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  1. The fan at the bottom is part of the PSU, it is sitting on the side, probably due to saving bit of space. The middle part at the back might have the SSD behind it, at least there is screw dampeners showing there. Got to admit there is a sever lack of fans in that case, it gonna be hot in there ! If you not going to have any more SSD's installed you could put one or two fans underneath the GPU (blowing in) and one above it at the back (blowing out). All depending what the temperature shows you after you have it up and running for a while.
  2. As Cryzeteur said in regards to the game, do a fresh install since you going from Win 7 to Win 10 and just transfer your save files. Just be aware that not all game save their files in the My Games folder in your document folder. You have to search where each game is being saved using google to be on the safe side. Have fun with your new PC !
  3. I hear you there, I can't stand it either hence why I am still on Windows 7. I just suggested the pro instead of home version since it was mentioned in your post. I do have Win 10 Pro on my second computer but I barely use it so can't really say anything about it to be honest. From all I read about 10 I would rather never use it but since any support for Win 7 finishing at end of the year I might have to. Of course it is your money to spend as you see fit, just thought I would suggest that you get about same performance with a Ryzen CPU as a Intel one but you save some money for anything else. In the end, up to you.
  4. That's a lot of money to spend. Is the PC just for gaming or you be using it for streaming, photo shop and such as well ? Have you considered going with a Ryzen CPU instead ? The Ryzen 7 3700x is almost equal to the i9 but cost considerably less. Not compared all components but if you definitely want the same case, PSU and GPU, then it be about $500 less to play (I picked the VR Ready Deal RX 5700 XT, then changed the Case, PSU and GPU). In regards to the OS, I would pick the Pro over Home version though, it's only a small difference in price for them anyway. Now of course this is if I found the same web site that you used, cyberpowerpc, otherwise the prices might different even more.
  5. Wasn't referring to Elianora's mod per see, just building stuff overall. I wont be building much, just some workbenches ones I have the appropriate perks for them. On another note, stumbled over another mod, or rather help application, since it is not something you use in the game per see. It is called the Unofficial Fallout 4 PipBoy Companion Application and does what Bethesda's mobile application does, but one don't need to use a phone or tablet, but can use it one another PC, or same if having several monitors without having to use a android emulator to make it run. Which worked out great for me because I was planning on having a map on one of my other monitors but with this mod, I can easily see me moving on the map as well and not having to guess ! It can also pull all kind of information from the game, such as Time, Statuses, Player Information, Quests, Effects and much more. it is all modular so one can pick what you want to show and then arrange it however one want it to show. Here is a picture of it, hopefully it isn't to large ! (Or to small !) If anyone decide to download it, once the app is running, use the Auto Discovery function and not Connect to Host, when I tried that first I just got errors. The map can be showing the map markers as you progress the game, or all at once if you so wishes. As you also can see, the interior map can also be shown if you wish, I most likely going to remove it though, was just adding it so it could be shown in the picture.
  6. Hey all, Anyone heard about these developers ? I never have and just heard about this upcoming game today. Having watch some trailers and one of their Webseries videos about the game it sure sounds very interesting !! Have put the game on my wishlist for now, might buy it before it is out on the 10th of September this year. Some trailers for those that are interested. And here is the link to the website. Would be interested in hearing anyone's thoughts about the game and if anyone played any of Spiders previous games and what you think of them as developers ? Found a bit of gameplay that IGN posted, and some talk about the game as it being showed. Seems to have an rather large skill tree. Can also have 5 companions, and depending on how you interact with them they can either be helpful, or betray you ! 😮
  7. Yes I did. Never thought of clicking on one of the workbenches outside last night, probably to tired at the time in question. Then for some reason did it this morning and just for fun clicked for settlement menu and it opened up. Was quiet surprised when it happened. I might build some walls around it but not much more then that, if anything. Can remember if you get experience from building things but if I do might build some just for the experience.
  8. I agree with you there !! One reason I have so many of her player home mods installed. And in regards to that, have a question to you or anyone else that be reading this. Have you used her Red Rocket mod ? The description in the mod says two things about the red workbench and it is showing in her pictures as well from other players that has built settlement there. From the description: - There is no workbench for settlement building - What you see is what you get - You can still use the OUTSIDE of the garage as normal settlement, build and invite settlers etc. Just they can't come inside. The only edits outside are the workbench location, adding some trees and cars and stuff. For me though, there is no red workstation hence wondering if you used the mod and have the workstation there ?? Not that I am that interested in settlement building, just more worried if I done something wrong with the modding. Didn't install the mod from the start but had it installed before I left the vault though. Edit: Turns out the actually workshop wasn't needed, after having accessed one of the workbenches I was able to access the settlement building menu and all is good.
  9. The resets would have driven me nuts to be honest. Only problem I had with normal Skyrim years ago when I modded it, was that the loading times were taking longer and longer as I was playing it, ended up quieting around level 16 or so. That's another game I have to mod and finish one day but for now I'm feeling the need for modern weapons so Fallout 4 it is. I never finished Fallout 4 so wont add to many new guests or such, hence wont be using 3dnpc's Interesting NPC's this time around since it add more quests etc. Just trying to find mods that improve the game play, and opens up the game a bit more, like The Beantown Interiors Project and of course Graphics mods, as well as Weapons and Armour mods. Also having a bunch of premade Player Homes, quiet a few made by Elianora, 6 of her Player Homes, might even do her Faction Housing Overhaul mods as well, not decided that yet. Come to think of Google Document so here is a link to my modlist incase anyone want to have a peek and want to come with any more suggestions. PS: Hopefully the link works if not let me know !
  10. @Cryzeteur Sorry to hear about the problems you having with Skyrim. If you decide to play Fallout 4 again, would love to see your mod list (if Vortex has a text file of all mods that is ?). I'm going to try and get CBBE and BodySlide installed tomorrow, never used those before so hope I be able to figure out how to get them working. Still not sure if I'm missing any worth mods though, maybe see if there is a mod that would let you complete the game without killing of the other factions. We'll see I guess.
  11. Hey all, back to this again. My game HDD crashed and lost my Fallout mod list among others, was using Vortex but on chance I Installed Mod Organizer 2 and it saw all the esp's I had installed through the saves so now using MO2 instead. Have reinstalled everything and added some more stuff but wondering if I have missed something. Mostly wondering if there is any location 'upgrades' that's worth using, like The Beantown Interiors Project or similar ?? I was going to add the mod list generated with MO2 so that you all could see if I was missing something that might be worth adding, but I just realized that the spoiler tag is missing so that would be a hug post if I posted it ! Have to see if I can sort that out in some other way then. Found this mod, War Veteran Female Sole Survivor, so playing as a female for the first time since the mod says it has some different dialogues then the male has. In any case, any other suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated !
  12. I preordered the Collectors Edition, didn't have to pay the full price though, just a small deposit and the rest to be paid when collecting it in April next year.
  13. So, release date 16th of April 2020. And the game look awesome ! Keanu Reeves was a surprise though ! Game trailer
  14. CD Project Red has confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 wont be playable at E3. There will be demos though, both on the floor and behind closed doors. So hopefully later we find out what they showing behind the doors and maybe more content about the game as well. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/cyberpunk-2077-wont-be-playable-at-e3-2019-cd-projekt-red-confirms/
  15. Sorry about your monitor ! You planning on getting a new before you upgrade your system ? If you do, would suggest looking at the ultrawide monitors, very immersive when playing games. Surprised to see Gopher having the spare Thrustmaster I sent him in the bookcase and not stored away somewhere, it might get a tad dusty before he gets around to having to use it.
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