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  1. Ah Kharjo, where would Richard be without him eh, "oh they are surrendering" thwap. Kharjo knows whats best they woulda got up n tried to kill you Richard, sure he is always hungry; but he knows whats best.
  2. Playing devils advocate here, but due to the length of the elven lifespan. The war that tiber septim brought is still fresh in the minds of the dominion, it may only be a generation or so for them. So as far as humans are concerned its ages ago, but many of the elves who fought in it could still be alive. Now imagine if you will, an occupying force coming in and fighting you, then taking over and proclaiming the leader a diety, you would be pretty disgruntled.
  3. Frank is no better than a supermutant.
  4. y Gopher no go to fighters n mages guilds?
  5. Nooooooooooo, the fighters guild and the mages guild y u no go?
  6. And we prob wont get a resolution for a few weeks as he off on holidays and hating on austrailia
  7. Kharjo would definitely smell something then
  8. good job Richard is not lactose intolerant, that wheel of cheese would play havoc with his insides.
  9. That looks like a heavy door, there are 2 hinges at the top, no MDF and cardboard there
  10. Gaming PC possibility?

    If you have admin rights on the PC you could get speccy or everest to see what or how mant PCI-E ports it has, im guessing you have 2 4GB sticks or ram, so you may need to buy some, By the sounds it will be DDR3,
  11. Ah the kharjo-isms gosh i didnt realise how much i miss his nattering
  12. YouTube Beyond Skyrim - BRUMA : Prelude

    Was that not Kharjo standing at pale pass gate?
  13. Ah curie booksmarts but no streetsmarts, she is a dumbass falling off the roof!
  14. I discovered them from the foundry roof and never knew there was a nuke hound there as i sniped them
  15. Oats studio new short

    The premise of these short film is he makes them with his own money as an idea and if folk like the idea and in vest they get full blown movie length. Go check out rakka