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  1. 3rd party devs will almost certainly get the beth tools. "Smaller" devs may get them if beth thinks that they are skillfull enough. However this is likely the last game running on this version of this engine, so they may, when approved for acceptance to the club, give everyone full dev tools.
  2. Gopher, gopher, gopher you have the ability to biuld an ammo bench in the crafting menu.
  3. Its a scary thought, gopher as a cam model
  4. It is basically a perpetual DLC site, I agree that for a hat or a weapon noone in their right mind would pay for them, lets just hope bethesda dont get lazy on it and become lackluster in future game content that will not fly. I would have gladly paid for the likes of enderal or falskaar, the shear amount of work put into both is astounding as well as beyond skyrim and tamriel rebuilt for morrowind. There will always be chancers trying to scam the system with a shitty little mod but the community at large will stamp it out by not paying. The most important thing here that seems to be overlooked is this: the massive amazing mods that people were releasing with only the faint hope of a donation, just imagine what people will do when they know they are gonna get paid for it. Done right it is a positive step for the community done wrong it is going to be a huge dent to Bethesdas reputation. Obligitory joke: beth doing QA, the mods will all be buggy and crash all the time hur hur
  5. If @Quarico was in charge of the forum there would be more flames
  6. Welcome minion enjoy the foray into the depths and opinions of minons with a very loose grip on both sanity and reality.
  7. I like the element that you dont save the world, this is a welcome touch i.e. everybody dies. The black guardian whilst his idea is a noble one, I believe the millenia trapped has made him quite mad and he wouldve created a society of oppression and slavery. The logical thing for ming and Jespar to do now in my opinion is search for all the beacons and destroy them. The High ones cant do anything to folk so get rid of the device responsible for any future cleansings. Wonder what the next evolution of humans will be, human sized like ming n Jespar or giant like the last crowd.
  8. 2 series over in 1 day i am feeling a touch empty. That vault door tho really intimidating
  9. Wow, is all i can say.
  10. To be honest that second vault door looks badass.
  11. It is a damn crying shame that this game, lets call a spade a spade this is a game; is left unfinished. For the team and the time taken this is phenominal and IMHO it is better than skyrim. This is one series that I genuinely get excited when a new ep comes out, and I shall have that empty feeling when it ends.
  12. Given the content of this series, I believe the Norwegan government should employ gopher to fix the seed vault.
  13. Sooooooo frustrating, like why that one bit dagnabitt fit in fit in!!!
  14. So netflix is to make a tv series based on the witcher books. Thoughts?
  15. Yeah the directions are vague at times. Lol