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  1. "We're sorry for the inconvenience. The image you uploaded was recognized by our automated system as being a Pokémon." Is what I imagine them saying..
  2. I've heard several australian youtubers complain about internet speeds too. Damn that really sucks. I recently upgraded to the slowest fiber subscription here, and that's 75mbit both up and down. It's weird to think that my old internet (30 mbit down, 5 mbit up) was still faster than what most people can get in Australia.. Also, my apology for my "matter of fact" post earlier, you're totally right in that it's very confusing. I guess after dealing with so many weird PC quirks I just stopped being surprised >_<
  3. Jognt

    Micro stutter

    Nice! Enjoy the game!
  4. Actually you use both, and bandwidth is usually designated in bits per second. It takes 8 bits to have a byte of information. But yeah, 2,5 mbit/s is very very slow.. I'd feel screwed even if they didn't claim 25mbit/s beforehand! Oh, technically you're referring to a mibibyte, not a megabyte. megabyte = 1000 bytes, mibibyte = 1024 bytes. #theMoreYouKnow #smartass There are so many shortterms and ways to describe mega, mibi, byte, bit, etc, and so many people/websites/companies using them thinking they're the same thing ("what does it matter if it's upper or lower case?!") that it'
  5. Yeah that's what I figured. Now I'm confused though.. I'll just refer to Jeancly as.... an it? an ascended being that communicates via the digital realm of technology! /sorry for threadjack!
  6. As long as people still go on and play, the server's not dead. Maybe a bit slow/quiet at times, but at least you can be sure that those that are there are there because they enjoy the game and hanging out with other minions. Though it makes for a less crowded server I personally would be glad when all the attention seeking "notice me senpai" people let the people that actually want to play the game be. I think Teddy summed it up very nicely! ps. Jeancly is a woman?!
  7. Jognt

    Micro stutter

    The nVidia Inspector -> Limit FPS for Fallout4 to 58 thing didn't work? Edit; you can always try the basic uninstall/reinstall drivers for your videocard :/
  8. Jognt

    Micro stutter

    Ok, I hope it works! Do you know how to use nVidia Inspector?
  9. Have you tried updating Flash? /me rinses his mouth with soap.
  10. Jognt

    Micro stutter

    is it also when you walk straight ahead? or only when you turn? If it's only when you turn then it could be the 'jitter' I also had. I have no idea what caused it, but it was gone (1000000x better) after limiting the framerate to 58 in nVidia Inspector for my nVidia videocard. If this sounds like magical mumbojumbo, let me know and I can maybe guide you through trying that out.
  11. It's your usual online shooter, lots of quiet people, lots of toxic people, and also the occasional awesome people. As far as online communities go, OW is a lot better than some of the Free2Play games I play!
  12. This comment contains emotions. It has not passed my "politically correct" approval process. I do think there is value in these emotions and therefore decided to keep these in here. Exactly this. At https://www.twitch.tv/gophergaming/v/90095786?t=01h29m11s nomad gives good advice, to kill a support/dps enemy before you go for the big team fight. That's actually how the higher level play works. One minute later Gopher replies https://www.twitch.tv/gophergaming/v/90095786?t=01h30m35s. The reply is so condescending that it makes my blood boil because the commenter was RIGHT. Gopher t
  13. I hope you realize it takes skill and strength to know what you can and cannot do. You may not have the fastest reflexes or twitch aim, but you do know where you need to be and what needs to be done. You're actually one of the OW playing minions who I trust to do the right thing when left to their own devices. Watch that video I linked in my previous comment, about 20 minutes in he talks about how there's actually a term for people that are so bad they don't know they are bad. Deducing from this: you are actually pretty good :p.
  14. Except he didn't say "git gud n00b". Annoying, sure. Reason to get mad at them, not so much. Option to learn something, probably. Anyway, you seem to be on the defensive again which I can understand. Take it for what you will, but now you know that there are people that fear saying what is actually reasonable criticism because of how you'd respond. I'm not here to win or lose a debate, I just wanted to let you know about this. I also hope that last video I commented with is helpful to you. I'm unsure of whether I'll be around as much as I used to. Right now I don't feel like it,
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