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  1. Again, sorry About that

  2. Thanks, and I'm a guy, just for future reference and all that.
  3. Okay, I know two entries in a short amount of time is a bit overzealous, but I remembered something from when I was little and watching Ice Age, and look what I found:
  4. What do you call a guy on his 18th birthday?
  5. Currently trying to make an image macro with the Newman picture
  6. Ride into the sunset and never look back, Indricotherium. Embrace it, embrace the in-joke.
  7. This is Newman, Newman the Indricotherium. Newman likes long walks in the beach and poetry.
  8. Ah, yes. I can still remember watching that for the first time. I wasn't sure if I enjoyed it, I'm still not sure. But am I glad I experienced it? Also not sure.
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