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  1. Winter must be coming. Not a moment to spare away from the chopping block. Personal space and safety be damned.
  2. "I'm going to find whoever did this." Oh that crazy cat-man. What a great sense of humor he has.
  3. Agreed. Only true fans like me will be eagerly anticipating the ability to play the next Elder Scrolls game on the Sega Genesis 32X. (I agree with you on everything except the console thing. )
  4. I thought Ford needed shot in the face the first time I heard him open his mouth. That opinion hasn't changed.
  5. "I've got enough bullets for everybody!" Probably not the best quote for Gopher to put on a t-shirt or coffee mug. But I'd buy one.
  6. "I am Ming the Evil Baker of Death Bread!" "I am Ming the morally conflicted would-be horse thief!"
  7. I do mean Berry. That will teach me to post while drinking. (No it won't.)
  8. I would really like to see what kind of a mess Berry would make in Nuka World. Would he bask in the power of being the boss or would be get bored, greedy, and systematically assassinate every last raider for their shiny things? The only thing I know for sure, is that he would bring sexy back to this corner of the Wasteland.
  9. I watch Gopher to see the story, because I complete very few missions. I just roam the Wasteland dispensing death to anything that looks remotely killable.
  10. Dude! I live in North Platte. I'll have to look this Brian kid up.
  11. I guess this is kind of a general question for the Mods: Does watching Gopher's videos on this site (gophersvids.com) count toward his youtube views and ad revenue? I used to watch his videos on YouTube, but switched to this site when it went live. The quality is so much better watching from here (HD vs SD) and the community is sooo much better. However I recently realized that I never get any ads when I watch the videos here. I would feel really bad if all my views weren't contributing to the bottom line.
  12. "Barry is dead sexy. Yes he is." Indeed. But poor Macready should be looking like the Toxic Avenger after their trip into the Glowing Sea.
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