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  1. I might be interested in it, for PC, once the price comes way down...otherwise, no.
  2. It was like someone flipped a switch; one day I was enjoying a FO4 survival playthrough, then the next day....zero interest in continuing it. That was back in May....I don't even watch FO4-gameplay-related videos anymore (Gopher and MATN were the ones I'd watch). I'm glad that BGS is moving on; Fallout 4 is fatally flawed for longterm gameplay as far as I'm concerned...unless you like the building aspect of it. I got sucked back into Skyrim and my favorite take on it...Requiem; I'm having an absolute blast. Just so many possibilities in Skyrim....a charm that FO4 clearly doesn't have. Here's to hoping ES6 isn't tainted...whenever it may see the light of day.
  3. Well, I'm done with the whole Fallout 4 thing, quit it back in early May and haven't gone back...lost all interest in it basically overnight for some reason, lol (on a high level survival character). Now TW3 has Blood and Wine and it's calling my NG+ character....but one thing is standing in the way...good ole Skyrim (I really love Requiem). Somehow, I got ensnared in it's grip again and, well, I'm thoroughly loving every minute of it (delved into a more complete role play and have discovered things I'd not seen before). I'll get back to TW3 eventually...it's not completely forgotten.
  4. This post from Pete Hines was interesting: It's either FUD or they really aren't...in any case, it's interesting.
  5. One thing's for certain...the remastered version will NOT help me get over my Skyrim addiction. FO4 was nice and all, but for me, it starts to feel soul-less and dull after awhile, even with survival mode...something that Skyrim's never had a problem with (I really adore the Requiem mod). I'm sure that by the time October rolls around the SKSE team will have a 64 bit version waiting in the wings and a great majority of our favorite mods will work fine. Not sure about large overhauls, like Requiem, but I'm not going to worry too much...my current installation looks great (no ENB) and is stable; I'll play it until the remastered version has it all. I would also expect that Bethesda will have gotten their sh&t in gear with policing mods properly by then so that the vast Skyrim modding community remains safe.
  6. Pete Hines tweeted that the special edition will be a separate game from normal Skyrim, so mods on the "legacy" version will remain intact. Pete Hines clarifies this point...
  7. Glad to see Jack finally come back! I'm completely done with FO4 (and all things related) and back into Skyrim Requiem, but FNV is always welcome!
  8. Nope. I've not used PA since the brief moment in Concord where it's handed to you; I'm up to level 51 with a carry weight of 265. I started with a carry weight of 85 during the beta...perks and deep pockets have helped a lot. PA and fusion cores are pretty worthless to me, though I'll still collect fusion cores if I see them (they weight a lot).
  9. The Sleep or Save mod by Loganbacca allows the option for full saves (set from the in-game config). This mod still uses the beds, but gives you the option to either sleep/save or just save. It also has a crafting element to create save pills, which I would guess be great for quick exits (I haven't really used that part of it beyond testing). Personally, I think restricting the saves is about the only thing that makes Survival Mode interesting and exciting. That said...the pull of Skyrim Requiem is getting stronger the longer I hang on in FO4 (now at level 52 with survival beta leftover character).
  10. Thanks for planting this seed...it's going to sprout.
  11. Pretty funny stuff, but I had to turn it off halfway through...I swear it made my eyes hurt...maybe something with the recording. I changed over to Gopher's latest FO4 playthrough episode and felt better.
  12. Yours worked fine for me this time. Dunno...intermittent quirk perhaps?
  13. Well, at least I'm not the only one experiencing oddities of some type.
  14. Took awhile to quote you...the forum's giving me fits today for some reason...it kept wanting to quote Morrandir with an empty box for some reason. I really couldn't tell you if they adjusted the distribution...they didn't say anything during the beta other than posting brief patch notes after an update that didn't noticeably change from the previous version. For example, they broke Preston in one patch, then fixed him in the next (he stopped handing out missions...some would call this a blessing)...the fix wasn't mentioned in the patch notes...they weren't great communicators. That said, I seem to be finding more on this playthrough than I did on my first survival playthrough (which only got to level 25 before I wanted to try a different approach), so it's possible something changed or I'm just being a bit more methodical in my loot combing (it's taken me FOREVER to start moving south). I love to explore and could really care less about the MQ; I'm still supposed to go find Nick and haven't bothered yet. I did start the MM and joined the BoS/RR. I have not yet turned in my initial MM quest to Preston as I simply haven't been back to the Sanctuary area in ages, but I've advanced the RR enough to get the weave. Still haven't done enough in the BoS for vertibirds...those will be handy to have sometime. I enjoy taking breathers at the settlements and have managed to build up some decent bases at Starlight, Hangmans, and Jamaica Plain...most of the other settlements I find, I'll interact with just enough to be able to have a decent bed.
  15. Is anyone else having an issue quoting folks in a thread? I hit the quote button on a particular post and I get a quote from someone else entirely, then I can't get out of the quote box to enter anything. Happened at work with the Vivaldi browser and now at home with the Chrome browser with the dark theme. Going to toss my cookies........and see if that works. Hmm, please delete this if it ended up in the wrong spot.
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