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  1. Warhammer RPG sale!

    Some Warhammer RPG books are on sale on Humble Bundle until 27th-ish September 2017.
  2. Music

    Plastic Love, Mariya Takeuchi
  3. Our Darklord face reveal...

    Gopher is an AI, any reveals are perfectly executed hoaxes to cover up the truth.
  4. That moment when Gopher noticed the blast door problem: Huzzah, more Vault 88 footage!
  5. I hoped he won't notice. Now we'll have a whole episode just about that.
  6. The fact that I remember how vault exits looked like in FO1 & FO2 makes me scream internally when Gopher puts the blast door the other way round.
  7. Game Sales (Steam and Non-Steam Companies)

    Starpoint Gemini 2 and one of its DLC is for free on Steam.
  8. Music

    Night of Nights, ZUN (original artist)
  9. Music

  10. Music

  11. Music

  12. 1234 replies in the music thread. Neat. 


  13. Please unban me

    I would be utmost grateful if you could refrain from flooding other users' public message feed and limit yourself to either this post or private messages (if agreed upon). Thank you in advance for your compassion and understanding.