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  1. Loot boxes are a bad idea, yes it is gambling, and a lot of parents are clueless as to digital purchasing, and may have at one point bought little timmy a game and have their card details stored on the machine. Along comes little timmy and buys a crapton of lootboxes which prob contain 86% crap and leave mummy and daddy in debt. Its a sly way for the game industry to squeeze money out of us. All the crap we need to finish and enjoy a game should be accessible when we pay the €60 for the game not this frankly insulting tactic.

    The main reason for it to crash after logo is a mod looking for another to work, usually patches or compatability mods
  3. this woulda been an awesome idea, but for the console casuals, bethesda prob thought it woulda been too much content for them to handle, too much of a change.
  4. Creation Club "It coulda been done better" This is the tagline they need
  5. Bury The Sun

    I quite like the 'dirty' sound of it well done that minon
  6. Cool Gift from my Daughter

    Sweet looks kewl. Welcome to the forums.
  7. YouTube BETHESDA : Money vs. Goodwill

    Case in point morrowind is still around the €20 mark on steam and is still being bought today, with new mods being released on a regular basis, and TR still in active development. Folk who's first games were skyrim or oblivion and then bought the older games and then used mods to enhance the base game. Because ultimately thats what mods do they enhance the base game. Now for big mods, falskaar, TR, beyond skyrim etc. i honestly dont mind shelling out cash even stuff like immersive armours, but the way the CC has been dumped on us with complete bare faced cheek is insulting, €5 for power armour is ridiculous at best and a con at worst. I still have a vague hope that Beth will recify this, otherwise the next TES game shall be a real poop-storm
  8. Can the weylkind stones not be picked up?
  9. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    I started a new playthrough as the anti richard. A breton mage vampire.
  10. Ah Kharjo, where would Richard be without him eh, "oh they are surrendering" thwap. Kharjo knows whats best they woulda got up n tried to kill you Richard, sure he is always hungry; but he knows whats best.
  11. Playing devils advocate here, but due to the length of the elven lifespan. The war that tiber septim brought is still fresh in the minds of the dominion, it may only be a generation or so for them. So as far as humans are concerned its ages ago, but many of the elves who fought in it could still be alive. Now imagine if you will, an occupying force coming in and fighting you, then taking over and proclaiming the leader a diety, you would be pretty disgruntled.
  12. Frank is no better than a supermutant.
  13. y Gopher no go to fighters n mages guilds?
  14. Nooooooooooo, the fighters guild and the mages guild y u no go?
  15. And we prob wont get a resolution for a few weeks as he off on holidays and hating on austrailia