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  1. Maybe for me too, or I wait until it is on steam, not decided yet. Fell sorry for the Oblivion team though, they were still adding steam achievements four hours before the announcement happened. https://indiannoob.in/obsidian-entertainment-was-adding-steam-achievements-to-the-outer-worlds-hours-prior-to-making-the-move-to-epic/ The team seems they didn't want this deal with Epic, but the publisher blindsided them. Obsidian apparently unaware of Outer Worlds' Epic exclusivity
  2. Alright, some slight disappointing news. This game is now going to be exclusive to MS Store (Since they own Oblivion now) and EPIC. Wont be released on Steam until a year after it come out. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/the-outer-worlds-and-control-will-launch-on-the-epic-store-not-steam/ https://www.gamewatcher.com/news/the-outer-worlds-the-next-epic-games-store-exclusive#
  3. I agree with you both, seems to be an excellent follower ! When he did they "fortunetelling" part and ended with that would be 50 Gold, I would love to have seen the message *You parted with 50 Gold* or similar, and then heard Gopher reaction if it happened.
  4. Not sure why all are calling Steam a monopoly, since it not quiet that. Yes, they are the biggest and most used game launcher, but wouldn't call them a monopoly. To be a bit boring I quote this: And if going by the above, all games on Steam (to my knowledge, I have not searched every game) can be bought elsewhere and then just added to the steam library. This jpg I saw in a tweet shows it as well. Now, comparing those two games by definition, the Ashen game is being monopolized by Epic Games. The same could almost be said about Fallout 76 but you can buy the games from keysites as well, just have to use Bethesda's game launcher. With Ashen though, only through Epic and no where else. (Alright, I admit it, not google it so might not be 100% true, to tired to do extensive research right now. ) And to be slightly fair, it been said about an hour after it was announced that the Metro game was being an Exclusive to Epic Games Store it was reworded for a year. So the 14th of January 2020 the Metro game will be available on Steam and other platforms as well. If anyone want some reading to do about other peoples opinions in this matter, the Metro Exodus tweet has some colorful inputs.
  5. And instead of opening a new thread I post it here, hopefully people do read older threads still ! So yeah, Epic Store got their first big game in their store (most likely yeah ?) Metro Exodus ditches Steam to become an Epic Games Store exclusive
  6. Still catching up but was coming to say just this. Was a bit of a face palm moment as move the cursor over the option and totally missed it !
  7. I know I am being late here but thought I ask incase he changed things further ahead. Is he still using the same HUD mod with what looks his own tweaks to it ? Just bit surprised he chose to remove the HUD completely and not as in Skyrim, having it gone when moving around and once in combat it shows health/stamina ?? I just restarted the game again (never finished it, quit before the bugs that was going around caught me) and using this mod which does show nothing unless I'm in combat: MrOzak's HUD - Stats Bars Auto-Hide and with the additional file to have the compass on a hot key, shows for only 3 seconds when bringing it up. It wont even show stamina running low if you running so have to go with the visible effects on screen for that. Yes, the picking up mechanism is bit fiddly, same when you picking plants, got to move around a bit to find the sweet-spot for them !
  8. I doubt that. I got all witcher games on both GOG and Steam. Most larger game makers are starting to use their own game launchers, that's true, but they are also selling their games on Steam. Take Assassin's Creed Odyssey as an example, both on Steam and uPlay. And just like with The Division 2, you still be needing the uPlay launcher to play the games so with UBI just selling The Division 2 on Epic wont really matter, most people that want the game will buy it through uPlay and get 20% off using their ubi reward points for it anyway. I wouldn't say Steam have any monopoly on PC gaming, you can still buy 99% of all games through other sources, like key sites, and just use Steam as a launcher for said games. Steam is good in the way that you have all games in one place and can keep an easier record as to what you have or not but I wouldn't say they are the only option. I have Steam, GOG, uPlay and Epic (But epic only for the free games they giving out, right now it is What Remains of Edith Finch). Time will tell what will happen but so far with only one major game on Epic it not going to hurt Steam, in my opinion. And to be honest, the interface on Epic launcher is horrid !
  9. So, in normal Gopher style, he complaining he can't get food from a trader he meet. A while later he recognize a Inn, which one can normally buy food in, right ? But what does he do ? Yes, that's right ! He completely ignores going in there and instead walking away in the other direction ! Have no clue what mod he is using for this quest though, but I think I have done what he walked into though. Can't recall exactly what it is though, so can be mixed up with something else I done when i played it.
  10. @OutandBack just out of curiosity, did you do the misspelling in the headline on purpose, or did you simple just miss the e ?
  11. True, no multiplayer but there is someone that working on a mod for that, although still very much a work in progress. The client are small, but I know what you saying and if it not been a free game I wouldn't downloaded their client. Was a great way for me to find out if I liked it or not though, which I did so I bought it on the steam sale that's ongoing, so been playing it through steam now.
  12. Found some interesting reading about the developers and the game. The creators of The Outer Worlds on learning to make better RPGs The Outer Worlds: Release date, gameplay, and everything we know Don't Expect The Outer Worlds To Be As Gigantic As Fallout: New Vegas Leaving it here incase someone want to have a read while letting your Christmas food digest ! And this quote
  13. Seems there is no interest for this game ?? I heard in Chay's chat that both him and Gopher has picked it up though ? If so i hope Gopher be doing a playthrough of it, think it will suit him fine although it is not quiet his normal style of game maybe. I still think it would be fun to watch though !
  14. Was it this mod you were thinking of in regards to the helmets ?? Combat Helmet Illumination If you thinking of doing another playthrough of Fallout 4, you might want to use this mod, Lootable Crates, instead of Lootable Vault-Tec and Wooden Crates. The LC is more to update and doing the same thing. LVTWC been working fine according to comments but seems Bethesda's updates after that mod was last updated have slowly made it work less and less well, hence the author of LC recreated it in a different way and it covers all DLC's as well now. The author to LC do state it suppose to be loaded high in the load order so if you would use Vortex, I put it in the Underrides folder so it loads before most other loads and seems to be working fine so far. Went back to Vault 111 and it had all kind of goodies in the crates there. Another mod I thought I mention if anyone else reading this and wanting ideas is this mod: Hud Plus Plus. >It works well with DEF_UI, for me atleast, as long as you don't move the quick loot box since HPP show an additional box next to it with information about the item you looking at. Also FadingSignal has made a Mobile Mechanic - Portable Workbench and Junk Scrapping that I think is just awesome. I was going to use Scrap Grinder, but it not been updated since 2016 and has to be in a settlement. FadingSignals mod you can carry with you, and with a kit (you decide which one as you craft them) then you can carry it with you, once you have to much junk, drop the Portable and scrap the junk you need scrapped for components, instead of having to run back to a settlement ! Can even make it for a portable power armor repair station if you into those.
  15. So, stumbled upon this video and thought I share it with you and see if you have any thoughts about it. I found it rather interesting and it has a slight different view as to what Bethesda might have thought in the process of making it.
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