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  1. I would not play this game. But this play through is fascinating.
  2. Atomic Radio - Live Stream

    I listened to some of it and started laughing... I can't believe someone is maintaining this as a live channel.... it is just so bizarre....
  3. LOL What puzzles me is why Gopher assumes the map is for the utility room when the map shows a much bigger area. Yes. I know. But I can't give away a spoiler.
  4. A Wild Tobori Appears

    Welcome Minion... <said in a hollowly deep echoey reverberating ... uh ... you get where I am going with this...> We do not club baby seals unless they have foot long poisonous fangs and resemble deathclaws... but you may need a club if you are dive bombed by flying bats, cats, rats, hats or anything else carrying flame throwers or nuclear missiles.... or cookies of questionable heritage... Welcome...
  5. Who is Barry?

    I often think Gopher is speaking directly to me because of something I have said. Yes I said, "I have never ceased to wonder why McReady is wearing a dress... ......................... it is just so ............. wrong............" And it is still wrong... I just can't get over McReady in a dress. Yes I have watched the Barry episodes and still think it is wrong. But I am laughing. I always laugh when I watch Barry. Can't help it. There is something basically wrong with my sense of humor. He is sort of a strange Homer Simpson.
  6. Yeah I noticed that and kept thinking, "Stop stopping! You don't need to look around and enjoy the sights! Just GO!"
  7. Barry's Back!

    It seems the latest updates have caused unusual strain of the engine and on the computer, including NVIDIA cards. When I brought my computer back up it reinstalled the NVIDIA drivers because they were missing. My computer is running fine now but every time I try to play Fallout 4 I get video black-out.
  8. Barry's Back!

    I guess I'll have to figure out why my screen goes black every time I play Fallout 4. Some mod is messing up my video card and even after exiting the game the screen is still black. All the symptoms of the motherboard overheating... but I don't think that is the problem. Oh well... time to remove all 128 mods.
  9. A lot of combat. And Gopher trying to rationalize the irrational...
  10. Barry's Back!

    I have never ceased to wonder why McReady is wearing a dress... ......................... it is just so ............. wrong............
  11. yeah... I noticed that... but that's Gopher...
  12. My gaming setup is similarly weird for the same reasons and different reasons but all health issues. So... go to Gopher.
  13. To be fair, this game has so many ways to play it that other approaches are valid. However, I do love to watch Gopher play this game.
  14. Gopher is pretty good about posting all the mods he is using on YouTube so apparently he is only using SKSE and IHUD in this video. The standard Skyrim SE graphics mods are pretty amazing. Very close to a heavily modded Old Skyrim game.