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    zacRupnow reacted to Master Cire in The TPA Discussion   
    You guys must really hate fast traveling.
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    I would say they just don't like having people play differently then them
    I would argue that it would make people more like hermits who don't want to leave their homes because it's so far away from their destination 
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    zacRupnow reacted to whamburger in The TPA Discussion   
    My argument against the removal of tp is. When a player tps to another player both players have to consent to the tp. In this scenario no one is being affected by this interaction except the two who consented to doing said tp. So anyone who wants them to stop doing this is by definition against their freedom to do so (for whatever reason) I would suggest that there be a compromise (considering gopher does not like this) I think there should be, multiple /homes, a limited amount of tp to players per day, and a timer on when new players can tp to other players. This way new players have to start on their own and can't abuse tp to find locations but dedicated players can use tp a limited amount of times for whatever they want. This encourages exploration as well as trade and discussion about builds. 
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