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  1. I don't know why Lenny doesn't use the bug lantern all the time. He is so lousy at sneaking that everyone sees him in the dark anyway.
  2. No. The ads are correct from what I understand... but a delay of a few months between PC and consoles would be what I would expect. As I said a couple of months back, they are apparently trying to get the game to run on current gen consoles even though it was designed for next gen. The result is most likely a dumbed down version for old consoles. Not 4K. Fewer interactions in your vicinity. Less loaded as you move about. The current version of the game only runs on high end PCs. As I understand what I have heard is that they have a version that runs on a next gen console spec, but of course those consoles do not yet exist. The XBOX-TWO and PS-5 are supposed to be released in 2020/21. The game itself is not expected to be released for about a year, so the next gen consoles should be available soon after release.. As I understand it the game is currently in ALPHA... so it could be two years before release. There was a rumor that CDPR was not even planning on release until after the next-gen consoles were released. A good question is: Will they have backwards compatibility finished on release? Otherwise you may never see it played on XBOX-One or PS-4.
  3. Right now I have 8 GB RAM and I expect I will have to upgrade. One rumor was 16 GB but there was another recommending 32 GB. It would be nice to know. I have a GTX 980 so that may be sufficient. But I think it is on the borderline. My computer runs at 3.2 GHz which should be fine but I have noticed background jobs often use that up. I don't think CDPR knows exactly what system they are talking about when they say "High End PC." Because the game is still in development they may figure out ways to conserve memory and get an increase in speed.... I suppose that's not likely as the engine is already built ... I understand that right now it is running at a solid 30fps ... (The next-gen consoles run 4K HD at 60 fps solid) ... but it could explain their reluctance to give details. The information available says that they are developing the XBOX and PS versions on preproduction XBOX-Two and PS-5 machines. The PS5 is seriously advanced beyond what I consider a high end PC. https://www.ps5playstation5.com/specs It seems to be a bit up in the air right now but the XBOX-Two and PS-5 have been rumored to each have 16 GB RAM memories possibly fast-RAM, what-ever that is (GDDR5).. . With terabyte drives. They may have some of the NVIDIA-type (14nm) ultra high speed graphics built in. There is also a rumor of the Chinese (or some other) AI chip to run the in-box advisor. The question seems to be what can they provide for under $400. Still rumors suggest both systems may be aiming for the $500 mark. Curiously, the released specs for XBOX-Two are way under this rumored spec: http://www.xbox2gamers.com/specs ... But initial specs may change... (only 12 GB RAM? Still 12 GB RAM is a lot more than I have.) So maybe the game will run, maybe not.
  4. Don't get your hopes up for it to run on XBOX. I expect a PC release followed by releases for XBOX-TWO and PS-5 when they come out. Probably 2021 or 2022. After all, this is a true city with skyscrapers and street vendors and maybe 50 buildings visible at one time, numerous interactions on the street and vehicles in the air. Not to mention numerous special effects from weather to moving billboards, lights, sounds, laser beams, etc.
  5. Cryzeteur

    Landscapes Textures Mods ?

    Most texture mods to install as they overwrite vanilla textures. Use the uninstall feature on your mod manager to uninstall. Cross fingers. To uninstall manually you generally have to go to the Fallout 4 folder and open DATA then delete the mesh and texture folders. But then you have to reinstall all mods that installed meshes or textures. Can get messy. Gopher had recommended a texture mod but that one is no longer available. I use Vivid Fallout - all in one You are right. Not much improvement. I also use some other mods... like Ivy. Usually I just play vanilla.
  6. Cryzeteur

    Hi there

    Welcome Kill_Loot_Return. The noodle cup should also help from diving cats, rats, and bats with flamethrowers... mmm... probably not. Just duck occasionally. It looks silly but avoids the nuisance of having to recover your flaming head from the weeds.... Just watched the second season of Dirk Gently... Feel free to ask questions. May get an answer that makes sense... never can tell...
  7. The Dawnguard has crossbows and it would be easy to make one smaller.
  8. Cryzeteur

    E3 2018

    The most interesting thing about this interview to me is that Todd Howard says that they are getting there in terms of the engine to make Starfield and ES6. Getting there is obviously the new innovations in Fallout 76 that allows denser worlds without significant slowing of the processor. This also allows larger worlds and more complicated worlds. It does not sound as though Bethesda is going to put together quite as powerful an engine as CDProjectRed. Everyone who saw the Cyberpunk 2077 demo remarked on the complexity of the world and how they didn't think games would ever look so real, cities look so real, so complex, with everything so individually crafted and detailed. Unique conversations in the background that sounded like street talk. This is a long way from Final Fantasy Online Beta where portions of the map were copied exactly to save memory. Or Arena where the world was so repetitive that it was more like Minecraft. Anyway. This shows what they are working on and what we can expect in Starfield and ES6. Also notice that Starfield is definitely single player with only a possibility of social interaction in the future but nothing like that currently planned AND Starfield is currently actually playable. This tells me that Starfield will have a reveal at E3 2019 and will be released in the winter of 2019/2020. I think the exact release date is going to depend on how involved they still are in Fallout 76 and Blades. As with ESO they may need a separate studio to keep Fallout 76 running with continual new material.
  9. I had a terrible time getting through the Nightengale ceremony. Leonard? No prob. Pretty good episode.
  10. Cryzeteur

    E3 2018

    Note that Starfield will take a lot of work after this year so don't expect a release in 2019. This means ES6 is delayed to at earliest 2022, best guess. They may show a trailer for Starfield at E3 2019.
  11. It would be nice if mod authors got enough to buy a cookie!
  12. I know it is role playing, but the sympathy for wolf hounds seems a bit excessive...
  13. https://www.vg247.com/2018/06/12/cyberpunk-2077-fps-third-person-vehicles-dont-worry-rpg/ https://www.pcworld.com/article/3281374/e3/cyberpunk-2077-preview-e3.html
  14. Cryzeteur

    FALLOUT 76 : Creation Club or Mods?

    There will be no mods at first because they have to make a new modding engine. The modding people will eventually be allowed to sign in to a private world where the mods will not disturb the MMO community. Cosmetic mods will be available on CC. Everything on CC is available in the world to players who explore everything. Exactly how this will work has not been determined because they simply do not have the engine yet. Making a new CK will take a long time because the engine is really different. The private worlds may be on private computers, but they really don't know yet.