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  1. A minion's request: Please don't strand your horses!

    I had a donkey named "Trump" hanging around my place for nearly a year. Ended up pushing it into Enthirion's claim. As I couldn't stand seeing it anymore I can still see it from afar, not doing anything useful
  2. Music

    Sooo, since we're into country music : Greatest voice ever !
  3. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    So, I got an awesome idea that would give me a reason to log in more often : What if we cut a slice of it each month ? I mean, it's a cake. It's made to be eaten, right ? And I love eating cakes ! Gluttony is not a sin ! I could also replace the gold or a part of it with something else ?
  4. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    Soo what do we do now ? Since the cake is on a Miniopoly card and Gopher doesn't want to see it gone, I suppose we're gonna keep it, right ?
  5. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    OK so we're building something resembling this cake : Do you think we have time to make a mechanism with lit candles , that can be extinguished by Gopher pressing a button (or jumping on a pressure plate) ?
  6. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    The construction of a Giant Cake has begun ! It is located in my claim, on the sea nearby Nafnaf's docks. (See picture here) Any help is appreciated ! Especially if you have spare gold blocks for the stand !
  7. Any other youtuber would have had that +18 scene as a thumbnail. That's why Gopher is the best !
  8. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    So the possibility of a Minecraft stream on sunday has been evoked by Wolfclaw. It would be nice to have something planned. Even a small thing like a Giant cake in front of spawn ? What does @Rodzyn Think ? I suppose a "temporary" Gopher-geddon is out of the question ?
  9. Music

    After all these years this is still the best Star Wars Remix imo
  10. I love cats..a thread dedicated to cats

    @jeanclyYou like fat cats basically !
  11. I love cats..a thread dedicated to cats

    The most horrible cats I've ever seen https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/911189316751282176
  12. Gopher's Quotes

    @Spellcaster Removed the embeding
  13. New Vegas Montization

    "Montization ?" like, from Monty Python ?
  14. Music

    A little bit of funk for the topic
  15. Gopher's Quotes

    Pyjaaama ! 24:40 https://youtu.be/VTU13LRm5WU?t=1460