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  1. Hi Dave, sorry for being absent, not taking ground it seems, playing this text RPG Ron introduced me to, Torn. Yes, my mom went back, she had an oxygen shortage, and didn't wake up, so I called the ambulance to come and pick her up, then she got that hospital virus and needed to be isolated from everyone. We had to wear protective gear when we visited her, felt like science fiction. And did you take that apartment? Pawn at D2 to D4
  2. Long time no see, glad you are back. Knight at G1 to F3
  3. I am fine, after a crazy busy term, I am on holiday. sleeping, playing and learning. Best wishes with the sale, hope everything works out, will give your "love" to the others . Kisses and hugs
  4. Wow, Dave, you are very busy these days, I hope you don't forget your friends.
  5. Have a great week, Dave! It all sounds good with your new job, may it continue like that forever What is happening with the spaceship? Busy with a modding project for Skyrim, named The Gatherer- The lost lovers. I hope I have the stamina to complete this, already put a lot of work into the Haunted Inn. CK isn't very stable. See you! hugs & kisses
  6. Hi, the new school looks amazing, I envy you your beach. You do know I was joking about the wine, if I was drinking I will be snoring(sleeping) all over the tests, instead of marking. This school, is it a private school? I am a little hesitant about the RP, still finding my feet, you lot intimidate me as experienced RP players. Bishop at B2 to C3
  7. Just glad it is long weekend, it started before I could kill anyone in my register class. They have been very trying these couple of last days we've been writing mini exams. Like they were taking their frustrations out on me. So hopefully I will recharge my patience meter this weekend and it will hold until the holidays in 2 weeks time. In the meantime, I have about 300 tests to mark this weekend, so I will do it with a bottle of wine next to me () Otherwise my life is "mixed up", I wish I could just get it in line. Good thing, I have been eating healthier and exercising, lost 10 kg, my mother is hopefully home next week, she really looks good. That's all I think..... Knight at D5 takes your Bishop?(I think, I can't see) at B4.
  8. Congratulations, Dave, I am so happy for you!
  9. I can believe, it is his childhood home? But children are resilient, you are not moving towns, so he is still in familiar surroundings and with his friends. Give him time. The job interview, still waiting?
  10. Thank you, Dave. It seems Friday is the day she is coming out of the hospital. I hope everything works out, Dave. Best wishes with the sale.
  11. I hope so too for your sake, otherwise it will be an useless exercise and a waste of time. My mother is hopefully coming out on Thursday from the hospital, so let's hold our thumbs. Have a great week, Dave, three weeks left until holiday. YES! Knight at C7 takes your Queen at D5
  12. I am so glad, may the odds be in your favour my friend. Good, I wondered what happen to the ship See you!
  13. No, rather they are searching for a last meal before winter. My poor dogs are suffering, I need to bath them. Knight at B5 takes pawn at C7, check
  14. Is that per month, wow, I maybe get a third of that!? If it is per month, definitely take it. I really hope you get it, Dave. Holding fingers and thumbs tightly and prayers. The seasons are changing here, as well as the insects, warnings of ticks and lice are in the air. See you later! Pawn at B2 takes your Bishop at B3
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