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  1. To be fair, I had to do the reloading for the final match quite a bit, can't really work with the Skellige deck. Makes for great entertainment though, the most efficient use of time, by losing a gwent tournament.
  2. You got any issues with mods? Lengthy compiling errors? Script Merges are not enaugh? I'm no mod creator myself, but can read "the machine language" The Witcher 3 uses, if you need a script adjusted, or your favorite mod does not run, hit me up. Be sure to include the following in your post: - Error log from script compilation - Names of Mods affected
  3. My favorite is medium armor, it still seems the most "Witcher" to me, also like almost all looks of them. But I must admit I took a mod to change the gear number required for set bonuses, also gives room to switch up the gear. Gonna try fully heavy armor on my next playthrough, also with scaling on, maybe that solves the growing with the armor trouble?
  4. Did not find that topic yet, apart from the odd character build question, but alas, why not gather them here? I'm gonna make a start, but feel free to add your own and discuss (use @<Name> for better referencing). In short, if you don't care or want to endure my video : All-rounder-Build slightly more focused on Alchemy Metamorphisis Mutation Crippling Strikes, Side Effects, Puppet Master, Whirl as most important skills Manticore Gear and Wolven Gear suited can chug a ton of potions, does some of them randomly and for free (no toxicity cost) Calculated: http://www.rpg-gaming.com/tw3.html?v=1&a=0315537595a5&b=15436393&c=0543556285d2&d=e1&l=02012522831141451960770a805916a09b00c26d2d&m=08152232&r=7238&u=8 Happy to hear of your thoughts and builds!
  5. More on Aerondight, since I did not test it my self long enough: Someone did the math: http://forums.cdprojektred.com/forum/en/the-witcher-series/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt/story-locations-and-characters-discussion-spoilers/inventory-and-items/104823-how-exactly-does-the-aerondight-sword-work?p=3136182#post3136182 Level of the sword does not represent its possible damage then: I prefer Wolven swords for the crit chance, but on pure damage base, Aerondight can be better, once you leveled up the charges. What do I do with junk items? I only keep a few memorabilia (anti-vampire garlic, how novel and Dimeritium Axes, the rest is sold. On the Grandmaster level, it was the Acid from Giant Centipedes and Archespores that where missing for me, hunted a few, bought the acid, but never ran out of gold or ingots. NG+ economy is lucrative, maybe botched. That reminds me, gonna make share a build in another post.
  6. I would be up for a test round, GOG name is the same as I registered with. I haven't tested the PvP system yet, but friend list matches are entirely possible, my decks also didn't get reset yet, it's not planned to happen either.
  7. Neverwinter Nights and in fact a few other old games actually are just included with your account on GOG, NWN was a promo for the winter sale. You get a free GOTY copie of good game that doesn't interfere with any version you had before and consider at a "dirty spot"? We must have a different view on gifted horses I guess. Personally I did not notice any changes from the GOTY version, did not solve my problem with mods (basically don't work at all), but also didn't introduce any other problems. Not tested, but I think the achievements on GOG track only per copy, the only difference I guess.
  8. Never noticed that as a problem myself, since I was under-leveled for rushing the main quest on Story and Sword difficulty. But yes, a quest under your level will give significantly less XP, no matter what quest it is. Story Quests give more, so having a sneak peak into the Addons could be helpful, but doesn't HoS start at 35? Do you have Gwent, fist fighting or races to do? they are quick enough to catch up.
  9. Even more absurd in freezing and damage is the "Piercing Cold" mutation with 360 Aard. Frost in all forms is fun.
  10. I've read all the books between Witcher 1 and 2 (they released earlier in German), so that I never needed the books to understand the Witcher story, but make the experience while playing richer. The games where just more nice stories in the same universe and I liked the homages to the source material very much. Regarding your mediocre experience with the short stories, I've heard now several times that the fan translations might be better than the official ones for English. The German versions are pretty nice, but I've never compared them to the Polish original. Maybe it's all a bit style of the translator as well.
  11. Would join that, or even moderate the games, I can get quite nerdy with TCGs. Let's see if CDProject adds a spectator mode or tournament tools.
  12. Good tool that, tempts me to share my current build: COMBAT / ALCHEMY - EUPHORIA This is my second build for NG+ and I want to go allrounder with medium armor (currently with Manticore set). Ultematively I want to go for the "Metamorphis" mutation and the "Side Effects" perk, just chugging all the random potions without toxicity problems.
  13. You can count me in, been intrigued with the Witcher since the first game. Of which I only played the game demo at start, but later got the enhanced edition. Right after finishing the contained short novel "The Witcher" I've also devoured all of the books. And of course stayed a huge fan of the games, all book references are just the best part for me. To play of the previous poster, I found "Season of Storms" to be quite a good read, I can not speak for any other translations other than German, but that novel is just the most classic Witcher contract you could expect, meaning full of twists and turns and good action. I also can't shake the feeling that the devs at CDProject already included more references to this newest book in Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.
  14. Surprise - streams are back! And we will have look at Grand Ages: Medieval. On my YT channel, LP's continue with The Hobbit and Hand of Fate.
  15. From the article I can only add the following point: - Fallout stays singleplayer, because that is part of the wasteland feel What I think: - only 1 follower is bad, at least we know what to mod first - the CE has nothing else besides the Pip-Boy
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