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  1. you should get that mod that allows you to have 100 settlers, to fill out the vault
  2. we need a mod that whenever he jumps, the camera is showing under him just like Steve austin and plays that di di di di dah sound
  3. I do see what you mean, and it is a touch disconcerting, but yeah it has to be done, i do not envy your task, but am excited to see the end result!
  4. Ming has his spaceship from which to terrorise the galaxy, half expecting Flash Gordon to appear next
  5. what sort of stuff she looking to use it for?
  6. This for a changing variable program would be excellent, as the qubits would only need the values held for a short period, the problem would occour whilst accessing stored data on a drive, there would be a seemingly massive amount of idle time waiting for the data to be pulled.
  7. Im sure he could get plucked in his area, makes for a happier ending, The way Gopher finished it made vivien look like a selfish cow, and Guillaume look like a obsessive stalker, thinking he deserves to have her.
  8. And have where he was gonna build it as more living space for the dwellers
  9. Gopher is little bit like brave brave sir robin. Although he actually fights
  10. The bar needs a neon sign. You should make the atrium all blade runner esque, keep the main light levels like they are now and add neon everywhere
  11. Ah, back on the walk of distraction, it feels so comforting
  12. Never trust your settlers thieves every one of them. I woulda left him in the frame as punishment
  13. Wow @Cryzeteur i woulda just went commando
  14. Welcome