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  1. Gopher's Quotes

    "Gotta focus. Get to the side. Get to the... [rolls right under The Beast's tail] Ok. Fair enough. [slash]" HELLBLADE- Senua's Sacrifice #11 - The Gift That Keeps on Taking [23:50]
  2. Gopher's Quotes

    "-He's breathing Darkness... -He's breathing Darkness! [positioned behind The Beast] I'm assuming from the front." HELLBLADE- Senua's Sacrifice #11 - The Gift That Keeps on Taking [23:26]
  3. Gopher's Quotes

    "Well, I'm almost on the other side. So I'm dead. Or mad. [pause] Or both. Probably dead... No probably mad, actually." - somewhere in the Hellblade Let's Play (I forgot where) [^This message was kept here unsent for over 2 months despite cleaning my browser few times a day. I call that impressive.]
  4. COMING SOON(-ish)
  5. Gopher's Quotes

    Please, no embeding. the thread is going to load like "intros and themes" one. I left that thread because it crashed my browser everytime
  6. Classic Dark Lord intro material. Surely someone can make jingle out o it.
  7. Bethesda: Game of Thrones?

    Sorry @Cryzeteur, It's been debunked the next day. Would've been fun to have it tho.
  8. O Dark Theme, where art thou?

  9. Gopher's Quotes

    "Masked bear... Why is... ? There is a bear with a mask? Why would a bear have a mask on?? Is it embarrassed? Is it incognito? " Beyond Skyrim - BRUMA #6 : The Screeching Songman [32:32]
  10. Gopher's Quotes

    Enemy Vertibird: [nosedives into the ground, phases through it and disappeares] Sentry Bot Provisioner: Warning. The enemy is using visual countermeasures. Frank: Yeah, the enemy is definitely using "visual countermeasures"! [pause] The Brotherhood now have a bloody vertibird... that can tunnel. FALLOUT 4 (Chapter 5) #24 : Fixing Giddyup Buttercup [49:20 ]
  11. Gopher's Quotes

    "Youknowwhat... 'splosives!" FALLOUT 4 (Chapter 5) #24 : Fixing Giddyup Buttercup [48:57]
  12. Minionland Monthly Gazette

    I love it. You've outdone yourself @BUNYANSaxe1943 Can you add more news from outside the minecraft? Let's say, take something funny from discord or Gopher's Ley's Plays and turn it into full blown news story. Just remember to stay in character of a reporter.
  13. Gopher's Quotes

    Oh, come on! You beat me to it by two minutes... It's 36:22 by the way
  14. @Cryzeteur That was fast. So what does it do exactly? The description is vague (on purpose I pressume, but I don't have Enderal to try it my self). Mark it as spoiler if you're going to tell me You should probably msg Gopher and send him the link. Maybe he'd like to check it out. If you do that, tell one of the Staff members to let him know.
  15. I just realized something. The Apotheosiss procedure was well known in many Cycles. The Black Guardian, Horst were supposed to be mobile but Pyreans joined themselves with The Living Temple. It may be a huge hint on what happened to Starlings of the Sky City - they might have never left anywhere. They might be the Sky City. That's why The Guardian (who "feels" everyone) can't feel their emotions anymore and can't tell where they've gone. If that's not the case than only leaving the planet remains a valid option.