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  1. I used to sty up all night listening to garage rock out of Riverside. Peggies is the Japanese version.
  2. I'm very doubtful about this supposed release date this year: https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1113863/Cyberpunk-2077-release-date-CD-Projekt-2019-job-advert We should learn more at E3 ... which is almost upon us...
  3. Some interesting details, tidbits... https://gamerant.com/cyberpunk-2077-ads-job-listing/
  4. 6:30 "Have I done the right thing?" Personally, I would have said "I don't believe a word you said." just to see what he would say. 13:45 I couldn't even see the cumins without the torch. Trying to escort the guy sort of made sense, as it also occurred to me, but it was actually a little silly. He rode through the cumins without being attacked, so he was basically safe until he got to the camp. When Peychar showed up at the camp and Gopher was stuck in a conversation and the game would not let go of him was totally ridiculous... bad game mechanics.
  5. The Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE on Nexus is Version 4.1.1. (Update 4.1.6; Patch 4.1.8) Gopher is running version 3.4.07. According to Icecreamassassin, version 5 is being tested and should be released soon. It is significantly different from the current version. I am running version 4. There are noticeable differences compared to Gopher's PT. The Wearable Lanterns patch can be fixed by removing the tweaks to the lanterns while keeping the MCM text fixes. Best of both worlds. Obscure's College of Winterhold https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20514 does look interesting. Both the architectural changes and the way it interfaces with modded content. It is incompatible with a lot of things through and requires a new build.
  6. It was kind of funny when Gopher had extra hours on his hands and decided that he would take a bath. At that point I was saying through a hand palm, "Gopher, you have to hunt down a lot of meat, so do that!" The next thing you see is Gopher out in the woods killing a last deer and rabbit. Not exactly the same thing as taking a bath, but it made me quite happy. He did what I wanted him to do! 😊
  7. I had no problem watching it on the Front Page. Link worked fine. https://www.gophersvids.com/?gopher_video=metro-exodus-rhc-7-fanatics-are-people-too And YouTube
  8. In midieval times being a lord's unrecognized son was very common but getting your father to recognize you was very unusual. Normally that only happened when the lord did not have an heir. Typical Gopher, he nearly broke the game by being too efficient. A lot of the battle didn't fit.
  9. Cryzeteur

    E3 2019

    Wolfenstein has been announced. What else will Bethesda announce? https://apptrigger.com/2019/03/30/elder-scrolls-vi-starfield-e3-2019/ https://gamefragger.com/other/according-to-todd-howard-bethesdas-starfield-and-the-elder-scrolls-vi-will-skip-this-years-e3-a15204 They will definitely feature Fallout 76 https://gearnuke.com/todd-howard-says-fallout-76-did-very-very-well/
  10. Outlandback... 😊 I get it. You wanted them to continue to produce game clones. Other companies, like Square Enix, have been doing this for years with success. Todd Howard has stated blatently that Bethesda has no intention of doing this. They are really stuck in the "awards for the most inventive game of the year" mentality. Maybe it's a pride thing. I agree, they devote too much time to what appears to be game engine development. Basically they are just spinning their wheels. I think Boarderlands is a good example of what other companies are doing. I think it's funny that they just discovered that they can make money by updating and reissuing games (ie Skyrim). However, if they reissue Oblivion and Morrowind in their new engine that will kill the mods trying to do this. If I were them I would devote a team of twenty employees to revamping Oblivion and Morrowind. Not exact clones but improved games. Personally I am looking forward to the next release from Beyond Skyrim. BTW. I played TESO all the way through, did everything, up to the addition of the Thieves Guild, which was so badly implemented that I quit playing.
  11. What has been said is that, first, the team was burnt out on ES and wanted a break. Second, they didn't want to be typed as a one horse developer. Third, the lore is complicated and making sure it is consistent is not easy. There is some latitude but inconsistent lore makes the game not-ES friendly. This is why they place all the games in different time periods. Fourth, they wanted to use a new approach that required new technology. Specifically, they were trying to make the NPCs more aware of the state of the game so that they would know when you did something and would respond appropriately. This feature was actually in the trailer for Skyrim but they couldn't implement it. Also they actually tried running NPC action using AI but it was TOO good and played the game better than a human. Fifth, they wanted a lot of dungeons (instances, caves, whatever) and quests and it takes time to design good ones. Some ideas require special licensing. Sixth, voice acting is a problem. The number of voiced lines becomes unwieldy very quickly. Seventh, I think there were some other licensing problems. Eighth, the new technology used to make Fallout 76 larger and more detailed had to work first. The Skyrim SE engine was getting overloaded and they had to make major changes to the engine to get Fallout 76 to work as well as it does. I think some other problems were mentioned by the team over the last 15 years that I have forgotten.
  12. Personally I think the log falls do a lot more damage than the boulder drops or the tank busters. Also they sometimes jump over log walls or spawn inside. I use a mixture of birthday traps and log falls three random rows deep. By random rows I mean irregularly placed. That way when they jump over one they hit another. I would put poky stick defenses along the base of the walls. I think they work better than short walls.
  13. 😂 Oh! Yes, I see your point. Maybe Bethesda will announce a new RPG at E3 that will be out this year? That would be nice... 😊
  14. I am running both mods and basically all the mods possible to run with Legacy Dragonborn. They play nice together. I do recall Gopher mentioned he had looked at this mod, so I think he is aware of it. The only problem I have run into is that I can't go into the tavern in Solitude. It CTDs.
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