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  1. (Windhelm Guard and Gopher have a meaningful conversation) "-I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee... -I hope you die a horrible death." Skyrim SE Chapter 2, #8
  2. "Is there anything in there? Coins... Rewire tool.. Oh, there might be some things in there that are worth... Oh yeah. OH yeah... I think so. I mean, we're already pretty much there, right? Pfff. It'd be ruuuuude not to go and check all that stuff out. The owner of that house would think [pause] they didn't have anything of value... " Dishonored DotO #12
  3. (Gopher gradually improves the Duke:) "Duke Luca Abele." "Duke Luca Aibele." "Dookie." "Duke Look-a-Bell." "Duke Luca Ey Bell." "De'Luca Guy." "That Stilton Dude." "The Duke Guy." "That Able Guy." "Duke Whatshisface." "Duke Able." Dishonored 2/Doshonored DotO
  4. Ice Wraith: HrruaghhLeonard: [looks at Inigo] Have you got like a fur ball or something?Leonard: oh, Go- Wha! What the... !? [flash freezes to death by wraith's "Hruaghh"]Skyrim SE #31
  5. Leonard: Ok... I'v got this! I've got this... I've got this. Nooo problem. Piece of cake... Aaaaand done it! [loud DUN behind him] ... Ooh crap. :| aahm, Inigo? ohh, ing-inig-uh-ooh... Inigo!? LiTlle hel... Curalmil: [shouts in his face] Krah Dinn!Leonard: Nevermiiind... !Skyrim SE #31
  6. "Where there's pants, There's life. " Skyrim SE #30 "There's a goat. The bear chases the goat. The ice wraith chases the bear. Circle of Life." Skyrim SE #31
  7. "Frisking an old lady for goods." "Hello, your Jarliness." "Sometimes you want to grab them by the balls and SQUEEZE!" Skyrim SE #2
  8. Grenade: [beep. beep. beep. Whooboom!] Dead Alien: ... Gopher: Oooverwatch removed! XCOM Stream [11.02.2018]
  9. FALLOUT- NEW VEGAS (Chapter 8) #11 - I Hate the Gundersons (There is too much in this one to write it all down. Just watch what's happening and listen to the word choice accompanying it.)
  10. "-Where are you, crouching and wetting yourself? -[whimpers] Close." DISHONORED 2 #11 [42:26]
  11. "Imma zipp'im with ma thingy." DISHONORED 2 #8 [10:36]
  12. "[reads chat] ...that might get you grabbed by the snake -Right. But if I don't do that, they'll all be in trouble." XCOM Stream [07.01.2018] (A low hanging fruit, this one. Too easy. haha)
  13. "As a self-confessed terrible person, I've decided I'm going to rob the black market shop." DISHONORED 2 #5 [0:30]
  14. "It's Cruela and Dookie." DISHONORED 2 #4 [02:09] "I don't wanna be robbing innocent people of all their stuff. [looks at the shelf] Ivory Skrimshaw... [...] It's an emergency." DISHONORED 2 #4 [30:54] "So, we know grenades and fiery bolts will clear the way. Although... Lets face it - they usually do." DISHONORED 2 #4 [46:53] "Should I say hello or should I just knock'im out and then say hello." DISHONORED 2 #4 [49:15]
  15. (Conversation between Outsider and Gopher: ) "-[...]what are you willing to become? Fifteen years ago, I asked Corvo that last question. This is the moment that changed him. -Dude, there's a whale." DISHONORED 2 #3 [03:11] "And the answer to your question is... I'm not going to kill any of my subjects. Those that betrayed me are not my subjects. Well, that's not true, is it? They are still my subjects because they are subjects to my rule (or they would be, if I was ruling). I'm not ruling, so they're not my subjects... Yes, imma kill'em all." DISHONORED 2 #3 [03:39] "Yes, tha
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