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  1. Beuwolf

    Elex...Anyone playing?

    I found this thread on reddit ages ago, not sure if it is of any use of you but thought I link it incase you find it useful. This is to the post in question about berserker and how he sorted himself out doing that faction. Linky And this is the full original post, but you probably already aware of this info since you on your second play through. Linky Good luck with the rest of the game !
  2. I just watched a bit and it auto set me for 1440p option. But YouTube can be iffy, sometimes it auto set me for the 360p option !
  3. Yeah Gopher had to take the video down due to the problem OutandBack posted above. So we just got to wait to later when he sorted out the audio stuff.
  4. Beuwolf

    E3 2018

    Ohhh Fallout 4... mehh.. Was hoping it was a game I missed.. Thanks though !
  5. Beuwolf

    E3 2018

    it be an interesting E3 for sure. CDPR with, hopefully, Cyberpunk 2077. Then, for me, Square Enix with some news, maybe a new Deus Ex or even a remake of the Original with a better engine and added content. But that's all wishful thinking on my part. On another note, what game is he playing when he talking about the Bethesda rumours above ??
  6. YouTube inbedding not working again ??
  7. Beuwolf

    Skyrim VR LIVE | Friday@9pm CEST

    Sorry to hear that, hope you fell better soon ! I am sort of watching it, have it on another screen while I was playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided so more listening then watching. Now stopped playing so will see how it goes. Got to say it looks funny when you see the hand devices floating around and not hands instead.
  8. Just watching this and I'm bit surprised that the Guards was not interfering when he got attacked the first time and was around them ?? I mean, would it not be in a Guards duty to keep things lawful around the hold, including when someone is getting attacked ?? Wish I know hot to mod, would be one mod I be doing in that case. Also, did he find out the problem on Friday's stream in regards to his combat problems ?? And although I could make a new thread I thought I ask here first. Is there a mod that makes it impossible to use the Carriages to another City until you actually been there the first time ?? Like for Lenny, used carriage from Whiterun to Solitude without even been there before. Would been so much more fun if he had to walk all the way there.
  9. Going away so wont be here, but I be looking forward the watching another 6 hour stream next week when home again.
  10. If there was a Witherun Gazette the headline would be: Robbery Epidemic during the Night. Several well respected shops in the town has during the night been thoroughly rubbed during the night. We strongly recommend that you hire watchmen to be in your shops during the night to prevent further raids from this band of thiefs ! And on a more curious note, anyone know which mod is it that has placed all those Paintings, Jewellery and "Fancy" looking Cutlery/Statuettes around Skyrim for Leonard to steal ??
  11. Not to derail the thread but don't like the sound of that. Is Deus Ex Mankind Divided that "bad" ?? I just started playing Deus Ex Human Revolution and so far liking it, and planning doing MD after. And to keep on track, definitely looking forward to CyberPunk 2077 when it coming out. Loved the Witcher series and although it be a different setting with this game I be most likely preordering it as soon as it is available in GOG or Steam.
  12. Beuwolf

    Project AHO

    Nice one indeed, it been bookmarked ! Now, wonder if @Gopher seen this and might include it in his playthrough, after all it does say it is catering for lower levels. Then again, not quiet a Theif mod so maybe he wont after all.
  13. Ahh thanks. Had a look at that mod but didn't see it mentioned. Also tried searching on Tarot Card, which didn't gave any hit. Never tried Fate Card though.
  14. Well, well now. This is starting to look a bit familiar in a way, almost when a certain Jack had a terrible time finding a Sledge Hammer, although this time Lenny is looking for a Torch. On another note, what is the mod Gopher is using for the Tarot card thingy ??