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  1. Part from he is so used to shoot things from a distance, going up close and personal isn't really Gopher's style but hopefully he figuring it out or he be using a lot of bullets trying to take down the stronger enemies that he has yet to face.
  2. Ahh right. Yeah I thought it might not but wasn't sure since some users sometimes post without quote if the posting right under said post, so replied incase. And yes I agree with you, been many instances where one thinking what he is doing (and wanting to head butt the keyboard ). Although I have not been back to Neuromod Division yet so what he is doing is new for me though. But seeing him missing some of the shimmering items, like the clipboard as he entered the place after his license went out, is a little bit frustrating as well. Not to mention his dislike for the hacking, as Sup3erNo7a mentioned, he needs to start doing that as well so he can get the full floor maps and see where some things are. I do enjoy watching his playthrough's, always has since I first started watching his Skyrim plays. I do hope he start collecting more resources and then not wasting it all on Neuromods since there is loads of them laying around ..... and incase Gopher does read this I put the rest in a spoiler.
  3. Not sure if this was slightly aimed at my comment about the glue canon so apologizes if it wasn't. I just find using the glue first and then the shoot gun saved me on ammunition since shooting a stationary target then a half invisible and flickering one is much easier (for me at least since I am a crap shoot in normal circumstance. ). I never assume what I describe would be the best way. The designers already pointed out that in most cases there is always more then one solution to solve a situation or get into an area (there is a few where mimic power is the only way but thankfully there is nothing vital in those areas).
  4. True, he should really have done that. I just waiting for him to start dropping items he can't afford to drop (The Eel thing was an "affordable" drop. ) I don't really think you can afford to drop much in this game since all the stuff you need to create needs it, although what seems most needed is the Mineral Materials. Guess we will find out later on (hopefully he remember to upgrade his inventory next time and not getting distracted and upgrading something else instead ! )
  5. Ohh yes, I just come to Crew Quarters and I think I been to the recycler there about 4 or 5 times already and maybe only done half the place, if that. Just did upgrade my inventory to max while there though so maybe a bit less running to it now but still, recycler is the main priority and after that fabricator for more Ammunition (mostly).
  6. I got to admit I never thought he get around to turn on the power and actually leaving it on. I understand he is role playing and all but taking that long to sort out the power was a head butting the keyboard moment almost. And love how he asking himself in regards to the poltergeist, "Can I glue it ? Probably not." and then not even trying. I found gluing the poltergeist then shooting/hitting it is the best way to deal with them myself.
  7. lets play Games for Gopher?

    Or play Dishonored unless he already played them ? Made by same company that did Prey. I actually bought the first Dishonored due to how much I like playing Prey and from reading on another forum that that game is quiet good as well.
  8. With his dislike for map markers I agree with you on this one ! On another note, he saying he don't want spend much material on bullets and what did he do like 5 minutes earlier ? Yeah, leaving a glue canon on the floor which would given him either 3 spare parts or the material needed to make said bullets, or neuromods, which he seems to be desperate for. Looking forward when he start meeting stronger typhoons and not having any ammunition to deal with them. From what I seen and noticed myself, you find loads of neuromods laying around the place, ammunition, not so much ! And I can't believe he missed picking things up since most of is glowing, like the clipboard right as he entered next to the corpse hanging over the railing. And he have hacking 2 and could easily hacked the security computer for a area map and other good information but no, afraid of losing 10 HP if he fails and said had to use a med kit, when he carrying around loads of food item which gives instant 5 HP and another 4 HP slowly regenerating. Instead he hoping to find a password for it somewhere. Arghh Gopher ! Also to bad he missed the corpse next to the mimics and throw a recycling grenade that way, missed out on a nice little thing there, hopefully he will find another later on. Edit: In regards to the ammunition situation I am sure @TiDinzeo have a few well selected words to how much ammunition there is laying around later on in the game.
  9. You might have know about it. I for one didn't and maybe others don't either. Thank you @Cryzeteur for posting the above, much appreciated !
  10. Ohh he soon be hacking those until his fingers bleeding as he continue to add more alien powers. He don't have those plans yet, check at 11:05 and you see the 8 plans he currently having. But if you want them, google saying this: True it does, or one can use gas canisters or the recycling charges to get into places as well. But yeah, I taken Leverage 1 as well to save on the recycling charges at least.
  11. Interesting episode, he got really comfy with the medic bot on the second floor there, almost like they were going steady. Gopher should take 5 minutes before starting the game and thoroughly check through his "backpack", then he see all stored emails etc and wont have to read them right infront of a computer and can instead just open email and read in a more secure place. I had to do that since Clive blasted me as well through the windows. Cheeky bloke ! On another note, he so far ahead so probably discovered that by now.
  12. Prey - Tips & Tricks (So to speak)

    For those that would like to hear an interview with the Arcane Lead Designers Ricardo Bare and another person. The interview is made by CohhCarnage in the middle of his streamed play through so be seeing some of the game as well during the interview.
  13. Sometimes I wonder about Gopher if he intentionally is trolling us. As he is leaving to go outside he is saying "Actually, this is probably where the map marker is actually useful. It can be kinda difficult to find a breach and seal... ohh ok and how do I seal a breach, do I use the gloo gun, probably not." [around 31:35] but as soon as he outside he ignores it, even when he is blindly flying around trying to find it. We all know his dislike for the map markers but sometimes they are needed, as in this scenario. Hopefully next time around he will use it. Also glad to see he finally found out the use of the toy gun to open some doors with. Wonder if he will realise is has another good use as well, when he finding more of those Cystoid nests. (Unless he happen to read this of course. )
  14. Gopher and Skyrim SE

    Since SKSE already been mentioned in this thread I thought I can just as well post this here as well. There has been a SKSE Alpha released not long ago, here is a news link about it from PC Gamer: Skyrim Script Extender 64 for Skyrim Special Edition is in alpha And here is a thread from reddit about it as well: SKSE64 2.0.0 Alpha And just to point something out from the SKSE Team: Current SE build 2.0.0 (runtime 1.4.2): 7z archive - ALPHA BUILD. MODDERS ONLY. DO NOT ASK FOR SUPPORT. Link to the Silverlock site for any modders here that want a look: http://skse.silverlock.org/ So I got to say this is sounding promising, considering so many over at Nexus been saying no one is working on it, well all those can now eat their words. (OPS.. I should have looked a bit further down, missed it was a thread about SKSE64, if mods think it fits better in that thread, fell free to move this post.)
  15. lets play Games for Gopher?

    Well, once again looking at the achievements, there is 2 opposite ones. Completing the game without killing any Humans, which I think is the way he going to play this present play through (since that's more of his play style mostly.). Then as a 2nd play through he could do that as a evil person and kill every single Human on and around Talos 1. But yeah I hear what you saying, it was just something that popped into my head when I saw the achievement and thought it be interesting to see him doing. But then again, if he really likes the game he might do a stream sometime in the future. *shrugs* Just wanted to see what others thought of the idea though.