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  1. COMING SOON(-ish)
  2. Gopher's Quotes

    Please, no embeding. the thread is going to load like "intros and themes" one. I left that thread because it crashed my browser everytime
  3. Classic Dark Lord intro material. Surely someone can make jingle out o it.
  4. Bethesda: Game of Thrones?

    Sorry @Cryzeteur, It's been debunked the next day. Would've been fun to have it tho.
  5. O Dark Theme, where art thou?

  6. Gopher's Quotes

    "Masked bear... Why is... ? There is a bear with a mask? Why would a bear have a mask on?? Is it embarrassed? Is it incognito? " Beyond Skyrim - BRUMA #6 : The Screeching Songman [32:32]
  7. Gopher's Quotes

    Enemy Vertibird: [nosedives into the ground, phases through it and disappeares] Sentry Bot Provisioner: Warning. The enemy is using visual countermeasures. Frank: Yeah, the enemy is definitely using "visual countermeasures"! [pause] The Brotherhood now have a bloody vertibird... that can tunnel. FALLOUT 4 (Chapter 5) #24 : Fixing Giddyup Buttercup [49:20 ]
  8. Gopher's Quotes

    "Youknowwhat... 'splosives!" FALLOUT 4 (Chapter 5) #24 : Fixing Giddyup Buttercup [48:57]
  9. Minionland Monthly Gazette

    I love it. You've outdone yourself @BUNYANSaxe1943 Can you add more news from outside the minecraft? Let's say, take something funny from discord or Gopher's Ley's Plays and turn it into full blown news story. Just remember to stay in character of a reporter.
  10. Gopher's Quotes

    Oh, come on! You beat me to it by two minutes... It's 36:22 by the way
  11. @Cryzeteur That was fast. So what does it do exactly? The description is vague (on purpose I pressume, but I don't have Enderal to try it my self). Mark it as spoiler if you're going to tell me You should probably msg Gopher and send him the link. Maybe he'd like to check it out. If you do that, tell one of the Staff members to let him know.
  12. I just realized something. The Apotheosiss procedure was well known in many Cycles. The Black Guardian, Horst were supposed to be mobile but Pyreans joined themselves with The Living Temple. It may be a huge hint on what happened to Starlings of the Sky City - they might have never left anywhere. They might be the Sky City. That's why The Guardian (who "feels" everyone) can't feel their emotions anymore and can't tell where they've gone. If that's not the case than only leaving the planet remains a valid option.
  13. What I was trying to say, is the opposite I think the Aged Man does care about humanity. But he recognizes the fact that to play a role in the Cycle is to play in a game that you are bound to lose. It's rigged in more than one way. He knows he can't help anyone but The Woman in the Water. By doing something he can only hasten the process. Therefore he found the only way that actually doesn't help the High Ones - to do nothing, wait and observe. It's like some people say: if you fight by their rules, you have lost before the fight has begun. But if you don't accept the challange they can never defeat you. (or something like that... ) Aged Man also strikes me as an incredibly lonely individual. All those statues are keeping him company(he gave some of them names). He could try to guide people and show them the way. Yet with all his power and knowladge he avoids people. Why? Maybe, as I said, he knows he shouldn't fight this battle, no matter how high the cost is, because he'd just make it worse. I think he understands that civilization needs to deserve better end by proper actions and being less full of themselves. Because that's the next step. High Ones want to cleanse the civilization before that happens. If Starlings would became The Veiled Woman, the High Ones would have no power over them (even if it's not the Woman, I still think they ascended and that's why they're gone). Every other choice seems to be just delaying the inevitable confrontation with the Cleansing. Unless they actually managed to leave the planet. Yes he did say something like that but he is also a lying asshole. I would be very selective which part of his speach I believe in. He might want you to believe he is older and wiser than he really is. After all he did the exact same thing that Starling girl did just with a bigger robot, so it's not that extraordinary. Btw, I just realised she can take his place in the lore now and she's mobile. Somebody needs to only wake her up, if her boss didn't before the Cleansing. From my point of view he's not reliable enough to trust in what he says. He's as much hell-bent on being the god and saviour as Aranthael was. Well... not really. Cleansing affects only Enderal, right? The rest of the Vyn is very much safe from it. (I might be wrong about this. Point me to the right episode if I am.) If that's true than halt on trade routes and general lack of activity will eventually bring people's attention. After that everybody will know there's an entire continent for the taking and settlers will begin to rush in. Isn't "Starfall" just a fancy name for what Starlings from the Sky City are doing with the overpopulation? As in, banishing their own to Austali... I mean Enderal. ---- Do you guys know what "numinos" means? I looked up the meaning and found something curious. Apparently english "numinous" means "filled with a sense of the presence of divinity". Its origin word is latin "numen" which means "god's/divine will" or "nod"(as in, figurative nodding, of assent or of command, of the divine head). Interesting, isn't it?
  14. Excuse my wall of text. I have a lot to say on this one... --- Woman in the Water: Gajus... why did you wake me... ? Are we there yet? [...] I am sorry you have to go through all of this. All this time... I can hardly imagine how hard it must be for you. Aged Man and his, I assume, partner (or daughter?) are definitely skipping time at the end of each Cycle(or at least protect them selves like Ancient Starlings did with the Sky City). My take on this is that they are waiting for the breaking of the Cycle when he can wake her up for good to live together in the better, new world without Beacons and High Ones to worry about. If he was an Emissary aswell, then he took entirely different path than current Prophet. He won't try to stop it like others. Instead he has chosen to not fight - the opposite of what everybody always does when it all begins. Funny thing is, it sounds like he doesn't care about humanity being wiped out so many times but from all the characters only he has abandoned his ego and arrogance. The Black Guardian and the Prophet, both have chosen to indulge the thought of becoming gods and bending the "next" human kind to their will, despite preaching about false gods and thinking that they are above it. --- I see an interesting underlying of this whole story: Strugle breads struggle, violance invites violance, hatred feeds on hatred, extremism kindles oposite extremism... and finally... when there is enough of that ill will, the same happens to humanity: collective consciousness of human kind at it's worst sort of converges in one point and creates a High One - a condensed evil will, amalgamation of worst human traits. A demon. It's kind of scary to think that enough ill will in people could gather in one place, break out of control and just say: F*uck ya'll! I have my own mind now. You don't control me anymore! I will control you, suckers! But that's just a fantasy right? Luckily, there's nothing like this in the real world... cough cough google: mob mentality cough cough --- Regarding Veiled Woman... That's a though one. I have no proof and it's just my guess but she's definitely not doing High Ones' bidding. I think she's the opposite of them. She's what becomes of a race when it pasess the test of Cleansing. Think about it. There are multiple High Ones(probably 3) and I don't recall ever hearing about more than 3-4 preceeding races but when it comes to knowing exact number of cycles nobody seems to be able to tell you. Everybody, even Black Guardian answers like a dumb Warhammer Ork: "lots" (well, they say "many" but you catch my drift, I'm sure). So what if "one humanity" made it? Maybe once upon a time, in the very begining, they did manage to detach themselves from destructive force of emotions(or maybe never had them) and The Veiled Woman is what's became of them after ascension. She has no body, she can raise the dead, paralyze you and is overally very powerful. Perhaps the most powerful being that we know of. She also plays a similar role in the Cycle as they do. In fact, it is she who made you an Emissary. Almost a carbon copy of a High One yet two things make her different - complete lack of emotions and desires + no distinctive identity (as in, she doesn't care how you call her and what do you think of her). That is something of which High Ones have in spades. That's even what they are born of. She just does her part while they are gloating over how awesome and powerfull they are, how you should fear them. They appear as predators, creepy manakins or speaking through the dead while they eyes glow red. So The Veiled Woman either is an ascended humanity done right and now provides the same oportunity for others by being the part of the Cycle or some outside force that slowly works her own angle towards defeating the High Ones. Which race won the Game of Cleansing? Either they were so old that there is no longer record of them or they are indeed those vanished Starlings from Sky City. That would make sense. Where did they leave? They didn't. They ascended and kind of preserved the human form because they did it without burning in the Cleansing. Why does the woman help you despite being obviously powerful enough to do it herself? Just as High Ones want to make a new High One, her intervention is supposed to show the way to the opposite result. After all, after ascending "themselves" The Woman would know how - just give it time and wait in the Sky City until humanity evolves enough mentaly and ignore the whole game. High Ones do seem very time pressured, don't they...
  15. Very nice of you, guys. But as Jeancly implied, I have an old rig not intended for current gaming standards.