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  1. the initial conversation where i joined you was when you stated that you'd wondered if you'd ever get on the server again, I said I hear ya, those dang kids need to get to bed... As long as we've managed to clear that up then
  2. obviously the comment wasn't directed at you unless you're in school with a full time job... that i mean American Middle or Highschool
  3. Alright on the Topic of the Cult of Xelphos, they are just a chapter of the Minions, we are all subjects in our Dark Lord's Domain.
  4. i hear ya kids ought to be gettin' to bed in North America, and its too Early in Europe...
  5. Hey I just wanted to answer Gopher's question about what he is to the settlers of Far Harbor and the Commonwealth. He's a real estate developer. He does Land Development. Also he is a plantation owner. Basically Frieza. Also Gopher wants to know what Jerky is Jerky thinly sliced is dried smoked meat. it was done as a means of preserving meat. can be readily consumed and is a chewy. good stuff that
  6. Well, you're in PC Gamer so congratulations! http://www.pcgamer.com/add-dynamic-depth-of-field-to-fallout-4-with-dynavision-mod/?ns_campaign=article-feed&ns_mchannel=ref&ns_source=steam&ns_linkname=0&ns_fee=0 Note Documentary Length Video.
  7. Eh... im a plebiscite so i dont minecraft much
  8. I wounder if Gopher has given thought to the 1.3 patch. It does fix the defence glitches that keep popping up and the radiant defend this settlement quests you would have to be traveling with garvey or have radio freedom turned on. Also wires don't cost copper. Im sure hes read the thing and is just waiting for the patch to come out of beta
  9. I remember getting fed up with a mountain in our(PHCC) group's sever once. Dug that fucker out to the bedrock then made it into a vault space.
  10. @Shadowlyn careful, i just might be tempted to pet that kitty. Love to pet a furry putty tat
  11. HMMM... yep I like Gopher's Taxi service, I also learned thatyou can change the destination midflight, so if you were looking to land in an undiscovered area all you have to do is plan you path so the vertibird flys over the undiscovered area and then order it to do a forced landing I think it will also do a little bit of air support.
  12. oh monday is the guaranteed day off for me with my job. its the slow season right now so I get a couple of days off a week I will truely try to enjoy myself. Also I would like to mention I saw deadpool last night, it gave me a huge giggle.
  13. Dragon Age has nothing to do with the reference. Don't Dragon Age here, pure Norse folklore was my source. Punitive damages punitive!
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