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  1. There is nothing quite like putting the Kremvh's Tooth enchant on a truly powerful melee weapon. Placed on a super sledge you get over 1000 damage, my epic katana does something like 2400.
  2. Alas poor power armor frame, I knew you well. Come on, we all lost our power armor there the first time we discovered the cave, admit it. I certainly did.
  3. Should have been a groan, that is a Lot of cheese.
  4. Probably a feature, he is using a couple of werewolf mods. Or maybe he just took the animal friend perk, can't remember, its been years.
  5. Its kinda sad, he was about halfway through testing that PerMa, the sequel to SkyRe when he got burned out and stopped playing.
  6. Remember back when he used to stream Skyrim mod testing and always flatly refused to read the manual?
  7. Gopher? Read the Manual? You haven't been watching him very long have you. He always plays blind.
  8. Same. Agreed. He posts his mods in the long description of the videos, quite a few iirc, be mostly the same as he had at the end of Helgen Reborn I presume. Welcome to Corneria! I like Swords. Welcome to Corneria! I like Swords. Welcome to Corneria! Urge to destroy world rising.
  9. I Object! Why? I dunno, just because. Thats not a reason. Gopher is a reason. What sort of reason? A Fish!
  10. I enjoyed it. More fun than playing it. I tend to fail a lot at Payday. Make Gopher play GTA! I am a star there. Long as I have full auto-aim anyway,
  11. YouTube

    Well he can always go wolf and eat his way back to civilisation again right? Um... can't remember if he cured himself, I know he was discussing it.... The real question is, is it a good idea to take Kharjo? Bets on how long before that silly cat pushes him off another cliff?
  12. Weak and feeble yes, I used the explosive submachinegun from Goodneighbor when I first tried it, which I had no skills in. Silly. Still at least I realised it would still work in Power Armor as long as the Shroud getup was underneath. Probably looked wrong though.
  13. Useful to know. I always did them together anyway because, well, its natural. In better news, that Supermutant fight really made me chortle, as did the end actually. Its funny and so perfectly Gopher for something like that to happen, he just winds it into the narrative so well. Of course you could argue that Northy has been grinding his teeth on the knowledge that the Shroud is coming after him for months while the legend of Frank continued to grow throughout the Commonwealth and his raider buddies got tired of waiting and abandoned him and so, when at last Frank the Shroud did show up he did the sensible thing and ran away.
  14. Gopher: here is a useful tip for solo missions. You can add passive skill-boosts to the npc heisters, specifically a perk which speeds up your interaction time for every one of them present. So its worth turning AI on i9f you have their perks applied as it can take you a 1/4 of the time to do things like placing drills or picking locks.
  15. Truth be told, I make sure all my regular companions have 2 items with Athlete or Freefall because they fall so much, especially when I am jetpacking around.