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  1. You might change your place for storing photos to Imgur or similar. Photobucket now want you to pay to be able to show your pictures. That is what I see when i clicking on your link above.
  2. Nope, never saw any of his Mod Streams, only the ones on YouTube. Was actually much later I started to try and catch his streams, and those only been game playing so far. Maybe he get back to some Skyrim Mod Streams one day.
  3. I watched him since 2013/2014 I think it was, started by watching his Skyrim Mod videos, especially for the Mod Organizer. The started watching his play throughs as well. @Cryzeteur beat me to it but yeah, in his mod videos he always say that you should read the instructions carefully and then he don't do it himself ! @Gopher You not following your own advices ehh ???
  4. 600+ views within the first 13 minutes. Seems like people been missing Richard. And for some reason he did sound rather surprised when he discovered the Frostfall Perk system, so looks like he updated the mod but didn't read up about it, naughty ! Loving the fact he is already distracted though, gonna take him several plays before he reaches Burma I think.
  5. Happened to check his YouTube earlier and was the 4th person viewing it, never been that early to one of his videos. Was fun to see him chase that raider around in just his Silver Shroud outfit and running in to other radiers, he should do similar things more often !
  6. Interesting start. So, one can't bring companions to Burma ?? Or was it just a normal Betsheda glitch.. lol In anycase, it be fun to see Richard running around again.
  7. YouTube

    No... no... no... no... no... no... It is not a good idea !! It is a GREAT idea ! Well, as long as the horse don't die again that is !
  8. Glad to hear I am not the only one that has replayed I and II before finishing III then !
  9. I am way into Triss, and so far she hasn't showed up and I am at the "turning point" shall we say, I stopped there and will continue one day when the mood is back for more witcher. So hearing that OutandBack had it happen so much earlier with Jen is surprising, but I guess it makes for an interesting playthough if that might happen. (And if anyone wondering why I not play it straight through is because I enjoying it to much and don't want it to finish. I have even replayed W1 and W2 when I was in the middle of W3. )
  10. That last quest has bugged out for him yes, it is one of the quests I done and the "suspect" did not behave that way with me, he was very much trying to kill me,
  11. He hasn't said anything yet, as far as I know. And he just streamed some Payday 2 and said he be going on holidays soon. So if something else is coming he already started it or it be in two weeks time when he back again.
  12. lets play

    Well, now Witcher 3 is over with and maybe he would play Mass Effect alongside with Fallout 4, would be awesome to see (for me atleast) something new being played that many say is a good game. (Never played Mass Effect so would be fun to watch.)
  13. Ahh well, the Witcher adventures finally come to an end.. or has it ? After all, there is 2 different endings in Witcher 1 that he could do, and another in Witcher 2 plus several more in Witcher 3. A little break and then start over again, maybe ? I read the comments on the YouTube video, there is a Roach quest to be found ??
  14. Seems he was not able to use the Golden Egg. That fight with Dettlaff sure was problematic, unless one has a sign build and a really good shield like @OutandBack said he had. Might have to do a respec before continuing later, not playing Witcher for the moment and might be a while before I do so we'll see what happens. As to what he has left I think he has not ....
  15. Well, he was right in that he missed (probably, unless he took it without letting anyone know just to be difficult. ) a bobblehead. Pretty sure there was no magazine or a stash of 1000 caps laying around at the Forge..