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  1. You don't have to try the mods one by one. Do them in batches, so deactivate all of them, activate say 20 mods, run the game. If all works, do another 20 mods and so on. If it crashes then one of the 20 you just activated are the culprit, so then deactivate 10 of them, if all works, add a couple more. If crash, deactivate some and try again. You can do more then 20 mods if you want, that number was just taken from thin air. 😜 Good luck finding the culprit !
  2. Not watched it myself yet but a second season was already confirmed in November. And here is their article as well. Netflix Life
  3. That's correct, if you never had a subscription. If you want though, and of course, can afford it. You could buy 3 x 12 monthly (as max, of course can buy less months) Xbox only game passes from keysites for around 40 Pound, so about 50 Dollars or so I think. Open an account on Xbox, unless you have one already Add the 3x12 month passes. Then you buy the 1 Dollar subscription for PC, and all those 36 month will be upgraded from Xbox game pass to ultimate game pass, which then allows you to play the Microsoft games both on your Xbox (if you have one) and PC. Which when now doing the calculation is not that big of a saving, but it would be roughly 4 dollars per month then, compared with the PC pass. But since this is actually a ultimate pass, which costs normally 14,99 dollars per month, there is some savings to be had. This would only really be a benefit if you have an Xbox though, if only on PC as you can see, wont be that much of a saving. Although, looking at the Xbox game pass comparison site, PC pass might be 9,99 per month, since it crossed out for the moment and saying 4,99/mo (Introductory price). So who knows, if price goes up, then it actually might be worth it this way as well, as long as your first membership for ultimate will be just 1 Dollar. Taken from Join Xbox Games Pass site. Now, I have not done this personally (yet!) since I'm still on Windows 7, but thinking of upgrading so who knows. But that's what I read on a UK forum I'm on. If interested, although it is quiet a bit of reading, I post that link as well here - Xbox Game Pass for PC | Overclockers UK Forums -, incase anyone want to read what people that actually done it says.
  4. For you that thinking about playing the game. You could get the xBox game pass for PC for $1 if you not already signed up to it. If you happen to have the console subscription, you can convert the time on that and get the Ultimate pass for $1 as well, and it would convert any time you have left on the normal console pass to Ultimate, up to 36 months. Tad cheaper if money is tight, and you also have about 100 other games you can play. On your PC, no need for console unless you already have one of course. The only requirement would be that you have Windows 10, and of course you wont be owning the game, but if you find it satisfactory, you can then buy the game once it is down in price. Just make sure to read the fine print to be on the safe side. Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)
  5. I do but some does need some fiddling. Not sure if those two mods needed it but you do need this to start with: Unification Patch for 1.32 - 1.31 - 1.31 GOTY - 1.31A Game Versions - Most mods requires this so they will work nicely together no matter the version. You can use Nexus Vortex, Mod Organizer or Nexus old one but one that I found easier is The Witcher 3 Mod Manager, quiet easy to add and remove mods, not as much works as with Vortex for example. Then I have been using these mods: Script Merger - Needed to merge all mods and make sure all conflicts gets solved before starting the game. Friendly Hud - Customize the hud as you want it, clean screen, just the compass, effects just showing if low on health or in fight etc. Also have the option to pause cat effect once outside of caves and to unpause it at night. So no more glaring white if under the effect when exiting a cave ! Corrected Sorting - I used this mainly because I'm a lootholic and once you get stacks of 100+ the items can be spread out in the backpack. Sort Everything - Not used this, but saw it now on the Friendly HUD page and it would be a mod I would use if I played it again. Has a slight conflict with Corrected Sorting though, as can be seen in the description of the mod. Choose Which Alcohol Refills Alchemy - Simply, getting a ton of Dwarfen Spirits but game picks Alchotest if you have that in backpack. This mod you can pick what you want to use to refil with. All Quest Objectives on Map - Only shows quests that's in the journal so no spoilers so to speak. Works well with Colored Map Markers which I also used. Be careful and read the descriptions on both mod if you be using both of them. Disable Intro and Storybook Videos - You might remember this one from Gopher's mod videos, has been in my game since I played it first time. Perks Always Active - Just for the General Skill perks, always found it weird that they weren't from start. Obviously have to be careful with certain perks there since they might clash, i.e. the 3 different armor perks. Maybe a little bit of a cheat mod but as mentioned, always thought the General Skills should been done like this from the start. Then there is just some smaller quality of life mods like Icon Text, Gear Improvements Last Longer, Griffin Set (Slim version), Potions and Decoctions Small Duration Tweak and the two you used above as well. Then there is the Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project, which I have not used but suppose to be really good. Adding it incase you would want it. Something for you to look through if you thinking on restarting the game again.
  6. If you missing the game, reinstall it and replay it again then ? maybe with mods this time around if you didn't have any last time.
  7. Sooo.. This 15 minutes playthrough just been shown and I'm glad I already preordered the game ! It looks like it gonna be awesome and just now I am listening to the interview and what they are telling about the game sounds awesome as well !
  8. I am enjoying it as well, yes. Unfortunately for me I'm going away over the weekend so wont be able to play it until Sunday again. Glad you enjoying it though ! Now when you have your permanent companion, the one you picked up in first city can now be changed as well, since you have access to the Rift. He wont level past lvl 6, just so you know. But with access to the Rift you can easily change your 2 additional Pawns anytime you around a Rift Stone. Unless you prefer just playing with your main character and the permanent pawn you having.
  9. No rush, enjoy your day and play it another day ! 🍾
  10. Have sent you the code, hope you enjoy the game !
  11. Happy Birthday to you ! Feeling generous so if you not played Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen, let me know and it be a birthday present for you !
  12. Welcome to the Forums Aleskia ! Reading this thread I am feeling rather young at 49, which is not to often that happens !
  13. The fan at the bottom is part of the PSU, it is sitting on the side, probably due to saving bit of space. The middle part at the back might have the SSD behind it, at least there is screw dampeners showing there. Got to admit there is a sever lack of fans in that case, it gonna be hot in there ! If you not going to have any more SSD's installed you could put one or two fans underneath the GPU (blowing in) and one above it at the back (blowing out). All depending what the temperature shows you after you have it up and running for a while.
  14. As Cryzeteur said in regards to the game, do a fresh install since you going from Win 7 to Win 10 and just transfer your save files. Just be aware that not all game save their files in the My Games folder in your document folder. You have to search where each game is being saved using google to be on the safe side. Have fun with your new PC !
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