my control?
  9. I tried this mod but after returning one item it glitched.
  10. Cryzeteur

    VAMPYR #14 : Nurse Crane

    I thought it was obvious that Lady ashbury was a vampire feeding on the patients. I have no idea why Nurse Crane ended up the way she did or even what happened to her. The whole making the vampire situation worse by talking to Crane makes no sense.
  11. 17:20 Inigo: "I'm a bit sore. Ow." The master of understatement.
  12. It is so annoying when some people are so fragile... can't have any fun ...
  13. Cryzeteur

    VAMPYR #13 : Sweet Blood of an Angel

    Another slow episode. But at least it seems to be progressing.
  14. Cryzeteur

    VAMPYR #12 : I need to see the nurse

    The annoying bigot should make a nice snack...