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  1. @VATROU, i've fully trusted you on part of my claim North-West fom your farm, now you can build everywhere on East of my moat, including moat itself, but not mountains. Friendly reminder as always - be sure to not build/dig under the moat, because this moat, most probably will go down to bedrock... i think... if i will have enough time and courage to finish my project... which is doubtly, since my brother refused to come to Minionland and help me...
  2. Why everyone are so obsessed with trapdoors? I don't like this kind of street lamps. And roads. I like full stone brick and stone brick + cobblestone variants. Going to figure it out as soon as i'll have time for MC.
  3. Just come to my zombie spawn. There's librarian (he will be there untill i'll build a library) selling 5 glass blocks per emerald. I will place way signs next time i'll be online.
  4. Yes. There's a lot of work awaits. The whole North and West parts of caldera needs reshaping, so i could build Citadel's walls and defence towers on it. But mostly it'll be stone and cobblestone. I don't think my warehouse is enough for such amounts, but i have solution for this. From time to time i'm transferring stone into World Tree's storage. Also the day, when i will start leveling up some parts of my mountains, is coming. So i'll spend some stone and dirt on it. I found a downside of haste 2 + effi 5... I'm spending more time to repair my tools than working on site.
  5. Guys. I'm glad to tell you - Kirarii is back. Saw her today in game. Had a nice chatting.
  6. it's more likely demolition. I'm finally started to dlatten Northern little mountain and going to flatten western slopes of my caldera so i'll be able to build a beautiful road between my main road and bridge we've built with Fractalism... After that i'll continue on my moat. Also. Tirius, if you want, i can show you a short secret way to my zombie spawner. Btw. Because of working on this mountains a have a lot of spare stone, grass blocks and dirt. My "spare resources" chest place didn't provide enough room, so i've built a proper warehouse. If you guys need anything. Feel f
  7. I've trusted you too on my small mountain claim. I'm also very glad we've met online, solved the problem and built a beautiful bridge. About skelly farm: i won't modify any of your property. If i'll need something, i will preferrable ask you to do it, because i have a hell of a lot of work on my project. Also, when i'll finish with flattening landscape North of my Citadel i will unclaim this part and you'll be free to build there if you want. With one small term - i'm asking everyone around my place to not build anything too high... Higher than mountains, at least. Well i bel
  8. When revisiting North part of my territory today, i've found that @Fractalism and his mate has claimed everything North and West too close to my place. That's not good. I was unable to cliam this territory due to claimblocks lack. And now i can't do anything there. Guys, we have plenty of space to build. Please do not interfere with other minions projects. I don't mind of using those spider spawner in mines etc. but i have some plans on surface part. So please at least trust me on that claim. I'm wondering why everyone want's to build as close as possible to my caldera? VATROU, Tromm
  9. Huh. How about to found a society "Minions Without Wings"? It will defend rights of the Dragons that are being murdered just for wings. I'll sign in. As Tirius already said - please do not remove us. We want to play.
  10. So sad about this update.... there's no Chroma hills for 1.11.2 yet... Not sure if old version will work proper... And RIP mending+infinity bows... RIP villagers farming...
  11. Guys, if anyone will ever see StrikerCheguar online, please ask him to give me permission on blazer spawn near our nether way. I need permission to rebuild this spawner in proper safe blaze farm.
  12. You can use my zombie spawn. it's much closer and very convenient to use. One downside - loot will be gathered by hoppers until they're full. But if you need that loot, i can give you access to containers. It's also a few villagers down there. So you can sell them rotten flesh. Just don't forget to reset them. Looking at all those maps and map projects i think i'll never finish my... I was thinking to build library and mages tower inside mountain, behind the map wall... but now i'm starting to think about building it outside of mountain... by ruining map wall obviously...
  13. @Fractalism, well i was thinking about it. How about something like that? (yellow line) Though it still requires me to finish flattening mountains west of my moat. Well maybe @Zanfino is still on forums. Because i need his permission too. I was mining netherrack under nether roof and realized that Zanfinos portal claim and one another guy's claim doesn't allow me to get all the netherrack i want. So i left squares of untouched netherrack up there...
  14. Hello @Fractalism and welcome to our thread. I was thinking about additional road. Since i'm protecting Summerville by my wall and my claim, i need some fast way to it. But a week ago i've ruined my fast way by deeping my moat, so it's now not horse friendly. Your road going directly to Summerville and it's perfect for me. So i'm suggesting to build a road west of my place that will connect my main road with yours. I will be able to travel to Summerville fast enough, and you - to Vatrou's place. I also have zombie spawn turned into villagers dipencer... and exp grinder. If i'll see
  15. Just finished watching Gophers Christmas stream record... So sad i wasn't there... Two things: 1. Gopher flew by my place and didn't even notice it's exists. lol 2. I saw present chest in crossroads "to Sentar"... is it still there? can i come and see what's in it?
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