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  1. I try to watch every one of Gopher's vids but do not remember seeing this one. Sorry.
  2. Always remember to state which game you are talking about. As I recall you are playing Fallout IV. I have never had quite this problem but it is caused by the way the game keeps track of meshes and textures. The game has "nodes" which trigger all the nearby meshes and textures. The game does not load meshes and textures until a node is triggered. So untriggerred meshes do not appear. Because the field of view is linked to this, items in front of you are visible closer. It is similar to LOD. It is very unlikely this has anything to do with Vortex, though the load order might do this. I had something similar happen when I violated the maximum number of meshes and textures being loaded at one point. The problem probably is related to how much you have built in one location.
  3. @Eliorim is correct about the flourescent object markers being caused by missing textures. Fallout 4 operates differently from Skyrim 64 and sometimes is more vulnerable to weird results. Generally this effect is caused by deleting the textures while still running programs loading these meshes. The only way to fix it is to uninstall the problem causer and reinstall it, or, if you have no idea how to fix it, uninstall everything back to a vanilla game and then carefully reinstall everything. I do make mods for Fallout 4 so if you still have problems I might be able to help.
  4. scholars are renowned for volumes of verbiage that says nothing.
  5. The thing that worries me about the Cyberpunk noise-rock is that it makes me tired ... unlike the beautiful music in Witcher 3 which I could listen to for hours. I have personally composed some noise rock, so it is not a dislike. I am just afraid the music in Cyberpunk may make it one of those games you never play a second time. With the exception of noise rock fans....
  6. Putting rabbit pens all over is useless. You need to put four pens next to each other. 12 rabbots breed. 8 rabbits breed some.
  7. Well, from what we know so far, ESVI will be a true ES game --- which is good. We also know that the technological advances they made with graphics and MP will contribute to both ESVI and Starfield. We also know the ESVI is supposed to come out before Starfield. Still, even if there is some MP aspect in ESVI it is still supposed to be SPRPG. Starfield will most likely be MMORPG. But Starfield is another experimental game where they are developing more new tech, so it may be a shock to the community like Fallout76..
  8. Since I watched the stream, I don't see why it was so controversial.
  9. So we can preorder for 4-16-2020. Anyone here going to preorder?
  10. Top-Down games like this are so far from the action that they are not immersive. I just don't feel connected to the story. I understand that it saves making mechanics for facial expressions, making the game run faster, but I like first-person better.
  11. I'm not surprised. It is amazing that it will work on today's computers. I doubt my computer will be able to maintain 30 frames a sec. There is just too much AI going on and loading.
  12. I can't believe Gopher took two episodes to try the zip line. Did her find very much loot? Enough to justify faffling around forever?
  13. Well, I knew exactly what to expect and I tried to warn everyone that it was really different. But the fan-base refused to believe it. People hear what they want to hear not what they hear. As a result fans are often disappointed because their dreams are not fulfilled. This is simply human behavior. We see what we expect, not what is there. Todd Howard actually said it was not a single player RPG and would be experimental MP. Look back at my early posts on Fallout 76 on these forums. He actually warned everyone. It was really the fans that hyped it as a Fallout sequel.
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