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  1. I think the going in circles means that he is not facing his guilt or memory of something he did, so he keeps coming back to try to face it again. But the whole thing is very disjointed.
  2. As I recall, there is an audio track on the original...???
  3. There is so much Geralt has not done. And, what makes Gopher think the four slain are any more innocent than any one of the thousands Geralt has killed.
  4. YouTube

    OK this is half way through Chapter 4, which is over half way through the story. Maybe ten more episodes. As I have gotten used to the gross sickening story, the shock value is gone. The story itself is so intermixed with dream sequences that I have no idea what he is so obsessed over. Did he kill his wife and child? And ... is the helicopter sequence real?
  5. Bugs, approaching quests backwards, not being thorough, trying to fight the game... all things that are notorious for breaking Bethesda quests. I walked into the Railroad with a bunch of mininukes... so much for Railroad quests... but I have played the whole game six or nine different ways... 1300 hours in game.... LOL...
  6. This goes way back... my Dad played clarinet and sax and his whole band was hired to go to the Starlight Ballroom in Florida to form the Glen Miller Band in 1927. I heard him play many times as I was growing up.
  7. A lot of work. Looks very nice.
  8. Gopher needs to be less systematic and follow his instincts more. I had no trouble finding the quests here because I do not get so distracted and I am really nosey. Gopher keeps saying he doesn't want to violate their space or their property. Bad attitude. Maybe he will discover the quests if he returns with fertilizer... Did he even pick up the fertilizer? As I recall when Gopher was in the Cambridge Diner he missed the secret basement hideout. And that is why it was not cleared. I don't think he found it this time either. I don't remember the Law Offices.
  9. The dwarf was pretty good. I almost lost to him. I don't think I still have it. I sold most of my swords to make the GM gear. I didn't reload, but I was like level 75. Teigr is still the best sword I have found. I finished the game but am still playing. There are more monsters to kill and treasures to find.
  10. I would love to do something, but as I have said many times, I am a total klutz at dialogue. What I'm doing right now is cleaning up a mod inspired by Gopher's visit to Altantic Offices in the Rad Sea... So I made a mod: Atlantic Offices Restored. I'll put it on Nexus as soon as I put some more flavor in it.
  11. It used to be loot that distracted Gopher. Being distracted by build pieces is something new. I know I am picking on Gopher. All in fun. I love to watch Gopher bumble around taking note of all the strangest things... Jack in Fallout 4 and Richard in Skyrim as companions on a Gopher playthrough???? It would be awesome!
  12. Absolutely nothing to be sad about. Memories are pretty good. However ... many times I have said, "60s? Don't remember anything of the 60s. Anyone who does did not go through them..." They were really wild times...
  13. I played for my sword, Teigr. I think it cost me 3000 coins. Fully upgraded (bleed, fire, poison). He should have kept the shield maidens and tossed the Longship. Then he could have played a shield maiden and used the two scorch cards to wipe out the opponent and won the first round. As it was, he should not have played the gold 15 and have played the two Clan an Craite Warriors instead, and at least drawn more cards out. Second round he correctly played a 6. Third round he should have played scorch, then play the six-scorch to give Geralt 6 points and no scorches left. He would have still had both medics and would probably have won. I won so I had to play all the playoffs, play the count, and play the dwarves. I also won the fisticuffs. I won the tournament and the trophy is on my dresser at home.
  14. That was both funny and amazing. Took me back to the old rock dance contests of 1960.
  15. I'm really bad at getting dialogue to work, but there are people who could extract phrases from Gopher's play through and build a companion using those phrases. They would need Gopher's approval of course. Yep. The thing about failing a quest. "Whose not going to like what?" "I can't make pieces like this either!" That is why he got so far behind Austin! He is simply not paying attention. Also... Gopher noticed Ashes but then paid no attention. When I was five we were at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, my shoe came untied and I bent down to tie it, and my sister said, "Get up or you'll miss Mickey Mouse!" I got up but no Mickey Mouse. My mom laughed, "When your sister was your age she sat down on the curb at a parade and missed Mickey Mouse because she was not paying attention."