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  1. Aww, it's ADORABLE! :3

    (Picture below!)

    Witches drove deep into the woods and met the deer. Thank you so much for all the supports everyone. Please enjoy!
    ( @Philosophercat, @TheAD209, is there any hope?)

    1. Philosophercat


      Hope never dies (unless @TheAD209 murders it, of course. Please don't.)!

    2. Gorzkiewski
    3. KittyLordMeow-Meows


      I'm a horrible person.. ._.

  2. I didn't add an edit comment to my edited post before the topic was closed! YAFUD. :( 

    Seems it took me too much time to make enough research and write: 
    'I've found some interesting aesthetics in keeping the lines at the exact length. It is as strange as alliterative verses in the Old Anglo-Saxon poetry.' 

  3. Plotting supreme evil schemes since 2008

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