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  1. Have you ever thought about sending your name to Mars. Well now's' your chance just click the link and you will be on your way...


    1. Cryzeteur


      I got a square foot of Mars in a Crackerjacks box back in the '50s. I'll bet no one kept a record of those deeds. I did buy a star and have it named after me. Is that egotistic or not?

      It was a gift... my wife got the star next to me.

  2. I cant wait for the Ray of Hope mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  Call of Pripyat

    or at least see Gopher try it out

  3. Today at work, one of the air compressors for the paint guns exploded. It scared the shit out of me. Almost made me drop what I was sanding. Almost;)

    1. Silverthorn1111


      I think I probably know how you felt :) My bike tire exploded last year while I was trying to repair it... It was so loud it made me fall down on my ass and I couldn't hear anything for 1min... :o

  4. Yesterday when walking home from work, I saw a sock on the ground

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    2. Merp17


      I once lost my T.V. remote for two years before I found it again. The worst part of it was I lost it when I had captions enabled on my T.V.

    3. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      What would Gopher do? Check the value to weight ratio.

    4. Flyddon


      "What would Gopher do?"   Are you kidding...  take it, sock = Cloth, find a clipboard and bang you have an instant bed.

  5. A couple of days ago I got a fortune from a fortune cookie it said...

    "Don't just exist - Live"

    That almost the best one I've ever seen. The best one I have ever seen simply said "Ask Your Mom":lol:. My friend actually taped to his laptop so everyone could see it.

    1. Badges


      Both of those are wonderful

  6. Happy Birthday please enjoy this Gif



  7. @KittyLordMeow-Meows here's a game that seems like it is going to me a good alt to MHO http://www.pcgamer.com/dauntless-gameplay-monster-hunter-pc/

    1. KittyLordMeow-Meows


      Yeah, I've been getting that in my yt feed a lot lately. It definitely has potential.

    2. Merp17


      Speaking of MHFU earlier, here are some pics I took on my psp

      let me see if this will work


  8. Does any of the Minions here play Monster Hunter? 

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    2. Merp17


      Yeah I just found out the Unofficial English patch doesn't work any more since they updated the game and encrypted it, So yeah...that sucks. Now we really have no choice but to wait.

    3. KittyLordMeow-Meows


      Nuuuuu! :< I was gonna try it to  OTL

    4. Merp17


      I know it sucks, they just need people who have experience with file encryption so they can get into the files and make update the patch so it works again. Well if you are will to play it in Chinese you still can, although it will be very hard to understand the HUD.

  9. My mind is a swirling miasma of scintillating thoughts and turgid ideas.

  10. Happy Birthday and remember to have a Superawesomeamazing day or evening depending when you see this...oh yeah *cough cough* Dude.

    1. OutandBack


      Thank you Merp


  11. I've got a bone to pick with someone, now all we need is a pickaxe.:P

  12. I found Waldo today.:D

    1. Merp17


      He was on a skate board in Playa Del Ray California.

  13. The other night I had a dream. I was in a van or small bus with a group of people I don't know in real life but apparently I did in the dream world. Anyways this car pulls up in front of us and some yells "There's the Brown Banana Gang, Get them!" and everyone pulls out guns that look like super soakers and start shooting. The guns didn't shoot water but liquid cheese and solid cheese, Cheddar cheese.

    1. Merp17


      That is the average dream for me. Not with the Brown Banana Gang, but just really weird and trippy.

    2. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      I had a dream where I kid bunnies, and laughed about it.   Woke up with a cold sweat.

  14. So I was going threw the museum archive I volunteer at and I found this the Doak model 17...


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    2. Merp17


      Transportation. They had a whole evaluation on this thing. They where even think of making it bigger and adding more people! Here are the other images I copied...Wait sorry Imgur isn't working right now ill do it later I guess

    3. Teddy Harvest

      Teddy Harvest

      Minions existed even before the dark Lord: confirmed!

    4. Merp17


      Yeah the Model 16 went threw many variations. One looked like a flying box! It was the really the only successful VTOL aircraft. NASA even studied it. I also have pics of that if you are interested. Anyways here are the Blueprints I was talking about. Remember it was never built. If you want to know how fast it was going to be and other stuff like that I'll take the folder out when I get the chance and tell you. P.S. I want oneLTgGtYL.jpg2ckBYX8.jpgaBuY5t2.jpgETH7mY4.jpg

  15. Does anyone want a Tropico 4 Steam key? I loose it on the 17th.

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    2. Merp17


      It still might work here try it 57BYQ-RQGJF-W9X3Z

    3. Just Louise

      Just Louise


      Thank you! :)

    4. Merp17


      :lol: I take it that it worked.

  16. Happy Birthday man! I hope you have a wicked and totally gnarly day! HehB)

    1. Gorzkiewski


      Considering how tipsy I am when writing this reply - your wishes were totally on the spot. :P 

  17. Merp Wisdom # eleventy twelve

    The more you breathe the more you keep plants alive.:D

  18. Well I'm back from Catalina Island. I had a blast. The thing I did most was snorkeling. I found three crayons, A stainless steel silverware knife, a really big spork, a hundred dollar pair of sunglasses, and little fishes and big stingrays. I did a lot more like take a tour in a golf cart, Everyone drives a golf cart there, and I made a malt with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cotton Candy flavored ice cream. I know it sounds gross but it isn't. First you taste the chocolate chip cookie dough then it has the cotton candy after taste. Yummy. That's all I can say  right know without this getting too long. So yeah I hope you guys had a great time doing your thing and watching gopher's vids.:D

    1. ShawnBoucher


      Sounds like fun. Now you can make a Catalina Island shadow box with your snokeling finds :)


    2. Merp17


      I sadly didn't take any pictures of my finds:( I forgot I had my camera and I left all the stuff at the bottom of the water about 8ft deep(I didn't bring anything to put them in). If you leave right now you can probably find them. I feel so ashamed of myself...oh that reminds me I also found an unused chewing gum stick. The only pictures I took was when we were leaving the Island by boat. I will upload them to Imgur and show them to you guys tomorrow. Next time I go I will make sure to get pictures of my finds and the little fishies I swam with. I also forgot to mention a round trip is free on the Catalina Express on your birthday. So that's fun. I didn't do that I went on my friends boat and dingy.

  19. I wont be here for a week, unless I us my friends computer, because I am going to Catalina Island. So you wont be able to enjoy my Merp Wisdom. In case I cant get to the computer on the 18th I want to with @Dalitasdrain a Totally Radical Birthday DudeB). So yeah I guess that is it for now see yah.

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    2. KittyLordMeow-Meows


      Merp will be missed, R.I.P

    3. KittyLordMeow-Meows


      I should have said M.I.P =.= 

    4. Merp17


      I am able to use my friends computer today so its alright. I was worried they wouldn't have WiFi.:P

      Still cant watch Gophers vids because the WiFi is pretty bad. I don't like watching videos below 720p and especially at 144p when it dips down.

  20. Another dose of Merp wisdom for ya. You can pick your friends & you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose. You have to let them be who they are & pick it themselves.

  21. I have just changed my background pic to this...


    Wing Commander James Edgar 'Johnnie' Johnson DSO & 2 Bars, DFC & Bar, commanding No. 144 (Canadian) Wing, on the the wing of his Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX with his Labrador retriever 'Sally', at Bazenville Landing Ground in Normandy.
    31st of July 1944.

    (nb He is seen here wearing an RAF issue Battle Dress Blouse in Khaki often worn by Australian pilots in the Middle East and Italy)
    Johnson had been interested in aviation since his youth, and applied to join the RAF; initially rejected, first on social, and then on medical grounds, in August 1939 he was eventually accepted. An old rugby injury caused problems during his early training and flying career, resulting in him missing the campaigns in the Low Countries and France and the Battle of Britain. In 1940 Johnson had an operation to reset his injured collarbone, and began flying regularly.

    He took part in the offensive sweeps over German-occupied Europe from 1941 to 1944, almost without rest.

    By late June 1944, Johnnie Johnson surpassed the record 32 victories of "Sailor" Malan which was highly publicized by the press. Johnnie emphasized that "it was the duty of any leader to have their pilots destroy as many enemy aircraft as possible, not gain personal victories". "Teamwork was essential to ensure a maximum offensive and defensive effectiveness, flushing out and stalking the enemy to bring as many guns to bear as possible".

    In early July the three Canadian Spitfire Wings, 126, 127 and 144 were formed into two Wings, Nos. 126 and 127 with Johnnie Johnson commanding 127 Wing comprised of 404, 441 and 442 Squadrons of the RCAF.

    On August 23rd, Johnnie Johnson shot down two FW190s and his aircraft was hit for the first time by enemy fire. After the combat, he found himself separated from the Wing ( a most dangerous situation) and he proceeded to join a formation of six aircraft after a friendly wing waggle from its leader. He discovered too late that he had inadvertently joined up with a formation of Me109s! Miraculously he escaped by pulling up and climbing into the sun at full power. When the supercharger kicked in he got the extra boost of speed that he needed and he escaped safely but not without taking a cannon shell in his wing root. Upon returning to base he obtained another Spitfire and again went right back into combat.

    On the 27th of September 1944, Johnnie Johnson dove out of the sun to claim his 38th and final aerial victory. Through 515 operational sorties he was fortunate enough to only be holed once.

    In March of 1945, Johnnie Johnson was promoted to Group Captain and given command of No. 125 Wing (in an administrative role) but he often led the Wing or a Squadron.

    Johnson was one of the highest decorated pilots to emerge from the War and continued his career in the RAF serving in the Korean War until his retirement in 1965 with the rank of Air Vice Marshal.

    (He died on the 30th of January 2001 - aged 85)
  22. Another fact from your neighborhood Merp: Love is Evol spelled backwards.:lol:

    1. Just Louise

      Just Louise

      Then 'evolution' is 'noit love'...

      Fitting, as that's pretty much a requirement for evolution.

    2. Merp17


      Wow I didn't think of that. Also "race car" is "race car" backwards.:P

    3. ShawnBoucher


      And Evian is Naive which is hilarious and fitting :)


  23. Happy Birthday Dude! I hope you have a totally radical birthday today. huhha:D

    1. ShawnBoucher


      Congratulations on surviving one more year. May you continue this trend well into the future :)


    2. 50calHeadshots


      Thanks :D Sorry for the late answers *facepalm*

  24. Cant wait for the new cartoon Justice League Action w/ Mark Hamill as the Joker like he was in  Batman: The Animated series. Here take a look yall. :Dhttp://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2016/07/22/mark-hamills-joker-returns-in-justice-league-action.aspx


    1. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      Looks pretty good. I've watched most of DC animation.  I've enjoyed almost all of them.

  25. Has anyone else noticed Gopher gets between 10-20 dislikes for every video he posts. Do these people just subscribe to him for the sole reason of watching his videos and disliking them? Or do they not even bother to watch his vids and dislike anyway?

    1. ShawnBoucher


      I doubt they subscribe at all or watch the video's for that matter. Trolling for trolling sake. Perhaps some of them have had what they see as a negative exchange in his comments section who knows what sets people off. But in the end you have to go to the video to dislike and that counts as traffic which I believe helps Gopher. 

    2. Just Louise

      Just Louise

      This is a (rough) Gopher quote:

      "[You know you're getting successful on YouTube when you have your first 'thumbs down'-stalker.]" gopherStivLogo

      Sad but true.