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  1. Beuwolf


    Have you even tried, Bethseda screwed up and people can already play the game today.
  2. Beuwolf

    SKSE64 SE Help

    @isBlue This is a long shoot but are you using Windows 10 ?? Some windows updates have broken stuff in the past, so if it did an update as things broke for you, it might be that ?
  3. Beuwolf


    Not going to buy the game but out of curiosity, have they fixed the FOV with a slider or did you have to change it in your ini file ??
  4. Beuwolf


    You welcome and the PC rev should be according to the latest patch notes. https://fallout.bethesda.net/article/3zijn9WlHG8O4YYKY8CsEM/fallout-76-b-e-t-a-patch-notes-november-5-2018
  5. Beuwolf

    FALLOUT 76 - Key Binding | RANT!

    If you guys not already know, there is 2 more BETA runs for Fallout 76, Nov 6th (1pm - 3pm ET) and 8th (2pm-8pm ET). https://heavy.com/games/2018/11/fallout-76-beta-extension/
  6. I never played any Assassins Creed game before Origins, so can't really related to the other games. The only ones I seen saying the game is grindy is.. well, the reviewers.. since they want to blitz through the main quest and get their reviews out as soon as possible to get their views from people. But yeah, if you just doing the main quest then you be underleveled as you progress it (as with most games). Then again, with a huge open world game, that is made for exploration, why just beeline the main quest ?? On another forum I am on one user have only done the first part of the main quest then they just been exploring and now around level 30. I'm only level 9 so can't really say anything about the experience boosters since it all been fine for me so far. And not sure what you mean with the levelled loot system, so far I got weapon and armour that is my level or above, which is all good in my eyes.
  7. I'm taking it I am the only one playing this game since no one else voiced their thoughts about it ?
  8. Yes you read right above, GOG is giving away the game for free for the next 45 hours. Pretty sure it is for everyone and not only those that voted on GOG's 3 three 10th Anniversary games that they had up. If I'm wrong, please post and let us know. https://www.gog.com/
  9. Beuwolf

    Update from creation club breaking skse

    If you launching Skyrim SE through your mod manager then you can set Skyrim SE to upload when you launch the game. Right click on the game name, then at the bottom of the menu you see Properties, click on that to open them. Second tab says Updates, go there and then under Automatic Updates there is a drop down menu with three (3) choices, pick "Only update this game when I launch it" and then the game wont be updated until you want it to. That is if it still working the same as it did for me on Fallout 4, which I have set that way and it been waiting to be updated for ages. But I was using the old nexus mod manager on that one, so not sure how Vortex does things, well, that is if you using Vortex of course. Maybe @Cryzeteur have more information as to how Vortex works with Steam ?
  10. Another good looking game from Ubisoft, getting this game through an AMD promotion but might pick up the season pass since.. well, watch the trailer to see what you get. Serious note though, it looks interesting and so does the DLC that they showing a bit off. Anyone else going to be playing it once it is out ?
  11. @Gopher Not sure if you already looked into them but if not. http://www.fanfiber.com might be an option for you, quiet a few streamers using it and others.
  12. Of course we believe this, we all know you can't keep a time schedule so your 10 minutes normally end up being 20-40 or more !
  13. Beuwolf

    Gopher's FALLOUT 4 Plans

  14. Just watched the game trailer, and WOW !! Not sure if I be playing it on day one but I be pre purchasing it from GOG as soon as it is available there ! Here is a article about it from PC Gamer - https://www.pcgamer.com/cyberpunk-2077-gameplay-video/
  15. Ohh please come on @Gopher, you just have to do the last DLC too ! Would be so fun to watch you mock the DLC and still keep in character with Jack !