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  1. today is my 2 year anniversary/birthday here as a Minions on the forums here! Great to be part of such a great community! happy anniversary Gopher!
  2. Stiv never got to do the dark brotherhood questline either, so maybe that will be part of the story?
  3. grindy games are not fun, do devs no know that doing the same thing over n over is gonna make you hate the game
  4. Happy christmas to all of you and happy new year
  5. Ah barry a horrible but likeable guy. Like that friend you have who is fun but, you would never invite round your nans for tea
  6. New california with a new character would be awesome but bittersweet as we would get involved and it would be over, but that new char could do the other mods.
  7. To anyone who doesnt know the answer to this gonplay a game whilst trying to keep an engaging dialoge going at the same time. You have to concentrate on 2 completely different things at once
  8. Big bad barry the overboss, the leader of the institute, doing petty errands for what equates to his own middle management. Tsk tsk tsk.
  9. Loot boxes are a bad idea, yes it is gambling, and a lot of parents are clueless as to digital purchasing, and may have at one point bought little timmy a game and have their card details stored on the machine. Along comes little timmy and buys a crapton of lootboxes which prob contain 86% crap and leave mummy and daddy in debt. Its a sly way for the game industry to squeeze money out of us. All the crap we need to finish and enjoy a game should be accessible when we pay the €60 for the game not this frankly insulting tactic.
  10. The main reason for it to crash after logo is a mod looking for another to work, usually patches or compatability mods
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