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  1. This is a Fallout New Vegas mod on Nexus. XV Enclave Rework at Fallout New Vegas - mods and community (nexusmods.com) Personally I have never used the Advanced Recon Helmet and I haven't used ModOrganizer in years. You have to load the mod into your game folder and then make sure the load order is correct. Also check for conflicts. I use Vortex which does all this for you. If you want to switch to Vortex, Gopher has a series of excellent instruction videos which are available on Nexus or on his site.. Gophers Vids » Storyboard Categories Vortex Why do you ask about GECK? The GECK is used to change or create mods. You do not seem to be doing either. It seems that you are just installing the mod.
  2. BTW I seem to remember Gopher talking about GWENT soon after the standalone game was released. I think he played it for a while. As I recall he made similar comments to my own about the new decks. I think he was testing to see if you could really play the game without buying the decks and found that those who bought the decks progressed much faster than those who earned the cards free. But he said that you could play the game for free if you were willing to progress slowly.
  3. I played GWENT for several months and was working up the ladder. But then I got bored with it and haven't played it since. I think what turned me off was when they started adding more and more special decks. Opponents had all these new cards I had never seen before and I had no idea how to play against them. Some of the new cards seemed way over powered. I suppose if someone wanted to devote a lot of time keeping up with the new decks -- and probably invest money to buy additional cards beyond what was available free -- you could get rather addicted to the game.
  4. That is true, but the context was different and for the most part the couple of words you are thinking about were not considered swear words. For example "king's gibbets" was exceptionally crude and is almost never seen because it could get you executed. My mother, a biologist, gave an entire hour lecture on the F-word in the 1980s, showing how ridiculous the use had become during that decade. The use is so common in prisons that whole sentences are composed of nothing but that one word. We had an hour lecture in linguistics on this weirdness. Yes it is still crude, but the overuse is making it lose its crudeness. Today it is a class symbol. When a crude word becomes common people have to resort to something else to still be crude. BTW Even in the 1950's the F-word was only used as "intercourse." I think the mutation into a swear word was some undercurrent trying to embarrass people.
  5. I can't exactly like this because I couldn't watch it. It really makes me sick almost instantly. First Person VR is simply not very watchable. I listened and glanced at a 4" screen window. Gopher is entertaining but really? First Person VR is awful. I like the idea of a third person view from a stable camera.
  6. I disagree. The swearing I heard as a child in the 1950s was totally different from anything used today. The expressions I used in college in the 1960s were again very different from both today and the '50s. The foul language my grandmother and grandfather used was so different that I did not even understand it was crude. Fads come and go and what is foul today will not be mentioned in 50 years because it will be the language of old people.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I did not catch this in the reviews I read.
  8. I haven't played Stalker. It seemed like a creepier version of Fallout. I played Metro and according to reviews it is similar. Maybe I am missing something.
  9. You got me hooked on Elex and it is a good game. It would be better if the original city you visit had a home base where you could get that homey feeling. I know that the game gives you options to choose an alliance, but the alliances all seemed bad choices. I like the fact that in ES all the factions have a presence in every city and each alliance seems a good choice.
  10. Rumors and personal ideas: I do not believe the negative hype about Starfield. Yes it is similar to Space Fallout, but it is more Steam-punk than Cyberpunk. It has old fashioned physics driving fantasy space ships to various planets that are similar to Daedric kingdoms. Almost Space-ES. My impression is it is a survival game where you take on alien cultures. It apparently has space ship building mechanics somewhat similar to old school Star Trek ship design, and home base building mechanics. I was worried it would be too much like Final Fantasy when it was first planned, but I said so and it seems they modified the original plans to take it away from both Cyberpunk and Final Fantasy. One of the armor suits looked exactly like Skyrim but the new suits are much spacier and more like Star Wars. They have delayed so long that competitors are producing games similar to what was originally proposed. I have been told that they are conducting closed Beta testing and the testers are excited to see an actual game. This is enough to encourage me to think the game will be extraordinary. According to the timetable I think I put up on here a couple of years ago, they are finalizing the side quests, art work, and voices. I have been told the music is done. I have also been told the voice content is so complex that it will take considerable time to record and insert where it belongs. As I recall I estimated a 2022-2024 release back then, so a 2022 release may be pushing it. This is another game designed for high-end PCs as Bethesda was expecting XBOX to live up to the initial specs for their next-gen console. I do not think the XBOX console is going to live up to the promise*, so I hope they do not dumb down the PC version. Pete Hines once said that they wanted to put a more flexible AI in ES6 so that might show up here. Maybe the NPCs will be more like Inigo. * XBOX actually developed the concept but could not sufficiently reduce the cost. My inside information comes from rumors in the game development community. Several of my friends are devs though not with Bethesda.
  11. I do not know why games about the future seem to have mandatory inclusion of four letter words from our time. It is not realistic. It is just coarse.
  12. Beside the stutter, the screen looked ... a bit hmmm the words I want to use are gargled and poxulated... There are what seem to be tiny ripple points all over the edges of the screen, not so bad in the center. It isn't all that obvious but my epileptic brain picks it up quite readily. Overall it isn't unwatchable. The stutters are less watchable and I would probably have to watch on the small inset screen, but I have to do that watching most of these videos because sudden panning makes me quite sick quite rapidly. Like going up or down a spiral staircase in Skyrim. In the present video the thing that makes me the sickest is the wobbles because the viewpoint is constantly shifting as Gopher's head moves. Also annoying is the hands thing with the chat screen etc. The OBS NDI view (Left Eye) was in fact much smoother and looked better. Skyrim Game view was worse. Yes perspective is wrong. Screen is really narrow. Couldn't tell any difference between left and right.
  13. It is funny that you keep forgetting you are going west. This was one of the best episodes.
  14. It was enjoyable as a play through, but I got the game and got really bored with it by the end of the main game. It is not a Fallout or a Skyrim. I hve spent considerable brain goo on trying to figure out why and really don't quite know. There is no place to wander around relaxing while wondering what you will encounter. Not really. It is too garish which makes it a bit jarring to the senses. The NPCs don't feel right. Again I don't know why. The whole thing feels more like a bad dream than an alternate reality. It is not my fantasy? Maybe? There are only a couple of things in the game worth collecting so looting becomes empty. I did not find any joy of discovery. because of this. Maybe someone else can pin down what I am trying to say. Moving from planetoid to planetoid is not like Skyrim or Oblivion or Morrowind where you have a home base not far away where you can return at any time... usually. Elder Scrolls has the Aedra and Fallout has the normal world we are used to which give the world hope. Outer Worlds is dying with resources running out and no hope. Cut off from the earth it is hopeless. This was one of the major reasons I did not enjoy playing the game. Lots of the items seemed pointless, stupid, frivolous, or crazy. This was another reason looting was not fun. Almost like Obsidian was not taking the game seriously. The map typifies this.
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