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  1. I wanted to play this game but the language is too much for me.
  2. I do not know what this is. However, it sounds like something you you are loading. Check your mods, your .ini folder in Documents/FalloutNV, your main COMMON/FalloutNV folder, and your DATA folder for something called PrimaryTool and delete it.
  3. Microsoft Is Creating Vault, A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary to Merge With ZeniMax (ign.com) Vault-Tec is REAL?
  4. According to VGC, the idea is to feature partners on a number of livestreams. It may also bring in media to preview games as well as platforms to host demos and more. Many publishers won’t want to deal with E3 and the ESA. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all have their own ways of speaking to their customers. They’ve invested in communications teams specifically for that purpose. Nintendo and Sony even previously shifted to doing exactly that before the pandemic. How long will Not E3 2021 last? One of the biggest issues that gaming fans had with the 2020 Not E3 stand-in was its elonga
  5. E3 2021 will be an online-only event, says report - Polygon
  6. To get the topic started, take a look at this new podcast from AAAS: The Metaverse is Coming - AAAS Virtual
  7. If you have installed from STEAM and have run the diagnostic check from there to see if everything is installed, then: Install on Vortex and see if Vortex detects any errors. Vortex has a pretty good interface that tells you what errors it discovers. The problem sounds like a system problem. Several people have had this problem with windows 10. Windows 10 has changed some of the basic subroutines and so the old subroutines (.dll) that the game is using are no longer there. So what you have to do is either trace down the problems or goto Microsoft downloads and install all the old upd
  8. As before the movement in VR is so bouncy that it made me sick. Otherwise, good show.
  9. I agree. I also want to wish OutlandBack best wishes for his outstanding struggle to keep the forum alive as all the fans have moved over to the live chats. And I have to admit even I am not as active due to work. Wishing for a merry resurrection of old busy times. 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥
  10. I did not realize you had two cats. But the way you have trimmed your beard makes you look younger. Merry Christman Minionmas. Happy New Year!
  11. Yes. It seems people that started playing on release are experiencing a lot of bugs. These bugs were supposed to have been fixed before release. They were mentioned in Beta testing. Of course it is possible that in fixing other bugs they brought back old bugs.
  12. The first image doesn't show up in standard format and the second image has been deleted. As I recall, Witcher 3 was heavily criticized on release for nasty bugs. I was hoping Cyberpunk was cleaner.
  13. Yeah it has been a very quiet release. Probably because it was available so long as a Beta. Could be the fans have already gotten bored?
  14. A very good story. Most of the story and language was G... the rare drift into PG was unnecessary as otherwise it would be a good game for kids. Lots of moral choices and consequences.
  15. When something like this happens the first thing to always do is update Windows. If Windows is not updated new versions of Windows programs work badly with old versions and your system gradually becomes corrupted. Second, always run Update and check to see if any Update errors were encountered or if there are accessory programs like NET.Framework that need to be installed. Also you should have Update activated to check all accessory programs. If this is turned off, turn it back on.
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