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  1. Actually, you can sell spores for cash in Wellspring at the butcher; probably the best option. Although I don't like to think about eating her meat.
  2. Actually seems I only get Bash tokens for selling the mutant spores, oh well. You can make money by selling all ammo, fast travel to the bash arena and buy all ammo for tokens, but probably best just to use them when you need ammo supplies.
  3. If you win the race one more time you get a new racing car. Shame you missed the dialogue line you get if you win first attempt.
  4. Lots of crates around the sides, back and roof of the arena, and not just pink-tops, there are dozens of Mutant Bash crates filled with tokens. Also, you sell the mutant spores you have been collecting to the gift shop for money. Also, those big glowing tower things advertising mutant Bash arena, they have bash crates at the base as well. Oh and have you collected the BFG 9000 yet?
  5. Looked up the tracker after hearing about it in the latest stream, paying a visit to Dr Kasavir first thing next time I play. After I deal with that bloody tower that keeps blowing me up that is. Really need more ammo for my BFG.
  6. Also vehicles that aren't parked at a base and aren't owned by you tend to self-destruct after a while if left by themselves.
  7. On a different note and responding to today's stream. Rage 2 is very much an Avalanche Studios game. All the endless open world tasks, vehicle handling as well. Disappointed there is no jump boost though, could use that. I also preferred the more narrative driven tactical shooter aspects of Rage 1, but I knew going in this was going to be balls to the wall insanity. Still, they have left open a vast potential for narrative-driven games set during the Authority Wars, hopefully they do some less frenetic games in that time period in future. The "find all crates to complete a location"
  8. The bike thing is just stupid. But as a controller user, I am really annoyed all the time by the lack of rebind options. Can switch grenades and focus, melee and crouch, that's it.
  9. Gopher, you keep saying you have loads of Fat Mommas, but you haven't actually crafted a single one from what we can see. I believe you are confusing the Fat Mommas with the Fatboys which you do have loads of. Fat Mommas are crafted from Fatboys and are twice as powerful as them. Fat Mommas are the best ammunition in the game, they are absurdly powerful and well worth making. Don't ignore them. When fighting the most heavily armoured Authority goons, they should be your ace in the hole, especially if you don't want to destroy the loot with explosives.
  10. Epic Exclusive for 1 year. *sighs* Still when it is playable the bugs should be fixed.
  11. Heh, yeah. Honestly I'd be a lot less annoyed by lockpick minigames if you could just smash the chests open, perhaps with a chance of damaging or destroying the contents. And of course it would not be silent.
  12. I do know he records the audio separately to the video which is why he can't use shadowplay. Having separate files is essential. He also uses a separate mike for voice chat than for recording.
  13. You forgot The Door! Its a very thick door. Although its mostly so he doesn't disturb his family, its still a very impressive door. He's done a couple of office showcase vids, buried on the channel somewhere...
  14. Well, its 10 years away, hopefully they have time to get it right. New Engine would help, but really they need better coders and bugtesters and to actually listen to the bugtesters and the community, maybe take a look at the most popular mods and incorporate them. Starfield is the next worry really, but we shall see, hopefully they learned a thing or two this year.
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