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    I suggest Kona from Parabole, an indie game; a narrative-driven interactive tale of mystery, exploration and survival. I think that Gopher would like it
  2. I suggest Kona from Parabole, an indie game; a narrative-driven interactive tale of mystery, exploration and survival. I think that Gopher would like it
  3. Hahaha!! Good one Pcat!! That was fun!! ;P
  4. Thank you Gopher for this great LP!!! It can always be improved, but, amazing game it is!! thanks CDPR!! Can't wait to hear your overall thoughts on the game Gopher!! And very much looking forward to Hearts of Stone!!
  5. You know, it would have been really nice if the devs in CD Project Red would have done as follow with the paired fights of Geralt and sorceress X against monster/monters: make the monster/s pretty fast and tough, and with good AI, specially in high difficulties, where actually the hits of the sorceress's spells even though don't cause damage to the enemy/ies, they stagger or stunt them for a moment giving a window oportunity for the witcher (the player) to strike. That would feel much more like fighting in tandem and where the sorceress will actually matter. Just some thoughts...
  6. Malukah and Miracle of Sound also have a song in collaboration
  7. Dear Minions and Dark Lord, The other day when searching for nice music to listen to while doing boring work, I stumped onto the youtuber Malukah and the covers she has for Skyrim, and some more very good songs (in my opinion), including the cover for The Wolven Storm (Priscilla's Song in The Witcher 3). And... I found that this great artist has worked with the youtuber miracleofsound in: SKYRIM SONG - Legends Of The Frost by Miracle Of Sound ft. Malukah Later when listening and looking on his songs I found this comment of miracleofsound: Special thanks to Gophergaming for mod expertise and video capture on this one Check out his channel here: under the video titled SKELLIGE WINDS - Witcher 3 Song by Miracle Of Sound So nice to find this! I really like the music from both artists!! Probably lots of you already knew this (sorry), however for some of us, new to these lands, I think it can be a nice discovery to enjoy! Just wanted to share this PS. I hope this is the right place to put this topic (first topic I create and not sure where it should go).
  8. Oh, what a pity! I'd have loved watching him playing at least a part of the game! Thanks a lot! Anyways, let's get more ideas for him to play!
  9. I have just checked the playlists of the channels Gopher and and I cannot seem to find it. I have even looked into the playlists: "And the verdict is:" in Gopher's channel, and "Random Games" in GopherLive's channel, but zero, zip, nada. Does anybody know where I can find this? I'd really like to watch "any length" he played
  10. How about... Dragon Age Inquisition That game is nice, although a bit long. Has Gopher played it? Would he like it?
  11. Ok, Thanks for the info Xelphos!
  12. Yes TiDinzeo, well, almost totally agree with it. in Forums, at Home: - the titles in Recently discussed forum topics - the titles in Topics I've participated in - the titles of Video and Stream Notifications are pure white I think, and very light blue when hovering over them with the mouse, right? For me titles in general I think are quite bright white. But maybe I need to tweak around with my monitor... Anyways, probably I should have been more specific instead of going around speaking generally. In any case I guess I'm being pretty picky ;P
  13. I'd like to see a Gopher's LP of: Inside I think it's a bit hard to define this game, kind of scary, weird and mysterious, and with some "tricky" puzzle solving. But I think it could be good for a blind LP. And it's fairly short as well.