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  1. I am suprised, but there seems to be no topic for teespring. If I missed it, I am sorry. I was trying to buy one of gophers mugs on teespring, but couldn't pay with paypal. It keeps saying "We received an error from Paypal. Please make sure your address was inputted correctly." The address is of course correct, but I wasn't redirected to any checkout page or something. Has anybody encountered this error? Is there a solution to this?
  2. Thanks for all the advice. It would be cool if a graphics card wouldn't be needed (or at least not a powerfull on). I'll start looking through this videos right away.
  3. Hey guys, so, I am supposed to build a new maschine for a guy I know. I usually know what to do next, but he isn't a gamer. The haviest stuff he is doing on his maschine is video editing and rendering. So that is something completely new for me. I don't know his budget yet. But I'd guess he is willing to spend around 1000 Bugs. What he is actually doing is going out there in real live and taking pictures of events and stuff. In the end he stores them on his PC and makes an hour or so longer video of the best pics he made in the last couple of months. So I have to keep in mind that he got pics worth terabyte of disc space, which cannot be imported from an external harddrive when needed. They just have to be there (He is using external harddrives for backups thow). When he is rendering his project and temp files are also worth terabytes of diskspace. Now I would like some advise from you hard working youtubers. Does he need high end CPU or GPU for this kind of work? Is faster RAM or HDD/SSD needed (keep in mind his disc space usage)? Any advise is appreciated.
  4. If you want to keep him, you should definatly contact the support. Although depending on how long this char is gone, they might not be able to help. In my experience characters don't just vanish. And the only way to get rid of them, is to delete them. With the whole type "delete" thing to prevent accidental deletions. But I am curiouse what will become of this. Also it is good to see, that some people think about playing ESO around here.
  5. I am finally in a state, where i am kind of happy with what I built at Oberland Station: As you can see, I have build around the existing unmovable tower. I tried to keep it simple. There was mot much space for a fancy settlement To the left of the tower you can see the entrance to the living area, which spans around the white tower. To the lower right you got the terrace with the sleeping area on the first floor on top of it. On the first floor behind the white tower is my workshop with a stairway up onto the roof. The roof above the railway tracks has two outposts to both sides of the tracks. To the left of that you find two stories of engine rooms. Below that on the ground floor I set up some shops. Travelers may spent their money there and put some much needed cash into my pockets. I left the existing garden, but expanded it a little with some new fences around it. On the left side from the main entrance, you find a nice sitting area with a radio. In the opposite corner is the kitchen with a cooking place and a chemistry station. The door in the backgrund leads out onto the terrace. Up the stairway is the sleeping area and my workshop. Everything is of course well defended with maschinegun-, laser-, shotgun- and missileturrets. Every friend may enjoy this place, but foes will have a hard time.
  6. @Dat Lobo Awesome! Your Starlight drive is not one huge building, but multiple somewhat connect rooms. That a great idea! Looks more like a village. And Grey Garden? Man I laught hard, when I saw it. I never figured you could build something like that there. That makes me want to build up Grey Garden next
  7. Hey guys and girls, I was toying around with my settlement options and it took me quite some time to get some ideas on how I wanted to build my settlement(s). So I thought I'd ask you guys to show off your most amazing settlements. As some sort of an inspiration pool. That's what this thread is for. I am currently building up Oberland Station. Once I got enough materials and I got to a stage I am happy with, I'll show it here. Please don't put any major spoilers in here. I haven't finished the game yet, cause I am busy trying to build my settlements and I want to experience at least the main story without any spoilers.
  8. I would pass mine as well, if someone is interested and i find that code...
  9. Played it a lot some time ago. Then they startet to sell these extremly overpriced clan mechs. Last time they saw me. But the true reason I quit was the new interface between matches they introduced. Outfitting a mech got really "hard to see", if that makes any sense. But if the interest is big enough around here, I might give it another try.
  10. Wow, that is expensive. Not that much interested any more.
  11. Interesting, but why use it over a mobile website? BTW: On the dark theme the hidden content is really hidden
  12. Interesting, how much does such a figurine cost?
  13. I got an old CM Storm Sniper case somewhere around here. It is of good quality, but lacks the newer connection like USB 3.0. And it didn't show of my components as I wanted it to. At the moment I am using the Node 804 from fractal design. Great quality, great looks and the perfect size to fit all my loved components into them, while not vasting any space at all. And it has two chambers to show of the important bits in a great way.
  14. I thought the thread author would be able to mark the best answer to close the question and I was just missing the option. At least that is what I assumed, cause that is how it works in other places. Since I cannot mark it myself, I don't want to give you guys too much work for something that unnessary. But thanks for asking.
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