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  1. SEA OF THIEVES : What Worries Me?

    Depends how they are done, everyone complains about Shark Cards but as a result of them GTA: Online just continues to get better 4 years on. Still disagree with the cancelling of Single Player DLC though, that's just denying themselves a half billion dollar pay-day because it would involve a little effort and might slow down Online Revenue for a month or two. Its bullshit like Shadow of War, Battlefront 2, Battlefield, Activision, etc and the complete cancellation of the much anticipated Star Wars single-player RPG that really provoke my ire. To put it mildly,
  2. SEA OF THIEVES : What Worries Me?

    Actually, he has said he won't buy Ubisoft games because of the DRM issues, which frankly, they are as bad as ever at with: 3 or 4 separate layers of DRM in Origins [1] which has been known to cause full on system tanking in weaker systems. ] Heck just the U-Play nonsense can cause lag and fps issues when playing Ubosoft games from steam, even without the two coded-in DRMs in Origins. I had some big issues with Far Cry 3 and UPLay, Although the really annoying thing was it needing to connect to the internet to verify every single time I pulled up my inventory screen. Couldn't check the darned map without waiting 5-10 seconds. Not to mention my bad internet issues. Gopher will play Ubisoft games if they are donated to him; course you have to be on his steam friends list to donate to him, which is difficult, otherwise I'd also be willing to donate Black Flag to him. Actually can't say if it effected Black Flag as when I first played it... well I didn't go through Ubisoft. About to start a new playthrough on a steam copy now, I expect it will be fine, it is a few years old now. Will see. Hope I like the game better second time through. At the time I was highly disappointed with it, it being such a massive let-down after the brilliant Assassins Creed 3, the missing features really hurt it IMO. Still the Naval Combat was a heck of a lot of fun. Just realised Tomb Raider is Square Enix not Ubisoft, maybe he will play it. [1] Steam, UPlay, Denuvo, VMProtect.
  3. It could be ok, bit too cartoony and limited for my taste, but we will see. Has potential. I'd like to be a Merchant captain. Watching the latest stream on twitch, which he hasn't posted yet and his comments about needing ships to raid and pirate hunters.. Gopher needs to play Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag. Time he got passed the Ubisoft Blacklisting, yes they suck but compared to EA and WB they are nothing. He'd love Tomb Raider (2013) too.
  4. Its kind of Jack's fault, Grant's aspersions and Unauthorized Absence aside, the president should have arrived the day before Jack decided to help him... That's why he followed Jack, it was so urgent.
  5. NBA2k18 is truly notorious from the most egregious pay-to-play antics. Really not worth playing at all.
  6. Actually, thinking about it, it makes sense that Jack can't remember these people and quests. its probably been a year or two since he took some of these quests. Two trips to Utah and back, each taking weeks, plus the time spent there, the whole Madre and Big Mountain plots, plus his vacations and just all the time spent wandering around shooting people. I can't remember what I did last week, let alone tasks from months or even years ago. Fortunately Jack must spend enough time flipping through his Pip-Boy whilst bored that some inner part of him remembers to kill quest targets.
  7. Wonder when he will realise he can just break boards with his sword.
  8. Gopher might need to watch his own video backlog, after all, some of it happened years ago.
  9. There is a bounty board outside a bar just south-west of Novac, nice little place a famous ghoul calls home. Worth going past there every now and again as the board does occasionally update with new bounties. Anyone else saddend that Jack isn't going to be supplying the Thorn with giant grasshoppers and killer lizards? Or showing his worth in exchange for caps? Pretty sure Jack has never spoken to that gun loving merc in Westside either. I still want Jack to meet Willow next as well. And possibly Niner.
  10. Jack's shotgun

    I thin k its mostly just because it looks cool, Jack is far more concerned about what he and his weapons look like than how much damage they actually do. Also, he left Sweet Revenge in Utah, in the grave of its former owner. His current secondary revolver is a unique .38 and I am not sure which one it is, but it might just be Benny's.
  11. Honestly Arcade seems a little out of it, he must be on something. Its not just that he knows nothing about Jack or that he thought Caesar was still alive, its all the other things, like worrying about a Super Mutant attack in a casino; or even that he thinks his job with Jack is that of medic, even though Jack is a better doctor than Arcade and that they aren't even in combat yet when he says it.
  12. Plus he did it in the Mess Hall, in front of half a dozen witnesses, still, it was so very Jack. Loved it.
  13. Reputation and karma are different in NV anyway. Classic example, stealing from the legion gives you negative karma, but has no real effect on reputation which is affected by choices. Honestly, I don't bother too much about karma in NV, certainly not when it comes to stealing while it can affect companions its really more of an overall reflection of whether you are doing a good or evil playthrough. The only real issue is the three karma perks, for good, evil and neutral, and none of which are particularly interesting. As for Brookshire, its been a while, but I am fairly certain the stealth kill worked, it usually does. Just make sure you are hidden, crouching and using a silent weapon.
  14. I stealth kill Brookshire in his office, saves the reputation loss. Gopher's method works too though.