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  1. I'm just amazed he hasn't realized that "Light COmbat Armor" and "Sturdy/Tough Combat Armor" are actually different tiers. He just keeps scrapping them! ;_;
  2. Unique Uniques from Skyrim would be awesome to have in Fallout. One mod that came out recently enables the headlight on the combat armor helmet. Can't seem to find the link but it should be on the nexus
  3. So I've been playing the game to and from since launch and there's a thing that's starting to bug me. The way we find pieces for power armor. More often than not I find a complete set of ex. T-51 armor on a frame. I expected to find pieces scattered around the wasteland in dungeons and such. As it is now there's no reason to mix the different pieces. And since the higher level armors are so much better (and frankly too easy to find) you just end up with full X-01 anyway. Anyway this just crossed my mind and I'd like to hear you guys and gals thoughts on this.
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