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  1. The biggest problem here imo (and probably many other EU countries) regarding this law is that most of the MEPs are around 50 years old, which means that they don't know anything about how the internet works as a whole. Atm, in France, 61 MEPS are supporting the article and only 10 against. How could you convince an old lady that this law is wrong ? Even if she understood what it really means, she would probably still vote for it because it's in her principles. She might also say "That's good because this way, people will move away from the internet and live more like I was doing 30 years ago!"
  2. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to start downloading some of my favourite vids that might be taken down the day this law is voted. Maybe people talk about it in your country, but in France nobody ever heard about what's coming. (and most people don't understand what it means...)
  3. About modding Enderal, the latest MO2 build is compatible with it. You can find it in the #dev-build channel of MO2 discord. https://github.com/ModOrganizer2/modorganizer/releases/tag/v2.2.0beta3 https://discord.gg/FMwDQf
  4. Are you sure the cat didn't eat the chicken ? You should give it a big belly
  5. Someone said "Birthday Party" ?? Count me in ! I've just finished re-installing the game and my mods today! What a coincidence
  6. What ? Threadreaper 1950X is rated 3.4Ghz base and 4Ghz Turbo ! Where did you see 6.00Ghz ?
  7. Kind of intrigued by the lack of i7 7820X in that video...
  8. Oh those sewers are from a mod ? That's reassuring And I thought I had either memory problems or hadn't seen those sewers before Pretty nice mod then !
  9. I don't think Gopher uses a bash patch, but he said he has a small merge patch with around 10 records in it, so a very small one. You should use them if you have a lot of mods that have conflicting leveled lists, or mods that could edit the same records. (2 things modifing the same NPC or the same cell for example). Also, Skyrim SE is much more stable than Oldrim. Cheers ! PS : I don't work with Gopher btw
  10. Hehe , I was there monday night
  11. Still playing with version 1.9.4 Stable game with hundreds of mods --> Never update again
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