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  1. The game glitched. When you got trapped behind the gate the passage should have filled with poison gas before the racoon freed you.
  2. It may take a while for OutandBack to check with Gopher and figure out what is going on. They are probably trying to figure out how these vids got set to private.
  3. This may be temporary. OutlandBack should know.
  4. Well, as I seem to be the official greeter now. No idea what dimensional hole the old official greeter fell into... Anyway... Welcome to the forums nooKers! Just the usual warning: Be aware that there are flying cats with flamethrowers, bats with nukes, and flying rats with laser pistols. If you see one duck. umm... I don't think I mean to quack like a duck... not sure ... I think it means to get down on your knees as cats and bats and rats are a real nuisance to untangle from your hair. We used to offer cookies, totally nutrient-free, made from the finest ingredients found in
  5. Well, your episodes have been very irregular anyway, so whenever you get it going again --- 7 years later --- it should be fine...
  6. You do not have an account. So, do not worry about it.
  7. `It is better to wait for Outland to post the videos otherwise we end up with double-postings like this.
  8. In my gut feeling we are not alone. And, I do not feel there are an infinite number of universes in parallel. Just a feeling.
  9. There have been a number -- maybe a half dozen -- attempts to run D&D games based on ES lore over the years. Some have been rather successful. Most fall by the wayside because it takes a lot of dedication and a very thick skin to be a DM.
  10. It is not that the equations are broken, it just a misuse of statistics. You have to base equations on relationships that make mathematical sense. Things like life and intelligence are too badly defined, that is have too many undefined or unknown variables, to be put into an equation. You can not say there is a good "chance" there is intelligent life elsewhere. All you can say is it is beyond science to estimate such a thing. We simply do not know what the limitations of life and intelligence are. The organics in extraplanetary materials might be alive and might be intelligent. If so, intellig
  11. It is not infinite but it is such a big world that it might as well be. If you look at Gopher's video's you can get a good idea of what you can easily do. If you look at the postings here you can get an idea of how complex the game can get. just type in : "gopher video minecraft" especially good are: His play with Chay and Quarico are also very amusing.
  12. The Drake equation is severely flawed. We have no idea what is needed to develop life. Currently there is evidence that complex organic molecules develop in the galactic and planetary clouds. These organics and water rain down on all the planets. We do not know much about these organics. It is possible that life could begin in these extraplanetary clouds. We, as scientists, simply do not know. Even the concept of "intelligence" cannot be defined. You can throw together equations to define anything, but some equations are nothing but nonsense.
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