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  1. Gopher's Skyrim SE Plans

    Yeah, same here. Was just trying to find kryptopyr mod when you posted here. The Thieves Guild Requirements would been a perfect mod for Gopher, together with several other of kryptopyr mods, like Timing is Everything and The Choice is Yours (personal choices for me that is. ) Two other mods that is to recommend though would be: Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim Both made by same author so works well together. Ordinator was mentioned in the comment section as well on YouTube. Hopefully @Gopher will be looking here as well for recommendations (if not hopefully the tag will lead him here ! )
  2. Elex

    Well, the combat is a bit so and so, so that could be called hack-and-slash I guess. Personally I put down about 100 hours into the game, by exploring and doing as many quests as possible. There is 3 factions in the game and loads of different ways to do combat, up close, range, magic and so on. If you played any of the Gothic or Risen games, then you more familiar with this game then I was going in. I am sure @Cryzeteur will be able to tell you more specifics about the game though. If you want to have a look on how it is, here is a link to CohhCarnage play through he did when it come out. And if you read the thread you already seen his thoughts about the game (if not a video is posted on the first page some posts down.) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN39y5i_H0Fl1pe2l8GLhxe94PHahLmGk Although, it will probably take a while before you get into the game. You wont have your hand hold through it. You be doing a lot of dying and running away at the first couple levels. But once you have a companion and later as you getting access to better weapons things will be more interesting as things progresses. As mentioned I put a few hours into it and loving the game. I find the world just amazing and interesting.
  3. Well, there are things happening, seem CDPR needing a Vehicle Artist for the game.
  4. Elex

    Best way to level up is to doing quests. If you run around in Goliet, there is several smaller quest in there, like fetching a beer for someone, helping out in a fight (but you can just watch, still get the exp as if you helped). Finding a missing person and other small ones, some of them giving almost 1k experience. The quest for solving the murder make you have to move rather far away, but it is still doable. I don't remember how much I played once I reached level 4, but right now I have put in 93,5 hours and I am halfway through level 25. And still not picked a faction. Then again, I am running around everywhere, picking up all quests I can find (and some just starting by you doing something within another quest, or exploring an area.) Try not putting a few points in each Attribute each time you level. Check the Abilities and go for what you fell suits you best, then rinse and repeat mainly. Also have to remember to check the weapons, if you have a better one but missing a couple points in one Attribute, might be worth putting them there even if it is not what you aiming for ? But you have loads of similar experience from Betsheda games so pretty sure I am preaching to the choir.
  5. Elex

    Yes, there is radiation and poisonous areas (it is actually fixed areas, so no sudden storms like in Fallout 4), normally there is a bit of a sound warning, like a "crackling" sound or such. Different ways to withstand those areas is some food has resistance against it and there usual some anti-toxin around such areas as well, especially if it is houses or more open places. If in the wilderness then there wont be any laying around. You will also find rings that has 10% resistance against poison, radiation, fire or frost. In regards to Ray, you don't actually have to do his quest right away. After I meet him he left for The Fort and I did alot of other things before I got there. Is it Duras you have as a companion or you found one of the others ? Yeah, I get a bit of stutter when I start the game the first time but it is gone like 2-3 seconds later, so personally not to bothered with it. That snapshot thing sounds a bit weird, but I am using AMD card so not experienced it myself though. As for making money, here is a couple of suggestions. In regards to the Attributes, they don't actually do much more then letting you pick the different skills and be able to use weapons. An example is Strength: **Strength represents your physical power. It increases melee damage and unlocks items and abilities** <= That description is slightly misleading since it wont increase your melee damage, all it does is when raising it is for you to be able to use better weapons, or get a skill that needs x amount of Strength. Not as in Fallout 3 or NV, where it actually increased your damage (if I remember right). Same goes for the other Attributes. (Hopefully I am making some sense explaining this)
  6. Elex

    I found the first part where you following Duras is like a tutorial run, especially since he doing so much damage against the monsters you meeting. Later when I went out by myself it was totally different, for me at least. The first place is really huge, was so much to find and many quests. Once you get a companion things will be a bit easier as well when running into monsters. In regards to talking with NCP's, I started doing quick saves before talking with them, incase I would "make them TO upset" with me. Playing with keyboard and mouse myself, never really played with a controller part from when played the Sonic & All-Stars Racing. Would posting a few hints be appreciated for others or to much of spoilers ?? Would mostly be things that are useful, although makes it a bit easier as well I guess.
  7. Is it me but why didn't he search the bodies at the beginning to find out if they had any information about what they were up too ???
  8. Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    True, Civ can be quiet hard, especially if you end up with aggressive opponents as close neighbours. But yes, I do have patience. Have no clue as to what GO is so can't say, but since not recognise it probably not played it.
  9. Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    I do hope you will be enjoying it. Personally it was one of the better games I played which is not city building games like Civilization etc.
  10. Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    Sent you a message with the code. Hope you will enjoy it once you have time to play it !
  11. Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    Was ?? Or still are ? Just as long as you aware as the game is as you said above, clunky. You going to have a hard time they first 5--6 hours, or if you can get a companion rather quickly, which would help. Still, be running away quiet a bit and using your jetpack alot. But for me, the world is just awesome ! Steam saying 107 hours but actually time on the saves put me on 83 hours (have had to reload a bunch and when a certain quest happened I run around in circles for quiet a while ). In any case, if you still interested let me know and I message you a key, probably be for steam though, if that's ok with you ?
  12. Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    Any interest in playing the game if you got it gifted to you ?? You contributing alot to the forum and I wouldn't mind gifting the game to you if you want it ? Since it for now seems like Gopher has no interest in playing it.
  13. Elex

    Thank you for your reply, appreciated ! Then I take it it be quiet a while before you considering ELEX ? Which is fine, I just thought I ask incase.
  14. @Cryzeteur You missed this one.. https://www.vg247.com/2018/01/10/cyberpunk-2077-twitter-account-wakes-after-5-years-internet-shits-the-bed/ Lovely headline ehh... lol
  15. skyrim original or skyrim special edition

    These two together, made by the same person, might be a good choice for you ? Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim The creator of the two mods are also quiet active so they getting regular updates. Those are for SSE but they are also on normal Skyrim.