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  1. I personally do not like dealing with the dead, but in games, when I find loot on the dead, I take it all. I also do not worry about cleaning up, since there are no options for what I would want to do. Gopher would be happy with wiping the weapon on his trousers. Gopher ignoring loot? Really? And even dropping trade items? I hate instanced games/ minigames that pop upon you unexpectedly and you have no idea what the rules are! When you get overladen in this game do you get stuck on one spot or does it just slow you down? If it sticks you in one spot... which is stupid... it would explain why Gopher is not looting properly. Picking up a dead parent is an awful experience.
  2. Cryzeteur

    Website content usage

    You can "talk" to him on his live stream but that would probably not work. He sometimes visits here. I actually had contact information at one time... but I lost it. I don't think he would want me to post it here anyway. I suggest you use other footage.
  3. No. I did not know about this glitch. It is so complicated it is hilarious.
  4. Cryzeteur

    Website content usage

    The rules for using copyrighted clips are very strict and very complicated. I was not giving permission to use Gopher's material. Only Gopher could do that.
  5. Cryzeteur

    Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

    I realize they can develop a game faster by not developing the world, but to me it feels like cheating.
  6. The story telling clips are excellent, but I don't play a game just for story. I'll watch Gopher. He put the effort into mending the game play. I don't really feel like making the complicated install it would take. "Do I have to take my horse with me?"
  7. Cryzeteur

    Website content usage

    The Fallout 76 open preview should be available for computer users next month. As far as background footage, there is plenty available from numerous sources and most of them use the official footage released be Bethesda. As far as Gopher's footage goes, it is copyrighted so you need to give credit and follow the rules for using clips from any copyrighted work.
  8. I also consider YouTube a bit poisonous. You will not find that here. However, no one here is very enthusiastic about Fallout 76 because it is not well suited to role-playing. I have pre-ordered it and will be playing it as will many people here. We want to give the game a fair chance. As you will see here, most people here are worried about the griefing problem.
  9. I'm playing SkyrimSE ... my own mods again.... much more severe .... orphan .... unfortunately she leveled up faster than I wanted .... she is already level 20. I started Assassin's Creed but never really got into it. I am thinking about playing Kingdom Hearts Whole Story Bundle. I have already played about half of it.
  10. So the new thing will be Bounty Hunters? I don't know how that will work since there are only 24 people in an instance...
  11. I can't believe I missed yesterday. I can't even remember yesterday, I watched about 4 episodes of The Gifted.
  12. I can usually figure out typos and foreign language problems... this sentence I cannot parse... I think you are saying multiplayer Minecraft on Gopher's instance is great, and Fallout 4 is so much like a shooter that a multiplayer version like in Fallout 76 might be ok. ??? not sure...
  13. Cryzeteur

    Minionland's 2nd Anniversary: plans and information

    I take it that is a donkey-sheep-cat? What ever it is, it is amazing! Congratulations on the build!
  14. The point can be over stated and I think developers overstate it. Games like Dishonored and Dishonered 2 show how innovation can add a new level of excitement through innovation. Kingdom Come is a fail.
  15. I play XBOX-ONE PS-4 and computer. I love controller games. But I also appreciate the greater power of the PC.