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  1. Chardin112

    Script Extenders and the SteamLink

    With Steam link You should be able to play the whole steam library. It might be so that by default it would want to launch the Steam executable. However Steam link basically just streams your computer screen and audio, You should be able to start the stream on steam link and then alt-tab out of steam and go run the executable which you want. It might be possible to add Script extender executable as non steam game to the library and then launch it from there. You should be able to use controllers with Steam link as well and in my opinion the steam big picture is quite controller friendly. I myself use the steam controller. I have not tested all this but I have been able to use alt-tab'ing and use VLC for movie watching without adding it to library.
  2. Chardin112

    Quarico's 2017 PAX AUS Adventures!

    Did You mean the T-shirt Or in Your case a Flamethrower. Regardless I will be waiting for the loot they are always awesome.
  3. In these recent discussion videos Gopher has added interesting remarks on the screen, so now I can't just listen in the background and need to watch the screen, Really hinders my working at the same time . However I still enjoy these videos immensely.
  4. At least some good news or at least not bad news for the mix. Message from CD Project Red Sorry I am bad at forum posting.
  5. Awesome went I got myself twitch prime now and Like it comes with Prime video I did not know if it was possible to have prime video before as well when You weren't from select few countries. Thank for sharing information, now need to decide Who to sub with prime now as I don't want to keep regular sub for Gopher as I am afraid I will forget to renew.
  6. Chardin112

    An Analytical Test for you.

    Nice test, for me it reminds the logic test form those IQ testing books.
  7. @jeanclySorry I replaced You, at least retirement probably is very good compared to inevitable death that being in FTL crew will bring, Even if not on this mission I like to imagine the ship keeps travelling until the end.
  8. Chardin112

    Christmas event!

    Have You been on the server. Sadly I haven't had time lately however community events are nice, I hope I will be able to come by.
  9. Chardin112

    Gwent Tournament Maybe?

    I signed up on Challonge, I don't have big goals just not to loose every round.
  10. Chardin112

    Quarico's PAX AUS 2016 Adventures!

    Nice Video/audio version is easier to listen during work compared to reading.
  11. Chardin112

    Quarico's PAX AUS 2016 Adventures!

    Will we be getting summary videos of the panels?
  12. Chardin112

    Brainstorming: Alternatives to TPA

    I think the problem will not be the convincing, it is to be there at the right time when they are online for discussion and as Minecraft chat moves too fast for communication and not all use Discord, we have sometimes used using in-game signs and those are slow when others are across the planet in different timezone. That is why I think someone should become responsible and plan out the roads and talk to people, who would have time and dedication to be online as much as possible. Some kind of transport ministry or such.
  13. Chardin112

    Brainstorming: Alternatives to TPA

    With the roads the problem is not the irregular plots and buildings but rather that people aren't making roads through their claims. there would be a lot of room to build roads if people would just let the road be on their claim. @Teddy Harvest can probably share his experience building the road to north. In general I think the nether highway is good but what should be sorted out by the community is the gate connections to wrong gates. And as someone suggested already that if /home and /spawn will stay in game, then the spawn should be changed to Crossroads as I understand that to be the center of our civilization.
  14. Chardin112

    Brainstorming: Alternatives to TPA

    I think if somehow this problem could be be solved, traveling with horses would be much more viable and that is quite a speedy travel option. It would still be nice to have community roads. I think there should be some kind of governmental system (admins/mods) who could talk to people and plan out roads. We can build with ease just need the permissions.