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  1. Lenny has dropped a few hints, but I'll try the contrarian point of view. Lenny obviously doesn't mind killing people, but so far only to achieve Lenny's ends. I don't see that murder for money is his style. Especially random people he doesn't know and who may or may not deserve it, just because someone else has the coin and is too lazy or rich to take matters into their own hands. And of course, the Dark Brotherhood has tried to kill Lenny several times, for unknown reasons.
  2. So now the moment of truth. Does Lenny keep the Key and defy Nocturnal? I did, long enough to get good at hotwiring Dwarven Automatons anyway. My thief character decided that rummaging through ruins, especially Dwarven ruins, was a much better way to wealth and shiny things than robbing houses.
  3. On a 1080p monitor (2560x1080), the difference was most obvious in the first 6 seconds. Watching at 1080p there is obvious artifacting around the soldier up the trail walking right to left; almost ghostly. Watching at 1440p it was much better. Another good test would be darker interior areas.
  4. Lenny will certainly kill if needed to further his goals, but he seems mostly interested in money and shiny things. I just don't see murder, at least as a primary vocation, as being of interest to Lenny. But we'll have to see how the character progresses. I am also doing a thief playthrough along with Lenny. I am further through the Thieves Guild then Lenny, and I have had several Dark Brotherhood assassination attempts on my life. Don't know who is paying for the contract though. But, they are an annoyance and bad for business. I may have to see to their demise in the future.
  5. At the usual link. Your browser may have cached the link; try refreshing the page.
  6. The new SE build is 2.0.7. All I can say is, it worked for me with the new Skyrim SE update.
  7. There is a way to recover the previous executable from Steam. Info is in the Steam discussions. I think I'll just play something else for a day or so until SKSE64 is updated. But I have taken Sup3rNo7a's advise and copied the steam executable to another file for safekeeping. For next time, if it ever comes. Back to Elite Dangerous for a few days. It was actually Gopher who turned me on to that game, way back in July 2016.
  8. Well happy happy joy joy - Steam just updated Skyrim SE and now SKSE doesn't work. Guess I can't complain that Bethesda is still fixing things. Just didn't expect an update so soon since the last one was November 2017.
  9. Last time I played Skyrim was 3 to 4 years ago, and it was mostly vanilla and no lighting mods. I'm pretty sure I never used a torch at all. Now I've got ELFX installed and torches are almost mandatory. Its a great improvement. But if they only last 4 minutes, I'll need to pay a lot more attention to finding them.
  10. I remembered Skyrim and the Dark Brotherhood. Yea, I can become their leader, change their ways, stop all the killing. Not! Just ended up with a bag of bones commanding me to kill people. That's one reason I took a different path here. Look forward to seeing how it turns out. But to borrow from Han Solo, I've got a bad feeling about this.
  11. I played the quest same as Gopher; I had decided to make the pact with the Lechen hoping it would be the lesser evil. In the end every male in the village is dead, mostly by my hand. Rather depressing really. I don't know if I have the immortal Sven bug since I never went back to that village.
  12. I am reading the books, but still a bit confused about Ciri's early childhood. She did spend some time in Skellige, taken care of by Crach an Craite and Ermion (aka Mousesack in the books and Witcher 1). They both know Geralt and Ciri.
  13. So with the sword and crossbow, all you need now is the Witcher 3 outfit mod. (Which I think comes with its own crossbow).
  14. Some thoughts I had at this point in the game. Gopher asks a good question: If Radovid is assassinated, who becomes king? Djikstra’s words are all well and good about Radovid but he doesn’t say anything about what happens after. I suspect he does want to become king. I don’t see Roche wanting the job. So how would this affect the northern kingdoms? Would things really be better? And what of the war with Nilfgaard? Remember ambassador var Attra in Vizema saying how brilliant Radovid was for attacking and absorbing Kaedwen? Would some other king do as well? Or would the death of Radovid actually unite the Northern Kingdoms against Nilfgaard? And I might as well play devil’s advocate and ask, what’s so bad about Nilfgaard? They are portrayed as the evil empire but Nilfgaard seems tame compared to the northern kingdoms. What with the various kings constantly scheming and squabbling (especially in W2), and the institutionalized racism. Would it be better for Ciri, magicians and non-humans if Nilfgaard won the war? This is one of the reasons I really liked the Witcher games. As in real life, Geralt is frequently asked to make decisions based on incomplete and often incorrect or deceptive information.
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