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  1. I been around here for ages, well since 2016 so maybe not ages, but it feels like ti ! And I'm more of a lurker then a poster. I do agree with Cryzeteur, Gopher should start doling some more mod shows, those have practically disappeared. That's how I found Gopher, his Skyrim tutorials in regards to MO and LOOT etc. Nowdays it is just roleplaying Skyrim and some Twitch streaming it seems like. In anycase, I wish you all a Happy New Year and that you all stay safe !
  2. @CryzeteurNot sure if this will help you but there is a mod out that if you use you can easily just pick the Creation Club's mod that you want to use, or none, with a easy FOMOD installer. The mod is empty when you download it though, just the FOMOD installer, then you have to follow instructions, or the video, and move all the CC mods out of the Skyrim installation folder and into the mod. Then when running it you can pick and choose. Anniversary Edition Content Picker Not used it myself though, since I am still on SSE and not updated my Skyrim yet. In worst case scenario, you might have to invest in a bit more memory though ?
  3. @Cryzeteuryeah, since they keep the name Skyrim Special Edition and the Anniversary Edition is just a DLC, you actually have to check the Version Build number to see which one is which. The only thing I know for sure is that for the free upgrade to the AE you get 4 former CC mods; the Saints and Seducers quest expansion, Rare Curious expansion, Survival Mode and Fishing Skill and related quest. The DLC for roughly $20 you get all the rest of the CC stuff, so not sure if that makes the DLC to be 70 mods or not, depending where the 4 free falls into the equation. Then the following is just what I have read so might have misunderstood things. There are some changes in how things working between mods and the game engine, not sure what but the SSE Engine Fixes as an example might take weeks, or even months, before they get it sorted. But then again from what little I seen, seems the SKSE team has taken it upon themself to incoperate that mod into SKSE (as the author of the mod state he is not going to upgrade it for AE, but anyone that want to give it a go is welcome). So right now some scripts and similar is not working that well, but it's to complicated for me to try and explain since I'm a total n00b in this regard ! 🤣 All in all, I have disabled Steam updates for Skyrim to only update it when I launch it, but if it would be a forced update I do have saved the whole folder elsewhere as well, so can do a copy and paste if needed. Or use the mod I linked further up that revert the AE changes to you get the SEE version again. So for time being, I'm on the SSE version as I just started modding the game and might be a while before I even satrt playing it ! Good luck with your new run and yes, Inigo sounds like a better companion then whoever you found !
  4. It will still be called Skyrim Special Edition, look at the update as a DLC. One way to check without starting Skyrim is to go to the folder. So wherever you have installed Steam, then Steam / steamapps / common / Skyrim Special Edition. Once there, right click on the SkyrimSE.exe extension and open Properties, click on the Details tab and most likely it will be saying Product Version 1.6.318.0 which is the AE version. As mentioned there is a SKSE file out for it, link here for it: Preliminary AE Build 2.1.2 (runtime 1.6.318), just download the 7z archive and follow their instructions. What you have to check when it comes to your mods is that if anyone requires the Skyrim SEE Engine Fixes [SKSE64] Plugin, those mods will not work for the moment, due to the mod has not been updated and the author wont be updating it themself but there is a post saying that people are looking into updating it but might take weeks or months. Or you can use the mod I mentioned further up, Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Downgrade Patcher, which will revert your AE version to the SSE version (and if you do, you can right click on the SkyrimSE.exe again and it should then say Product Version And if you do that you should be alright to use the mods you having as it is, just go through and make sure the all work properly. Run LOOT through Vortex and follow the instructions it giving you and you should be good to go. Just remember go slowly, read the mod descriptions carefully and follow what the author says and you should hopefully be good.
  5. You welcome. I thought you might not been aware of it since you didn't mention it. Turns out that Bethesda gave the SKSE team a copy of the AE version two weeks before it was released so they been working hard on it and released the SKSE roughly same time as the AE was dropped.
  6. To add to what @Cryzeteursaid, once you downloaded the new Skyrim, you be getting the Anniversary Edition and there is a SKSE file out for it already: Preliminary AE build 2.1.1 (runtime 1.6.318) but be aware that not all mods have been updated so some might not be working due to this. Now, in case you have mods that wont be working on the AE version, there is actually a mod to fix that. Yes, that's right, as with everything Skyrim/Fallout, there is almost always a mod to fix things, right ! 🤣 Anyway, it is called: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Downgrade Patcher, I have personally not used it but heard form others that have and it is working. You can do as @Cryzeteursaid and make an new folder so you have both versions f you want. not sure how it will work with vortex though, if it can be redirected to another folder or not. Lastly, if you not used to mod your game, make sure to read the instructions carefully and take your time so you get all the extra mods that is needed to run it, if there is any, or special steps to take to make sure it working. Good luck and stay safe ! 🤠
  7. Not sure. The "Next Step: Optional Profile Information Your profile is 0% complete! " has been there for ages. I just clicked on it to competed it and it says it been saved but it still showing there, so think it is a bug. Don't worry about spam, the forum is not that active so a few posts from you wont be considered spam and I'm sure @OutandBackwont mind having a couple posts to read. He is our outstanding Moderator that posting the videos that gopher pushing out. Take care and stay safe ! Wolfie
  8. It's not part of any mod, it's part of the game itself. From what I understand it is an Easter Egg. Phantasmal Chest | Legacy of the Dragon Fandom But you need to find a Journal over at Solsthiem and in a Riekling camp on a small island cluster, so guess it is easily missed ? Actually, scratch that, finding the journal starts the quest but it seems like the chest can randomly spawn before that as well, so guessing neither you or me ever had the luck seeing it ! 😜
  9. I think something went wrong here... Just a guess though... 🤔
  10. Not sure when it being released but I am looking forward to ELEX II when it comes out.
  11. Hi Pzaw, Gopher has only done two mods for Witcher 3 and neither gives experience. Here is a link to them: Gophers mods over at Nexus.
  12. Yeah, as @Cryzeteursaid, the forum is nearly non-functional. I'm a lurker so checking it everyday but posting very little, and part from posted videos by OutlandBack, there is very little activity here. Gopher himself has not been here for over 2 years, or at least not been logged in since then. He seem to be quiet a bit more active on Twitch nowdays though. Guess only time will tell how long the forums last ?
  13. Did not see this stream when he sat it all up but now when I played it for a bit I'm wondering what he thinks about the keybindings. Since some of them are hardcoded and can't be changed around. I have a keyboard which has 4 different keyboard profiles, so I made one for Cyberpunk so I could have the E key for picking up items, starting conversation etc, instead of the default hardcoded F. So my F now is E and vice verses. There are also a big thread about it over at CDPR's own forum and quiet a few people aint happy about it, especially left handed people that can't even rebind WASD to the arrow keys !
  14. That's alright, don't worry about it. YouTube and other media can be flicky from time to time so all good here !
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