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  1. You sir, are insane. But I forgive you.
  2. Don't we all? Beautiful, sassy but innocent, intelligent, kind hearted, sweet natured. Could fall in love with her so easily. She was just as good in Stargate: Atlantis btw.
  3. Goatcha

    The Forest (HARD) #11 : Chay Rage

    I read somewhere that others have reported that bug, dunno what to do about it, check out Farket's vids maybe.
  4. I remember a stream where he was baffled that one of his teammates had never seen it and recommended it most assuredly. So yes, he has seen what many call the greatest sci-fi series every made. In fact he even tried the Firefly weapons mod for NV on a mod-test stream iirc, although he wasn't able to fully test it, that sneaky mod-author hid the weapons well. Heh, he actually mentions Firefly in his Outer Worlds response vid.
  5. I've added it to my wishlist, at least its on Steam. Still can't Pre-Order Rage 2. I am going to have to suck it up and pay the $30 extra to get it from EB Games, not using the Bethesda Launcher under any circumstances.
  6. OH yes, AWKCR thats the mod I was trying to think of but couldn't remember. Also Improved Map is great. Also stuff like Better Weapon Scrapping, a mod that removes weapon drops from animals, you get meat, not a legendary missile launcher from a radstag. I use various visible weapon mods, but some have issues, like missing meshes or clipping. A backpack mod would be useful. Armor Modifications Expanded, Craftable Guns and Weapons, Buildable Power Armor Frames - prticularly useful for the ability to scrap them, plus some mods require it for some reason. Scrappable Legendaries - 'nuff said. Craftable Armor Size, Craftable Ammo, Crafting Workbenches - Craftable Weapons Armor Clothing Ammo Junk, Snappable Junk Fences, Manufacturing Extended. Scrap dead things, No more floating razorgrain, Scrap That Misc, Craftable Animal Glue - Adhesive Recipes, Longer Power Lines, Wall Pass-Through Power Conduits. I won't list all the settlement mods I use, there are a lot. Ones that combine various are probably your best bet, but be careful of breaking the build menu or ending up with a build menu 5 miles long.
  7. Various modders have commented about how shaky the engine is though and when you see the same bugs recurring in each game that have been present since Morrowind, you have a problem. Its not just the core of the engine, though that is a problem, its more Bethesda's general laziness where they can't even be bothered to implement the patches Modders have coded for them. Bugfixes, graphics, animations and more. Todd's response about how they feel comfortable with the engine can can make games quickly, like say a Fallout 76 in 2 years really just highlights how they have focused on one positive and ignored all the negatives. They have a good 10 years before ES6 launches, more than enough time to code a new engine from scratch and build a great game. Of course they could just Licence Unreal 4, Avalanche, RAGE, etc. Ultimately Gopher is right though, its the content, gameplay and general implementation that is the core problem, its why Fallout 4 may be a great game, but its still half the game that New Vegas was. But the engine *is* struggling now, how dated will it look in another 10 years.
  8. I just shot them all, stealth killed a few and then looted everything in both camps worth picking up. Of course I was around Level 16 by the time I reached this point in the story. Haven't watched the episode yet, but yeah, Gopher is Gopher. As for graphical glitches, yeah they happen, I am so focused on my poor fps everything else pales though.
  9. Goatcha

    Fallout 76: So this was interesting.

    Wasn't really a BETA, it was Early Access under another name. Its been a growing trend in the Industry, but its dropped out of the news the last couple of years, seems like its back though. And it was really 2 weeks if you weren't on XBONE. "Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies"
  10. Goatcha

    Fallout 76: So this was interesting.

    All the same, they could at least have included the Bugfix Mods players came up with within a week of Fallout 4s launch, and the game should only ever have been a $30 title.
  11. I used platforms and tree bridges to make my bridge. The stone wall allowed me to both stand above the waves to place the things, and to transport and place the logs in the deep water. Its narrow enough that the natives can't use it, but it allows me to stand and shoot at them. Only once did I find a native spawned on the island. He graciously donated his bones For Science! and to top up my bone basket.
  12. Obviously a zip-line is ideal. I built a stone wall under the waves I could cross without needing to swim for the weeks prior to building a bridge.
  13. Lubosh is scripted. Reeky can be saved if you get to him fast enough, according to steam-posts anyway.
  14. Synthetic Love is fairly good, but I got annoyed by the fact that she teleported constantly, especially in combat. Gave her a katana and let her have fun for a while before just sending her back to Sanctuary. There is another Nora survives mod where she is actually alive and its also fairly good. I use mods to modify female companions as well, although in the end I mostly used looksmenu to get them perfect, although that's really difficult with Curie due to her duel-nature. But she has to be a blonde IMO. As for settlement attacks, yeah... kind of blocked them from my memory, but there are mods for that. Also mods that change certain objects, like gold and money aren't junk, MacCrready's Toy Soldier isn't junk, papers are junk, etc. Can't remember if PA Garage does it or not, but I was definitely using a mod to improve jetpack air-time as well, mostly by disabling the stupid AP drain which made no sense. Never did find a mod to fix the PA system so that raiders couldn't use it, or that without the PA Training perk you get stat penalties though. Really wanted a mod like that.