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  1. Ii hated the gun. Didn't like the Beta at all. This is a little different. Bethesda improved a few trivial things. Still ... not a game I like. Gopher's PT is much more fun than playing it. I can't believe he is progressing so quickly ... especially on the highest difficulty. The Beta PT was much more difficult. Of course I (and who knows how many other testers) complained about the difficulty, so I guess they toned it down.
  2. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    Update needed... I checked Gopher's mod list to see if there was anything I had forgotten that he is using and after comparing 10 or 15 mods, realized he is playing Bruma on OLDSkyrim and I am playing my new game on SkyrimSE. All the mods I was downloading were going into my OLDSkyrim game... oops... So I very carefully switched over to the SkyrimSE section of Nexus and discovered that many of the mods Gopher is running are not available on SkyrimSE. So I downloaded 10 or 15 that have been ported over and then added some more. I am now running 177 mods on Bruma SE. I played for 6 hours or so ( I got five vaccinations and am quite sick, but getting better quickly) and had no problems/glitches/crashes/etc. Alll is beautiful.
  3. OK... This should be different...
  4. Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    This whole project is sounding more and more like a StarWars studio set...
  5. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    OK. I have gotten into SkyrimSE and love it. It is much more stable than the 32-bit engine. Running 134 mods, including Bruma on SE.
  6. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    Sometimes you just have to catch the NPCs when they leave their houses.
  7. That is my impression as well. Settlement building will include looting and exploring as necessary but I think the main PT is over. HEY! The forum is fixed! We have the video at the top the way it should be! Yea!!!
  8. Some of the boundaries are a little extreme but I like them and am running Expanded Settlements. I like building robots all around Hangman's Alley. Maybe twenty of them. Then when you go back in the area there are always fights, but they are your robots wiping out the massive respawns of enemies. I do pretty much the same thing around settlements. When I am in a castle building mode I really need the extra area.
  9. Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    I assumed remote keyboard and mouse, but you still have power cable and monitor cable and speakers?/headphones? to worry about. What about peripherals? As to mounting... I am not going to be responsible for making a suggestion that crashes the whole thing into a pile of rubble.
  10. I checked Oxhorn to see if there was something Gopher missed about the retreat and there isn't. Oxhorn came to the same conclusion. The Captain wanted to protect his favorite friend but couldn't admit weakness. So the next videos will be on settlement building.
  11. Hello!

    I think everyone is on summer vacation...
  12. Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    Memories of precious things crashing to the ground suddenly and unexpectedly come to mind...
  13. I'm not sure, but I think all that Earl's does is change the breakdown table, which should have no effect on fps.
  14. Bruma does feel 90 degrees off and west always felt north, ... still does... "We might want to find this blackmailer and have a stern word with them..." Serulius the Stagnant... Master Swordsman... my assumption is ... He is a either Aedra or Daedra, not human.
  15. I use Crazy Earl's Scrapyard with Scrap Scrap and Scrap Everything and if that is not enough you can use Scrappable Commonwealth. The only trouble with Scrap Scrap. Scrap Everything and Scrappable Commonwealth, is that you have to be careful not to make holes in the base meshes. You can literally destroy the game. If you use these, save often so you can restore to a place where you did not do something you regret. I only enable these mods when I really find something annoying and then disable them after. Also, if you remove the wrong thing it can cause stutter, blurring, and other bad things because some items control loading.