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  1. I think we need some from Worms. For example, Drown - Can you swim?
  2. Can anyone remember where Gopher found his turret fabrication plan please? Because I could really use one and am way past where he was when he discovered it.
  3. I dunno about the cat one, I agree in principle, but they scare Creepers. Is a good laugh though. Yes indeed wasn't an admin. Speaking of which, someone should name a skele Bill and have a mod drag it into Gopher's basement. Althouygh it may get confused with the onje at Sucrose Shores, I don't think people will mind. No the major problem is you are missing the biggest one of all. - Geronimo! Climb the Lava Tower from bottom to top and jump off. Then maybe Staggering Lag - Visit the Crossroads Wheeeeee! Take the slipstream to the Throne Room.
  4. Still waiting for the Kangaroo in Akubra and mask, standing before a blazing forest and proclaiming "I'm not High, I'm Sleep-Deprived and have a FLAMETHROWER!"
  5. I'd say the gun is worth 1 or 2 dollars given that to date no one has actually released a production variant of the Gauss Rifle, which is itself odd, would have expected someone to port the NV one over years ago, but they haven't, we just have the handmade version only. $4 is a bit much though. Even worse for us Aussies as we would have to pay 10% GST,; plus Steam still doesn't offer prices in Australian dollars so we have to pay in American Dollars which varies a lot and can be over 1.30 per dollar; plus all game products in Australia have a 30% markup for no reason, so the $4 gun would end up costing closer to $5.
  6. Private Area Markers (keep settlers out of your house) by 7StarC http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26377/
  7. Surprised me that drinking water didn't provide healing. And of course Gopher tested it just as I was commenting to myself that he would never bother to test it.
  8. The last thing I want is for fights to constantly occur near my settlements, let alone within the borders. Particularly bad is Croup Manor, pretty much all the settlement mods for that give you the entire peninsula, even mods that are properly conservative for other settlements. This is a problem partly because its too much space and partly because of their being a flashpoint not 30 seconds walk from the house where npcs are constantly fighting. Croup Manor above all needs expansion, can't even reach the water? When their is a dock built? But again, same as Hangman's, I'd extend it a few yards in every direction, not half a mile. In other news, I just discovered I had Earl's installed all this time and had not noticed.
  9. Actually, what Youtube really needs to do is replace their current (in practice) 2 tier system of NSFW/designed for children with a proper ratings system based on the US Ratings Code. Then things like SciShow and Today I Found Out would be G; Gopher's vids would be a mix of G,M and R depending on whether he is playing Firewatch, Minecraft, Payday or SOMA, MxR would be M, possibly R and the terrorist sites that started all this nonsense could be blocked, or at least rated X.
  10. Meh, I block the adds and Patreon Gopher. Its not just the titles. The Payday stuff is almost certainly being picked up because of that Ron Pearlman character who swears all the time. Frankly any game which features any adult content whatsoever is at risk. No idea about Metro, maybe they are offended by Russian games or by the idea of bullets as currency. Its odd. Jack will almost certainly lose revenue due to the drug use. We should certanly petition youtube, Gophers channel is one of the cleanest and most family friendly out there for heaven's sake. But I fear its going to be like the whole false copywrite claim system, broken from th4e start and they won't even try to fix it until it collapses around them.
  11. Maybe he'd miss less if he had a bigger monitor.
  12. Gauss Rifle of Instigating, couldn't ask for a better legendary sniper rifle.
  13. Relief, I may bring it back then. I think the real reason my fps went to hell in my first playthrough was my settlement expansion mods tbh, at some point they went wild and I ended up with Hangman's Alley occupying about 50 blocks, put down a lot of turrets and well, badness. Ended up CTD every time I entered the sector. Its why I have resisted putting any expansion mods in my current playthrough. That and they all give far too much extra space, In most places I want a few yards, not a few streets, just enough to compensate for the bizarre Bethesda limitations, like Somerville Place stopping half a foot from the water.