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  1. Joining the Minions of Lord Stiv on Warframe

    Byleth0 EDIT: Today I got invited to a different clan
  2. New Gaming PC

    After considering the Ryzen processors I must admit they are tempting. Thing is the new generation of Intel CPUs looks even more tempting. I guess I'll wait for the newer boards to come out for the Intel CPUs - if I waited that long I can wait a little longer Thanks again for help, everyone!
  3. New Gaming PC

    @Cryzeteur, so it's possible that I'm just exaggerating the issue. My PC is really young compared to yours - I got it around 2011 or 2012 (not counting later changes and additions). Maybe then I should wait a bit longer for the purchase. Especially since TheLazyGrizzly made some points that I should really consider. @TheLazyGrizzly, thank you very much for that. The last thing I want for the new PC is the CPU bottleneck. The PC I'm currently using is probably suffering from a 'too slow CPU' sickness. Maybe I should reconsider the purchase of AMD products after all. It will definitely take some time to decide what I want and need. And I'm not going to play on 1440p anytime soon. I purchased my first 1080p monitor this year and I'm really happy with it. I don't need anything above that. At the very least I won't make any hasty decisions with so many things to think about. Thanks everyone.
  4. New Gaming PC

    If I understand the MSI's website with the specs correctly, this motherboard should be able to use 3200 and 3000 memory. Isn't the 3800 simply the maximum available? When it comes to the RAM size I have 12GB right now and it's pretty heavily used (at the time of writing this text, Task Manager shows only 4GB of memory as available). As for the storage, your usage seems quite similar to mine. The only problem I have is that partitions on the HDD are set up a bit awkwardly so I am running out of space more than I should. The 240GB SSD would be used for the apps and games that are used frequently. The C drive would be the 120GB SSD that I use right now in my PC. I'm not sure if I want VR just yet. Maybe in the future though. @Cryzeteur, how old is your PC if you are willing to wait this long for the new one? Maybe I'm just underestimating my current build, although it struggles with almost every game.
  5. New Gaming PC

    I live in Poland. All electronics seem to be priced way over the US prices while the salaries are miserable here. Looking at those differences I am really demotivated to buy anything. Over the past year (or more) I was going to buy a new PC few times now. Of course each time it ended in my decision that it's too expensive and maybe the prices will go down if I wait. Right now I have a feeling that it will end up the same way because the prices simply won't drop (in some cases they even went up). Maybe we'll get some good deals during the Black Friday but I won't hold my breath. I'm not really fond of AMD products. I'll look into the 1070ti as well, although I need to get over the demotivation first. Thanks again for the help. At least I know that the parts I was considering weren't all that bad picks
  6. New Gaming PC

    Thanks for the input. I wish these were the prices of hardware where I live - compared to amazon the prices here are ridiculous to say the least. Not only the DUKE isn't available here, but the lowest price of the 1080ti is currently 870$ (according to google's currency converter) for the MSI 1080ti ARMOR. Only one 1080ti card is cheaper but it's Gigabyte so I'd rather get MSI. The shop suggested that they will make a "personalized offer" once I send them the specifications but I doubt I'd get this much of a discount. What's more, the suggested MSI 1080 Gaming X costs 740$ - the same as the price of the 1080ti DUKE on Amazon. I changed the memory to the ones you suggested. They are expensive here as well: about 240$ instead of the amazon's 160$. I also plan on moving one of the old SSDs (from the current PC) to the new one. It's Samsung 120GB and it would serve as the OS drive. I was thinking about the BOX version of Windows so that I can move it freely to another PC when I change the PC next time. Although now that I think about it some more maybe it really isn't necessary as this PC should be good enough for quite some time. I guess I could ask the shop what would be the cost of the build with these changes. I'd need to select one of the 1080ti variants available. Currently the build with the MSI 1080TI ARMOR without the discounts would be about 2050$
  7. New Gaming PC

    Hi everyone! For some time now I'm thinking about purchasing a new gaming PC. I'd like an advice on the build I'm considering: Some of the parts are just placeholders, because I couldn't find the model I was thinking of. Do you have any suggestions about this build? Please, keep in mind this build is already at the higher end of the budget I'm willing to spend (currently about 1950$ where I live). I'm mainly looking for a way to improve the ratio of performance per dollar.
  8. Minionland Noticeboard

    It seems like a cool idea. I don't know how much work and resources it would require. Probably quite a lot. I was thinking about a bit smaller projects - at least for some time after the start of the server. I'm not sure how much time to play I would have. I don't want to start something and never finish it.
  9. Minionland Noticeboard

    I never played Minecraft with other people. I definitely want to join Gopher's server. It's thanks to Gopher's streams that I bought Minecraft and I feel like it's the only server I would be comfortable on - at least for now. I would like to be able to help others with redstone projects. Maybe I'm not the best at redstone (far from it) but I really enjoy the red stuff
  10. XCOM 2 Minion Soldier Collection

    @Silverthorn1111, I added your character to the pool, however I do not see your DLC look. in my game you look like this: I don't have the DLC that you used. I'm not sure if DLC changes made it to the group character pool that I made. You could try and download the character pool and check if it's still ok. You can download it (as always) here. BTW, I'm not sure if XCOM changed the compression of the character pool but after adding another character there was only a slight change in the file's size. I didn't see any characters missing but if someone else could confirm that it would be great.
  11. XCOM 2 Minion Soldier Collection

    I think it's the same link. I posted it just in case anyone wondered where to find it.
  12. XCOM 2 Minion Soldier Collection

    Sorry it took me so long to update the file with all soldiers. I just didn't feel like even launching XCOM. Anyway, here's the link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4eZfV-wnhhAY0lnVmlqN1ZSZUU&usp=drive_web#list I changed baestschn's soldier and added Yinj.
  13. XCOM 2 Minion Soldier Collection

    I changed my bin file to this one: Byleth0.bin
  14. Xcom-2 mod recommendations

    Strip Primary Weapons by wghost81 Workshop Nexus EDIT: It looks like the role of this mod changed, because one of the patches added this button. I updated the description and screenshot.
  15. XCOM 2 Minion Soldier Collection

    I updated the character pool. I discovered that bin files don't like to be renamed. If you rename the character pool bin file you will not be able to import just one soldier from it, so you will be forced to import the whole character pool. I created the newest character pool with this in mind so after you download it now you should be able to import soldiers from it one at a time. Just don't change it's name and it will work fine. Additionally I recreated the characters that NafNaf created a while ago and that bin files were empty: @Endlessprince, @Krusher33 and @the_skotts Check them out here http://imgur.com/a/UZy2D and let me know if it looks ok. EDIT: I forgot a link to the character pool https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4eZfV-wnhhAY0lnVmlqN1ZSZUU&usp=drive_web#list