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  1. LOL. You are probably right. However, remember when Geralt and that Vampire got drunk? Geralt was pie-eyed...
  2. That bottle of wine Geralt shared with Regis either was a never ending bottle or they were just faking drinking. And Regis said it was weak, but neither one showed any sign they were drinking anything but water. That was very unusual brew. I do like gwent. Can't wait to return for that other Gwent game. Geralt needs to do the Gwent quests so he can try the Skellige deck. It is a lot of fun.
  3. I don't know if you noticed, but WITCHER 3: Blood and Wine #11 : A Grave Conversation has been broken all day.

  4. I suppose you are asking if it will run on current computers? The answer is: probably. It will probably be a bit clunky because I believe the new engine is designed to run on XBOX TWO ( and PS5 (release date Nov 2020) but will run on PS4VR. So, it is a little hard to say what it will demand on a PC. Mid-range PCs already have problems running Witcher 3.
  5. Yes it will. My system will also be obsolete in 2019, though it is still a superb computer by todays standards. 9nm motherboards will not support anything we currently use. They will probably have slots for quantum processors. BTW If you want to understand the CDP Red devs just look at Witcher 3, but the following is for fun:
  6. Right now CDP Red is aiming at 2018, maybe Christmas, but they are encountering problems with some of their new technologies that may take months to solve. So, I am expecting at least a six month delay. This is just based on my own experience. Unfortunately June 2019 seems correct.
  7. Interesting. Ming looked in nooks and crannies I missed. Nothing much in them, but still interesting. I did continue down the hill into the ruin below. I think I got killed down there. I might have climbed up that way...
  8. The following was based on news released around April 1st. It confirms several things I reported above. Mainly, the game is in a much further developed stage than many thought. So the rumor that a dev was seen piloting an airship above the city seems confirmed. It also seems even more likely that the release date will be mid to late 2019. The city is not the city of the old game. It is rebuilt and reimagined. The only thing that bothers me is the multiplayer aspect. ESO did not handle MP very well. FFO did better. (Could add Minecraft, No Man's Sky, Destiny, etc, etc) It is not easy to do MP without giving the game a carnival atmosphere. Players in MP constantly break immersion and remind you that you are in MP. This is fine when you want to socialize, but it is bad for role playing.
  9. Exciting news! Glad to hear your delightful plans.
  10. Acrually I have infinite build limit and settler happiness is 84 and going up.
  11. I usually craft synths for all the jobs and assign the settlers to the fun stuff. End up with crowded settlements... Gopher probably would not like having so many synth servants running around.
  12. Actually, Gopher mentions "green" ... that is the Hulk (33:25) Interesting fact: the professor mentions that the strength of the new mutations continues to develop over as long as he ran the experiment... which I suppose only ended with his death...
  13. I like the ideas. I set up my vault by putting floors everywhere, then adding boundary walls, then building up as high as I could. Then I put in the main atrium with another atrium above it so that some iron girders show through the ceiling. Looks right for a Vaultec vault. I built an observation/engineering room in the back of the water/power cavern. Looking at what you are doing I think I want to see if the floors match the entrance of the low angle cavern off the water cavern and put in a vault door or something. I started building apartments. One for each settler and assign them to the beds. Long way from completion. I am growing crops in the cavern floor.
  14. Yeah... bunch of old farts... (He was not testing ON witchers... he was experimenting on mutagenic effects to see if he could reverse them. That is how he discovered how to change one mutagen into another. ... He mentions how badly the subjects responded to the mutagens. He tested on humans and then tried all of his successful formulae on his son. Gopher skipped the first summary by going off and finding the missing crystals without looking at what he had. For some reason my game did not let me do this the way Gopher did it.)