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  1. I think something went wrong here... Just a guess though... 🤔
  2. Not sure when it being released but I am looking forward to ELEX II when it comes out.
  3. Hi Pzaw, Gopher has only done two mods for Witcher 3 and neither gives experience. Here is a link to them: Gophers mods over at Nexus.
  4. Yeah, as @Cryzeteursaid, the forum is nearly non-functional. I'm a lurker so checking it everyday but posting very little, and part from posted videos by OutlandBack, there is very little activity here. Gopher himself has not been here for over 2 years, or at least not been logged in since then. He seem to be quiet a bit more active on Twitch nowdays though. Guess only time will tell how long the forums last ?
  5. Did not see this stream when he sat it all up but now when I played it for a bit I'm wondering what he thinks about the keybindings. Since some of them are hardcoded and can't be changed around. I have a keyboard which has 4 different keyboard profiles, so I made one for Cyberpunk so I could have the E key for picking up items, starting conversation etc, instead of the default hardcoded F. So my F now is E and vice verses. There are also a big thread about it over at CDPR's own forum and quiet a few people aint happy about it, especially left handed people that can't even rebind WASD to the arrow keys !
  6. That's alright, don't worry about it. YouTube and other media can be flicky from time to time so all good here !
  7. I would say unless you are in a rush, wait until AMD announces their new cards and see what they offering. The rumours are swinging up and down but most seem to suggest that their new card will be about the 3080 level, but.. it is a rumour so who knows. 🙃
  8. Have you tried the 50/50 method to try and find out which mod is breaking your RDO's MCM appearances ? I take it you have seen the RDO in the MCM some time during the installation of all your mods ?
  9. I checked and it shows for me, here is the link: Might been YouTube that glitched for you there briefly ?
  10. Yeah, the forum is pretty slow. I read it everyday, well, more checking your posted vids more then anything else. since that's the gits of things most of the time. 😜 I'm a youngling at 50, but was diagnosed with Diabetes last year so being in the vulnerable group as well (sort of) but things over here is pretty relaxed although our capital and surrounding areas have been hit more harder then rest of the country. Luckily, so to speak, I don't live there. Being a bit of a hermit already though, it not to bad for me, since if I am not going to work or have to go shopping, I mostly at home anyway, it be pre-virus times or nowdays. Presently the last couple months I been playing through the Mass Effect trilogy and now playing Andromeda, never having played the games before, they have kept me busy though ! In regards to TV, mine not even been turned on this year, fact is the last month or so, its not even been plugged in ! Normally on the PC with a Twitch streamer keeping me company while I'm playing ME. Be safe and wash your hands ! 😜
  11. You don't have to try the mods one by one. Do them in batches, so deactivate all of them, activate say 20 mods, run the game. If all works, do another 20 mods and so on. If it crashes then one of the 20 you just activated are the culprit, so then deactivate 10 of them, if all works, add a couple more. If crash, deactivate some and try again. You can do more then 20 mods if you want, that number was just taken from thin air. 😜 Good luck finding the culprit !
  12. Not watched it myself yet but a second season was already confirmed in November. And here is their article as well. Netflix Life
  13. That's correct, if you never had a subscription. If you want though, and of course, can afford it. You could buy 3 x 12 monthly (as max, of course can buy less months) Xbox only game passes from keysites for around 40 Pound, so about 50 Dollars or so I think. Open an account on Xbox, unless you have one already Add the 3x12 month passes. Then you buy the 1 Dollar subscription for PC, and all those 36 month will be upgraded from Xbox game pass to ultimate game pass, which then allows you to play the Microsoft games both on your Xbox (if you have one) and PC. Which when now doing the calculation is not that big of a saving, but it would be roughly 4 dollars per month then, compared with the PC pass. But since this is actually a ultimate pass, which costs normally 14,99 dollars per month, there is some savings to be had. This would only really be a benefit if you have an Xbox though, if only on PC as you can see, wont be that much of a saving. Although, looking at the Xbox game pass comparison site, PC pass might be 9,99 per month, since it crossed out for the moment and saying 4,99/mo (Introductory price). So who knows, if price goes up, then it actually might be worth it this way as well, as long as your first membership for ultimate will be just 1 Dollar. Taken from Join Xbox Games Pass site. Now, I have not done this personally (yet!) since I'm still on Windows 7, but thinking of upgrading so who knows. But that's what I read on a UK forum I'm on. If interested, although it is quiet a bit of reading, I post that link as well here - Xbox Game Pass for PC | Overclockers UK Forums -, incase anyone want to read what people that actually done it says.
  14. For you that thinking about playing the game. You could get the xBox game pass for PC for $1 if you not already signed up to it. If you happen to have the console subscription, you can convert the time on that and get the Ultimate pass for $1 as well, and it would convert any time you have left on the normal console pass to Ultimate, up to 36 months. Tad cheaper if money is tight, and you also have about 100 other games you can play. On your PC, no need for console unless you already have one of course. The only requirement would be that you have Windows 10, and of course you wont be owning the game, but if you find it satisfactory, you can then buy the game once it is down in price. Just make sure to read the fine print to be on the safe side. Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)
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