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  1. I do know he records the audio separately to the video which is why he can't use shadowplay. Having separate files is essential. He also uses a separate mike for voice chat than for recording.
  2. You forgot The Door! Its a very thick door. Although its mostly so he doesn't disturb his family, its still a very impressive door. He's done a couple of office showcase vids, buried on the channel somewhere...
  3. Well, its 10 years away, hopefully they have time to get it right. New Engine would help, but really they need better coders and bugtesters and to actually listen to the bugtesters and the community, maybe take a look at the most popular mods and incorporate them. Starfield is the next worry really, but we shall see, hopefully they learned a thing or two this year.
  4. Yeah, its less of a mutant and more of a magical flesh golem.
  5. Far Cry 5 and Just Cause 4 were also let downs, 76 I could see coming months before the "BETA" but it turned out worse than I thought. Still there were some good games.
  6. There have been a lot of complaints about the new mutant being too powerful and hopefully it will be nerfed. Assume that it what you are referring too, haven't seen the episode yet. Deadfall traps are the best, they use the least resources, just 3 logs and 3 stick and you can set them up side by side facing out to make an impenetrable wall of death for the same amount of logs as a log wall.
  7. I have a tendency to comment as I watch and update as I watch more.
  8. Character Skill makes a massive difference in this game. Plus he is undoubtedly getting better as a player as he learns the system.
  9. You sir, are insane. But I forgive you.
  10. Don't we all? Beautiful, sassy but innocent, intelligent, kind hearted, sweet natured. Could fall in love with her so easily. She was just as good in Stargate: Atlantis btw.
  11. Goatcha

    The Forest (HARD) #11 : Chay Rage

    I read somewhere that others have reported that bug, dunno what to do about it, check out Farket's vids maybe.
  12. I remember a stream where he was baffled that one of his teammates had never seen it and recommended it most assuredly. So yes, he has seen what many call the greatest sci-fi series every made. In fact he even tried the Firefly weapons mod for NV on a mod-test stream iirc, although he wasn't able to fully test it, that sneaky mod-author hid the weapons well. Heh, he actually mentions Firefly in his Outer Worlds response vid.
  13. I've added it to my wishlist, at least its on Steam. Still can't Pre-Order Rage 2. I am going to have to suck it up and pay the $30 extra to get it from EB Games, not using the Bethesda Launcher under any circumstances.
  14. OH yes, AWKCR thats the mod I was trying to think of but couldn't remember. Also Improved Map is great. Also stuff like Better Weapon Scrapping, a mod that removes weapon drops from animals, you get meat, not a legendary missile launcher from a radstag. I use various visible weapon mods, but some have issues, like missing meshes or clipping. A backpack mod would be useful. Armor Modifications Expanded, Craftable Guns and Weapons, Buildable Power Armor Frames - prticularly useful for the ability to scrap them, plus some mods require it for some reason. Scrappable Legendaries - 'nuff said. Craftable Armor Size, Craftable Ammo, Crafting Workbenches - Craftable Weapons Armor Clothing Ammo Junk, Snappable Junk Fences, Manufacturing Extended. Scrap dead things, No more floating razorgrain, Scrap That Misc, Craftable Animal Glue - Adhesive Recipes, Longer Power Lines, Wall Pass-Through Power Conduits. I won't list all the settlement mods I use, there are a lot. Ones that combine various are probably your best bet, but be careful of breaking the build menu or ending up with a build menu 5 miles long.