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  1. Another good looking game from Ubisoft, getting this game through an AMD promotion but might pick up the season pass since.. well, watch the trailer to see what you get. Serious note though, it looks interesting and so does the DLC that they showing a bit off. Anyone else going to be playing it once it is out ?
  2. @Gopher Not sure if you already looked into them but if not. http://www.fanfiber.com might be an option for you, quiet a few streamers using it and others.
  3. Of course we believe this, we all know you can't keep a time schedule so your 10 minutes normally end up being 20-40 or more !
  4. Beuwolf

    Gopher's FALLOUT 4 Plans

  5. Just watched the game trailer, and WOW !! Not sure if I be playing it on day one but I be pre purchasing it from GOG as soon as it is available there ! Here is a article about it from PC Gamer - https://www.pcgamer.com/cyberpunk-2077-gameplay-video/
  6. Ohh please come on @Gopher, you just have to do the last DLC too ! Would be so fun to watch you mock the DLC and still keep in character with Jack !
  7. Not that I am going to buy one now, but please @Gopher can you please talk with teespring and ask why one can not order larger size then 2XL on their EU site and have to go to the US site to order instead ?? It such bs that it restricted to just 2XL on the EU site, makes no sense what so ever ! Ok, rant over ! (And if I missed somewhere an explanation as to why, then I do apologize !)
  8. AutoLoot plants only fixes that. Just walk/run past them and press E and you get the plant. Can also set radius for it if you want and it pick larger areas but I'm ok with just not having the pop up box. Not sure about the tripping, I installed the mod but I could remove it and find out I guess. And no, did not record it, no clue how to do it and what software I would be needing if I did record. Been thinking of doing it but that's about it so far.
  9. Thanks for your recommendations ! I been looking at the Nitpicker patch, not installed it yet though. Already using Sort Everything and also a few others, such as: AutoLoot - Herbs Only <> Choose which Alcohol Refills Alchemy <> Coloured Map Markers <> Corrected Sorting (works with Sort Everything) <> Friendly Meditation <> Icon Text <> All Quest Objectives on Map <> Perks Always Active (It only works on the general perks, always thought it was a ridiculous that a general perk needed to be slotted.) <> Potions and Decoctions Small duration tweak (just for the potions though, the few seconds they last for is not enough for me, to old and slow, so need a few more seconds on them. ). That's it for now, might be a few more added, included the Nitpicker Patch. Most of the above I used already on my first play through of the game and liked them so keeping them this time around too. I'm just at Orchad right now, not even level 2 yet so can test around with some mods if needed.
  10. Not really part of this thread but didn't see the need to create a new thread for this. Found this youtube trailer of witcher 3 that was made by a fan, very well done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3aBEuXl2nM
  11. Beuwolf

    New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    I bit of topic but good luck tomorrow on your orientation and I hope the jopb will work out well for you, all the best !
  12. That's ok. Just finished W2 doing Roche path and saving the daughter, also let the rude King live this time and so did Letho, but not the Sorcerer. Was planning doing Scoia'tael and Iorveth's path but think that be for another time. Not really in the mood to farm up enough coin again for the Dark Mode armour and the Wild Hunt one. Although could just go for the Wild Hunt I guess since I'm planning a Magic run and that Armour would be well suited for it. We'll see. In the mean time though, what essential mods would you guys suggest for Witcher 3 ?? I am gonna grab the No more rolling down the stairs though, that was something that irked me a little first time around. Also wghost81 Friendly Hud mod. Part from that i be open for suggestions.
  13. Well, not adding the item per see though, just the schematics to make them. Since the armour itself using Draugir Armour Fragment and Necrophage Teeth's, the Gauntlets need a Draugir claw and those items are not available until Act 2 anyway. Which leaves the pants and boots that can be made in Act one, once the Kyran is killed. And although they might be the best pieces for Act 1, they wouldn't really be overpowered I think. Could always switch out the Endrega Hide to some Necrophage Skin and then the pants too can only be made in Act 2 ? (Hmm might do that actually, since you do have a point and considering that CD Projekt Red had that in mind for it with the Draugir Armour Fragment.) Another thing to consider is that the armour piece to make for Wild Hunt set costs 2.000 orens, same as the Vran armour does, so it wont be that easy to get the armour, all in all. And the set wouldn't really be God like, if you going Dark Mode, the Oathbreakers Armor in act 2 is equal if not better, depending on what style you choosing to go. Of course, going easy mode then it would be overkill, but as it is now it is only me that be using it unless I can figure out the below stuff ! Still need to search around and see if I can figure out where to put things, part from in the shop/Geralts chest. Incase I want to make a mod out of it I mean ! Edit: Just changed it to 6pcs of Necrophage Skin, bit lower then the Endrega but not sure how common the Necrophage Skin is so might change it. So now, 3 out of the 4 pcs can't be done until Act 2, just like CDPR intended with the original schematics.
  14. Yeah I know the components are rare, but think the Kayran Skin is better then 4 Draugir Armour Fragment, since those are really hard to get. And I was not aware that the Wild Hunt Armour was left in the game code by mistake. Mind linking me to that ?
  15. Well, that shucks. Glad I found a mod that had them pulled out from where they hiding and could add it to my game then. I just added them to my chest but would rather have made it like a small quest line but no clue how add it different chests around the game world. Even if it is just for me it would been more fun that way then the way I had to do it. On the subject though, would you think the above alternation of the schmatics would be fair though, keeping it still relative rare and hard to obtain the armour ?