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  1. Could it work as a "The Forest", "Rust", "Minecraft" co-op game with friends?' I have tried it for a bit, but hasn´t got the hang of it. Is it popular? Or is it considered not playable? Any info is appreciated. /Dave
  2. Cool, they even have a product id set for the game. Great News!!
  3. A Fallout RPG? Anyone....

  4. 2051 Seeking to protect business interests and their oil supply, the United States begins to exert increasing pressure on Mexico beginning in 2051. This cited the political instability and pollution stemming from Mexico as a threat to the United States. Various economic sanctions serve to destabilize Mexico, and the United States military entered Mexico to keep the oil refineries running and making sure oil and fuel continue to make their way north across the border at Mexico's expense. The Resource Wars were a series of conflicts that began in April 2052 with the start of the war between the European Commonwealth and the Middle East. 2066----2075 (ongoing) With conditions deteriorating between the United States and China, a military presence in Alaska was established to prevent a possible invasion across the Bering Strait. With increasingly scarce oil reserves, a last deep-sea deposit below the Pacific Ocean was claimed by China before allegedly being sabotaged by American special operatives. Strained relationships spiraled downward into conflict as China marched on Alaska, and the Sino-American War of 2066 erupted. Under the command of General Jingwei, the Chinese Army usurped control of Alaska's oil pipeline and reserves and stationed themselves in the city of Anchorage. In response, the Americans initiated a series of sabotage operations to cripple the Chinese military strength and both belligerents began throwing men at each other in the trenches of Alaska. With the inception of American mechanized Power Armor troops in the city of Shantou in the province of Quandong, on December 4th 2074, the retaliation begun. The next step is to hit three targets along the Yangtze river: Three Gorges Dam, Nanjing and Shanghai. INTEL report that 127th Light Mechanized Infantry Division of the 54th Army PLA is fortifying Nanjing in late December 2074. The theater of "The Long River" will be played in three acts starting with act 1: The Dam under three veils. ************* Players are welcome and we can discuss how to proceed. /Dave
  5. I found a mine below a log cabin with signs For Free and take what you want. By somegirl89 ot somesuch. It was a vast mine with lava pools.
  6. So, now I've reached the northern barrier. I backtracked and found a pine island where I built a lodge.
  7. Today I ventured north. Found Cold Water Farm or something similar. Built a lookout at a nearby mountaintop. Also, I canoed the rivers of the north and established a wheat farm close to a flower farm bonanza where named horses roamed a village. Sweet!
  8. Hi all! I've been travelling a bit. Not to Westworld but close. Will send pictures when I get back to the cabin. /Dave
  9. Yello mate! Richard goes Bruma - sounds great.
  10. I have bought the "real" game rules and will be using them instead. The Tales From The Loop RPG. So, no Lovecraft in this game. I am hosting the game at a Lovecraft site, though. But we've run Resident Evil, PARANOIA and Dr Who games over there as well, so no worries!
  11. This game will start at June 5th over at http://www.callofcthulhu.org.uk/pbp/viewforum.php?f=398 Welcome to read along or join in!
  12. Ah, sorry to hear. No, did not take it. We have to sell our apartment before agreeing to rent. We'll see how it goes. I'm in turmoil about the sale and am taking a few days off during the bidding process. Can't be at work worrying about my "business" - better to be at work at full capacity. Hoping for a solution before Wednesday! Games can engulf us, I know that! Great you found a game worth playing!
  13. C6-F4 Yes, it's good to be back. I've not been totally offline as I've posted regularly on twitter. Hope your mom gets better. Did she visit the hospital yet another time? I thought she had come home a long time ago.
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