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  1. Witcher+Netflix+T.Bagiński? All aboooard! The Hype Express to Binge Town is ready for dispatch!

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    2. Cryzeteur


      The date on the article is yesterday.

    3. Spellcaster


      Wait with the verdict until you read Blood of Elves(the first book in the saga). Sword of destiny and other works before BoE are only short stories written for the magazine before saga was published. They are still enjoyable in my opinion. But the moment saga starts, there is a distinct change in tone and complexity of storyteling. Also keep in mind Sapkowski's book take few chapters to engage the reader but when they do you'll get hooked for the rest of the book. At least that's how it was with me. 

      There might also be that it's the style and word choice of this particular translator you don't like. Maybe there are different versions.

      If you happen to understand Polish, then get your hands on Polish audiobooks(for example the ones from Fonopolis company are great). They're just awesomely done. They're basically fully casted audio-plays.


      Thank's for the article. But next time use the default forum colour :P With the dark theme I needed to mark everything to see anything :D


      PS: If you don't speak Polish than you could still listen to audiobooks on audible. You can currently get free month of service on TotalBiscuit's YT channel. His podcast is sponsored by them this month.

    4. Cryzeteur


      I read more chapters in Sword of Destiny and still no chemistry. I will try Blood of Elves. You may be right about the translation quality. I am not fluent in Polish .