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  1. I agree with you there, they were fun. On another note, I agree with Gopher about the fist fights, you hit them and it removes a tiny bit of health, they hit you and you down 40% of health but, he is a good fist fighter and still won it. I would been dead beat and had to redo match again, and again.. I hope he not missing something as he continue down the cost towards his next objectives on the map though.
  2. Ohh yes, those ghost I forgot about, even if Gopher finished that quest in this video. Also, just like him I never seemed to have got any cards from that stash, is it suppose to be cards you not got previously ?? I did also see he could buy a card from the Bar girl, I never seen any cards for sale from anyone I spoken with so far in B&W. Although, I have now finished both the Gwent Quests so wont really matter, just being curious.
  3. Oh yes, was several good ones. Done the Bank and Ball, not done the Painting though, maybe should do that one as well. I did like the Wine Wars quest, was not to fond of the Fist fighting though, never been good at any fist fights in the game. lol
  4. Which quests are those ? I did like the Hunter one, just wish there been an option to buy the other 3 paintings as well. Also, once again his has a memory slip, in the gwent video he said he was gonna drop his tournament armour, then once at estate he promptly forget about it again. Plus he carrying a spare crossbow as well. (Yes I know, I'm terrible with backpack management, just don't like seeing things taking up wasted space. ) But, I do like the way he playing, was bit concerned when he ran into the Belgaard Manor though but luckily it didn't trigger anything. lol
  5. *Sigh* He was at his Estate, dropped two swords, but kept 4 others that he is not using (inluding the Viper ones I think it is, but since he using Iris and Aerondight, no clue why keeping the Vipers) and also kept the 9 Items that's under Rouch's tab. Guess he be carrying them around most of this Playthough. lol I'm looking forward to the day when he be doing his Grandmaster set and realizing what he be needing for it. Hopefully he wont be buying the items outright but using the crafting inventory to get what he needs. In anycase, was another entertaining episode of the Witcher from him once again.
  6. Yeah I been to the runewright, quiet expensive to get 3 new rune slots on the sword but it's done and using the Preservation one. I did notice one thing though with Aerondight, the charges increases, was up to 10 when I got it and now is up to 60. Bot the sword still lvl 42 it says, or that don't change as I level up ? Because I was lvl 42 when I got it and lvl 47 now. Alos, with using the Wolven gear I can apply 3 oils on the swords if having 3 grandmaster pieces, but sometimes when I apply a different one it don't show on the sword, does anyone else experience that too ?? Edit: Been forgetting to ask but what do you guys do with all junk items, breaking them up or just selling them ? After making the Grandmaster Wolven I'm bit concerned of just selling it incase some material that I don't have is needed for other Armour/Weapons I want to craft, so now my stash is getting slightly stuffed with junk.
  7. Yeah, I am pretty sure I find other armour pieces that I be wearing. Already finding swords that if looking at total damage is slightly better then the Wolven ones, even better then the Aerondight, but since that one level up with you I keeping it for now, maybe changing it later, not sure yet. Last night, after doing the above went out exploring, got loads of dropped weapons and armour and when I went back and sold it all, got around 10k for it. Even the maces which Gopher is leaving behind brings in over 100 gold per pcs. Although, saying that, I am using the Perks Always Active by wlsdks0706 - JustAnOrdinaryGuy mod, which means the grey perks are active without being put in a "slot" (only those, the red/green/blue all have to be in a slot to be active). So, with the extra carrying perk I have 220 in carry weight and was almost maxed out when I went back and sold all stuff. Not bought the new saddlebags yet, for an extra 10 carry weight, when first saw them I was sure I would find one in a stash shortly after but no luck yet. LOL On another note, does anyone know if it is possible to buy any of the other paintings that Count Beledal made from the Quest The Big Game Hunter ? I checked with all around there but couldn't see anyone offering a buy option, but incase I missed it, so thought i ask.
  8. Another fine episode. He still seems to favour Aerondight in all fights though. (Although he did post that he noticed it again when editing the episode in the comment section.) In regards to space, hopefully someone be pointing out those trophies and other gear for Roach is taking up a lot of wasted space. And he should change the trophy, the +15% for gold don't work, better using the one for exp instead. Wonder if he is aware yet how much the swords really sell for, if he selling to the right Armour/Blacksmith's.
  9. Have finally made my Wolven Grandmaster set, all inclusive it cost around 20k or so, most expensive was making the Jacket (around 4500).. lol .. Would been more expensive though if I had made all the Ore etc to get enough Enhanced Dimeritium Plates and Ingots but I was cheeky and run around the City exploring. The inhabitants of the main city will regret that their Duchess summoned Geralt there to help them. All houses that could be entered (within the walls) has been cleaned out. I do prefer the look of the Wolven compared to the Viper, but have to admit there is barely no difference in the stats of them though. And of course, Aerondight is the better sword as well, if not counting the extra stat but in damage dealt. Worse thing though, about 30 min after all done and added glyfs, got a message that the quest Paperchase been updated, was close by so went there. Got my coins and The Reckoner, a steel sword, from the banker, as a "sorry for the trouble" gift. And yes, you guessed right, the stats on that sword was slightly better then on the Wolven Grandmaster steel sword ! Now, wouldn't surprise me as I continue that I soon going to stumble upon a full armour set that is better then the Wolven one !
  10. I'm not a modder but do try and follow the written instructions. Just that when was doing a merge, there was two scripts and I could easily see it had like 5 lines of empty space on one, that if those was removed they would have lined up correctly. As the way the script merger suggested to over write one or the other, it would have given duplicate lines of the same and had to fiddle about to make it line up correctly. (Bit hard to explain, will try and take a screen next time I see something similar). And thanks for the advice in the spoiler, really appreciated ! And I using the Always Full Experience as well, but when I installed it I picked the Mixed Experience one - gives 100% exp for quests, only grey quests give 50%. Also Auto Loot, but only for the Herbs. The Mutagen Dissolution seems interesting, since have loads of different ones that just taking space, being able to convert those to green/blue/red would maybe be more useful, thanks ! On another note, just finished the Heart of Stones DLC, and part from the ghost from the paintings it went well. The painting one was slightly bugged for me, really had to work to finish it. Pretty sure I saw Gopher using his sword to destroy the paintings but it wouldn't work for me, could never hit them for some reason. (And now having checked some guides, they saying you can strike with your sword as well), in the end had to back away, use Crossbow quickly before the wraith started attacking me again. Was really frustrating but there we go, shyt happens ! Now, got another question, in regards to the stats of swords. I been using the Ofieri Kilij steel sword I find some time back, due to it was better then my present lvl 35 sword I had. And I like the stats on it, +100 Armor Piercing, 15% Aard and Igni Sign Intensity, 10% Critical Hit chance and the damage is between 289-353. Now, the Iris I got from Olgierd, it has better damage at 327-399, but part from that just the Effect, nothing else. Of those two, which one would be the better one in general ?? Or does that +100 Armor Piercing not really make much of a difference ? If anyone know that is, of course. Now going to take a little break and decide if I going to uninstall the mods I have, then upgrade them all (especially Friendly Hud) and also install the Friendly Meditation by wghost81 aka Wasteland Ghost since I think it would be rather awesome to have that when in Toussaint. The question is if I want to risk it or not, messing around with the Script Merger. Once again, thank you for all your replies, been greatly appreciated !! Edit: Scrap that, just looked at the mods I have and only 2 have updated versions. Friendly Hud and Auto Loot, but the versions I have is working just fine and I remember I had trouble merging these two in the past so I be leaving it as it is and not adding the Friendly Meditation either, can't be bothered with the hassle. ** Blush ** (Why no blushing smiley ? )
  11. Yeah that's true I guess. If a Witcher gets rich why continue the hardship with hunting down monsters everyday for more coinage. But I got to admit it nice to have a buffert and not having to run around finding coinage for every piece of upgrade one might need. Although, spending it all on booze and whores does sound tempting, not quiet sure how Tess would take that though ! Ahh right, I see now. Okis, so experience in Blood and Wine is much better scaled I take it then in Main game, since I had to really grind to get to lvl 34 I think it was, for the Master crafted gear. And if weapons only cost that then armour be a bit more expensive and with coin from B&W I be just fine. Did anyone compete the upgrade of the Mansion ?? I been told one have to do part of the upgrade at least if wanting those berries of some kind if one want to transfer green/blue mutagen to red ones ?? _______________________ On a different subject but thought could ask here instead of making a new thread. I take it some, if not all, of you, using mods. How do you find working with the Script Merger ?? I always seem to get bit of problem when using it and have to tinker for hours to get it all working again. If anyone have a link for a really good YouTube tutorial would appreciate that, thanks. Or any advice really would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks, glad to know it's plenty. I take it the upgrade of the Mansion wont be to expensive then ? Plus, there is more coins to find in the DLC as well, I guess =) Yes, can agree that Quen is not a bad choice, was thinking about that one too actually, but went with Deflection since arrows always seems to get me and whops, half health gone. And bench and stone, you mean Preservation, Armours Table and Grindstones bonuses never expires ?? Hmmm not to bad choice with that one. Yeah, might try and get Aerondight rather soonish once I start the DLC. But, out of curiosity, how did you get to level 83 ?!? I have hard time enough getting up to level 40 for now. lol Edit: Ohh btw, how much is the upgrade for Grandmaster stuff, just roughly, out of curiosity. Thanks. =)
  13. Hi all, Have a couple questions in regards to the DLC's. The Runewright that you help out with coins, I only helped him out twice, was wondering if the runes you can get if upgrading it one more time is worth it ? I am using the Deflect arrows and Severance (whirly thingy), which seem to work rather well. The Severance even works wonder against Golem's, hitting to fast on it it can't hit back and then just move away to regain stamina, quit useful. I can afford to do another upgrade but having had a peeked on what you can get don't really see it being to useful, but thought I ask incase I missing out on something ? I'm mostly a hack and slash player, often forgetting to use signs. Also, if needed, is there a Runewright anywhere in the Blood and Wine DLC ?? Or you have to jump back if you need some for your next level of armour ?? Still a while before can starting the last DLC, just more or less started the Open Sesame quest now, rounded up the gang and talked through the plans so next up is crashing the party. Done a couple side quests as well, including the one you got during the auction, from that figurine and then the painting. Might be others around that I not stumbled upon yet. But, in regards to all this.. how much coinage would you recommend one bring with to the Blood and Wine ?? Have around 70k or so, probably have more sinking ship treasures at Skellige I could go back and find if needing more coins ?? (Yeah I know, I'm terrible, picking up everything not nailed down and selling it. (there is no blush smilies) ) Thanks for taking time reading and appreciate any and all suggestions.
  14. Question is if he did pick all swords up though, and didn't skip on the weapons as he sometimes do. But that's good to know, I try and remember they are valuable. Didn't notice he had the wrong sword, was more thinking he had run out of the oil on it. LOL And another thing, is it just me or does it seem Gopher like to bashing his sword on shields ? He seemed to do that alot in that cave, before the main boss I mean. In anycase, it was a great fight he pulled of in that cave that's for sure ! Edit: Also, he did forget to pick up the hidden Treasure after having beaten the Rothfiends, anyone gonna point that out for him ?
  15. Actually, not played for ages so I most likely would fail. But I did a google search and found this.