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  1. It slows you to a crawl and you can't jump or Fast Travel. If you can get to a horse though you can move at normal speed. On that note saddlebags are a must. Also, iirc the amount you are slowed depends on how overweight you are, so a few pounds over will slow you, but not cripple you, but that quickly ramps up to the point where trying to carry twice what you can carry... well its reasonably realistic. I haven't been playing on the most Hardcore settings though. When I did this I was initially looting everything from every corpse, and I was also full of weapons that I'd stolen from Tahlmburg. By the time I left the churchyard I had to drop tons of food. The tip with food is to keep the dried stuff, it doesn't degrade, the degrade is pretty bad, if you go poaching, the meat can rot away to nothing before the steal flag wears off. That is one good thing about the game, stolen items lose their heat eventually, the more expensive the item the slower it loses it. Still, stolen flags are a bit gamey, how do they know? As for the bloody sword, you can only clean them with grindstones alas, even using a portable kit won't remove the blood, merely repair it. On that note the condition of everything is far too weak, one sword-fight and you need to repair all your gear, I recommend a mod that makes items degrade slower. Anyway a blood covered sword is like blood-covered clothes, lowers charisma. You need to wash constantly in this game, and use the baths if you want to talk to respectable people with the best advantage.
  2. I haven't played AC since the disappointment that was Black Flag, especially with the broken mess that followed it. As far as I am concerned they killed the franchise when they killed Desmond. That said, from the reviews I have seen Odyssey is a great game, but its also grindy as f*ck, especially if you prioritise the main campaign over side-quests. The exp boosters are not optional, they are necessary unless you have a complete every side-quest as they appear style of play. And even then the game is still grindy due to level caps on story progression. Plus the whole levelled loot system which mirrors the terrible loot-box inspired loot drops in Shadow of War. Despite all that though people say the Main Story is fantastic and the combat mechanics are extremely good. For myself though I am currently playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which also suffers from grind in the same way as Rise specifically needing to hunt and fast travel around to get the resources to upgrade weapons. Instead of one bow which retains upgrades as you get better bows you end up carrying around half a dozen bows that all have separate upgrades, same with pistols, assault rifles etc. Plus the tombs give tangible perk rewards (like Rise) which makes them not optional. Story is solid even though the premise is stupid beyond words, but the resource grind, argh. Honestly just like Rise it feels like they designed a game around selling resource packs and then didn't include the option to buy the packs. Its pen-world busywork for the sake of busywork and it ruins the game. But the hours spent hunting aside, its a great game, just nowhere near as good as the 2013 reboot. Also still playing GTA V, a little bit of Skyrim, Working my way through the Highmoon Transformers games (up to Dark Spark), And Wolfenstein Old Blood. Waiting for Just Cause 4, but that doesn't launch till December.
  3. So was I. I'd poke fun... except I did the exact same thing.
  4. The sleep mechanic is arguably the one thing they truly and uniquely got right, surprised other games haven't done it before. Leave it too long and you actually start nodding off until you reach zero and just fall asleep on your feet.
  5. Alas, the Lockpicking minigame iis truly horrific in KCD, it does become easier with increased skill, but even with mods its still annoying and you really need a LOT of skill. Also the chest difficulty isn't always labelled correctly and Very Hard locks seem to encompass at least two difficulty levels. Its kind of jarring to see Gopher being so reticent about stealing after Lenny. I didn't hesitate and took rather too much from the open barrels and just continued on from there. But I can see that Gopher is going to stick much more to Henry's true character than I did. I hope Gopher figures out nourishment soon, specifically that 50 is only half-full. He also still has those two diseases seen in the Main Level perk list as debuffs, not good, he may need to visit a Bathhouse to cure that. I had a bug with the portcullis; despite the disguise working the gate wouldnt open, so I had to jump down off the drawbridge and flee anyway, most annoying. Glad it worked for Gopher.
  6. It has its moments and is worth buying.
  7. Its a bit like GTA Online's stupid Mental State system, player-killers relish going psycho, the rest of us are just annoyed that it warns us every time we run over a single npc or accidentally blow up our own vehicle. Of course Rockstar actively encourages Griefers and discourages reporting and kicking. Bethesda has a different approach, but it still won't work. Still I don't think Griefers will be the huge deal they are in say GTA. As for Fallout Minecraft, yeah multi-player Fallout 4 would be great, but its not that, there are no real quests and you can't interact with any npcs beyond basic trading.
  8. There is a world of difference between improving on existing mechanics and inventing a completely new system that doesn't work very well, or going back to old-school mechanics like the ones you are dissing. No one mind simprovments, its coming up with a completely new system that is awkward and annoying as hell that doesn't work. Critics all hate games that use Arkham combat because its unoriginal, but it works great and with a few tweaks (AS3/Spiderman) is superb.
  9. I know that. JustthatBeast was referring to the perk card packs you can get in game that open like a loot box, its demonstrated in the video. They come in bubblegum wrappers and are awarded every few levels.
  10. Its a common problem with all marketing departments. They are so disconnected to what consumers actually want that it'd be laughable, if it wasn't so terrible.
  11. Bethesda has specifically stated that you will not be able to spend real money for card packs. Hope they stick to that or it will be Pay-to-win. Even so, I was on the fence about this game from its first announcement and the more info that came out the less interested I became. At this point with its complete lack of any communication ability even with robots, its stupid emotes and its lack of any real purpose other than exploring and looting... It could be Fallout Minecraft, but I still think that after 2 or 3 days in the game you will have explored everything and become bored. I will watch Gopher Let's Play it, but have no intention of buying it at this time.
  12. It is a major problem. Totalbiscuit once commented on it, but even he fell trap to the if its the same its boring trouble., Stirling falls prey to it and mainstream reviewers are always looking for innovation. Whereas from a players standpoint we want a system that works, familiar is even better and the innovation should be an original and interesting story and side-quests.
  13. Its why I still haven't played Witcher 2. When it first came out I was still fully hating on the combat system from Witcher 1 and wouldn't even consider W2, even though the combat system was fixed in that.
  14. Its actually quite a good game, despite its myriad problems. Takes a long time to get through the tutorial section though to the point where you can learn to fight etc. Gopher's lack of understanding that 100 nourishment is full and below 50 is a stat demerit, I guess he will learn soon enough. He also has tapeworm, which is probably why his hunger is dropping so fast.