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  1. BTW... Loved the video. I don't remember the ghoul companion.
  2. Except Bostontonians and Creoles... and street kids...
  3. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    Much of what you say is technically true but the lore changes a bit from culture to culture and Bethesda gave themselves some lee way to do what ever they wanted. Much of the lore is debated because it is vague and contradictory. You are correct Prey was Bethesda Softworks not Bethesda Game Studio, but Prey is a good example of what thinking might be going in to Starfield. Is Mama Murphy hallucinating? She says things she could not possibly know unless she has some sort of esp. You bring up Oswald and the Fog Mother which also show Bethesda likes to violate our world physics. There are other examples. Fallout is not real world. It is alternate world, so anything goes. It is true the moons of Nirn are not the moon in our sky, but recall that the moons (daedric worlds) can be hidden. This is in harmony with the Cthulhu mystery. By the way, the Lovecraft world is our world not an alternate world. The author derived the idea from ancient tales of a dark subterranean world. Thus the Oblivion reference to the Deep Ones. What this refers to is unknown. Pete Hines did not say anything about mixing worlds. However there have been comments about time travel and travel between alternate time lines and alternate worlds. They did not say the alternate worlds would have magic... but an extension of the "Prey" science would look like magic. It has also been said by CDPR that some of the science in Cyberpunk 2077 will look like magic and there is the possibility of a cross over there with Witcher 3's Ciri. Witcher 3 went even further down the rabbit hole with the Fairy Tale based magical world. So, do not be surprised if Starfield and ES6 have a crossover between science based reality and magic based reality. Roger Rabbit anyone?
  4. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    It is actually called : Fallout 4 - Commonwealth Extended. It is an upcoming project for Fallout 4 similar to Beyond Skyrim.
  5. Much more fun than an hour building a bridge. The game is much more complex than I thought. That skinned rabbit/baby thing was awful...
  6. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    Actually in the Argonian lore the moons ARE the daedric planes. Which I think is really weird, but that is the lore. In H.P. Lovecraft, the planes portals opened exactly as they do in ES lore... ie Oblivion. Hermaeus Mora is very similar to H.P. Lovecraft's Krakon. Its like our real world... there is a lore of people being able to pass through portals to other worlds and other times. In ES it is just a lot easier. Assuming the reports of portals in our world are not just hallucinations. Mama Murphy sees into the future in the same way Moth Priests read the Elder Scrolls... looking forward and back, right and left, up and down. I can see how they could make Starfield an intermediate world similar to Prey where telepathic abilities mimic magic and transport between worlds get you into worlds varying from ES to New York. There was a rumor that Prey was a test to see how people reacted to magic in our real world. Another test to prepare for Starfield. I can see why some people would be upset if they do this. Pete Hines said something that actually suggested that the reason they were waiting for new technology was because multiple worlds would require a massive amount of data storage and processing of larger amounts of data than used for Fallout 4 would also be required. In Fallout 4 they partially got around this problem by building load controls into the environment. Now as I understand it they cannot use the same FO4 technology to fully accomplish what they want. I also understand that they have built a sort of test universe that they can use to test machines to see if they can go ahead with development. The rumor is that VR advances will provide the technology improvement they need by 2021. Games have always been one step ahead of technology. That is why the Pentagon is so interested in game development. Applications appear in games before technology. In other words, imagination precedes application in the real world.
  7. Too true... At least he finally figured out the obvious...
  8. Tested. No problems detected. Check error log for further details. Please call support at 555-5555 for further instructions. Click button below to leave comments. You may join our poll at ClickMeToFeedMe@Ripoff.com
  9. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    That is strange. I did Bruma with a level 10 character. Yes the enemies are tough, but I took along two nice followers.
  10. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    New mod? Did Gopher mention a new mod? Are you talking about DLCs? Or Beyond Skyrim: Bruma? Regardless. When I was playing on my PS I also burned out a hard drive. I have no idea how many thousands of hours I have played.
  11. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    Remember that ES was inspired by the Cthulhu mythos developed by H. P. Lovecraft. The Great Old Ones were reached through portals between worlds. The base world was our earth or at least a parallel earth. Magic was real in our earth but difficult to access. So our earth was exactly like our earth and most people who came across the dark lords either died or were considered insane. There are bits and pieces of the Cthulhu mythos that overlap or are related to the Daedric Worlds and the Cthulhu demons. Remember the Deep Ones ... I think they were in that village south of Bruma.
  12. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    Beyond Skyrim and Fallout Expanded should help fill in the time...
  13. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    There was also a leak that said ES6 would be underwater in one of the cities that sank into the sea during the sundering. Then of course there was all the underwater test stuff in Fallout 4. Pete Hines did say that ES6 would NOT be multiplayer. Rumors have also implicated Pyandonia and the Sea Elves. There was also the speculation that the overlap between ES and Fallout portended that the Starfield space adventure would link the past and future ... remember the aliens in Fallout? ... and time travel in Skyrim ... and bring it all into ES6.
  14. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    This is also correct. However when they said this I think it was just a quick answer to put off the interviewer. Pete Hines also said that their development schedule has nothing to do with the ESO Team.
  15. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    This is correct. Bethesda tried to use a strong AI Engine of a test ES game and the AI played the game better than any human could. The devs looked at this and said, "Well this is botched up." because they needed an even better AI to make the AI play nice. These are not their words but this is the gist of what was said. So, yes Bethesda is trying to make a game of the future. Something so strong that it will play as long as the present ES games. However they have also said they are burned out on ES. I have heard many extremely negative comments on repeating any game using ES lore. That is why they farmed off ESO to another developer. Pete Hines has said many things about this as he is fed up with being nagged about it.