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  1. Ok, I brought myself to edit another of the many hours I have recorded There is a part 2, which is around 25 minutes long, which will be coming out this week, so, hopefully, you like cliff-hangers Bunny Boo is currently (as of this date, and my last save) level 50, in this video, not so much, more like twenty-something, and going back over all this is like travelling back in time, four or five, um, six months... After these next two videos, things went a bit, ahem, sideways...and, I went way, way too long before making any saves, which had me thinking I'd real
  2. Here's the next one... "Ramblin' Round The Rift" This is the episode where Bunny Boo finds Meridia's Beacon... You know, Meridia, the magical talking chest in a cave... Said Bunny Boo took it's Beacon, but, whatever... This was where I started deciding not to go out as much at night...pitch black isn't a good environment for archery... Bunny Boo did pull off a pretty nice kill near the end, the Bandit outside the gate didn't stand a chance... Enjoy
  3. Ok, back to what we were up to already...exploration... Don't worry, only the very start has a little darkness, and a little swimming Still didn't know much about anything back then, besides what I'd been reading in books... It is funny to look back two months into the past, to see what I was up to then, compared to now... We were pretty busy at work back then, so, on Saturday morning at 8:30 am, after thinking about getting back to the game all week, I'd have to watch what I'd recorded the week before, half awake, just to keep up... And no, recording during
  4. And now, for part 3, "New Homes, All Over", "Insert Pain Here" I went around and got a few things ready, and installed "A World Of Pain" at the very end of modding New Vegas to get everything used to being disturbed The dust seemed to settle well enough, for now, so it's off to get the other houses back, so the Wasteland Maid Service can operate properly, sorta...maybe... Enjoy
  5. Which leads to part 2 Still running around and getting my fast travel points and houses back, that way Kitty doesn't starve, or die from thirst...cuz, yes...it's hardcore. It's really amazing how well the game is running, and without V.A.T.S., it is another level of challenge... When I get "A World Of Pain" started in earnest, things will ramp up slightly, as in, "We may all die pretty badly in here...a lot..." sort of ramping up... I wont spoil anything, it was too much fun recording these Enjoy
  6. "Castle Albanna Entry Testing" Flyddon asked me to try breaking the mini-quest for getting into Castle Albanna... ...and, it seems, the only way...is to watch this video to find out how In case you didn't notice, I released another Wasteland Maid Service video the other day...along with editing four others I did in the last week... ...and recording another one yesterday, which I still need to edit, along with another 40 or so hours of the Tamriel Maid Service... So, I've been a little busy... And Bunny Boo has come a long way since this episode was made
  7. Ok, after two years, and lots of changes... Here ya go, it's back on again At this point I'm getting things ready to install the last few mods on my list... "A World Of Pain" was the last thing I wanted to add, but, I still had a few details to iron out at this point, like getting all my houses back, and getting used to JIP'S Enjoy
  8. Ok, this one is called "Riften's Ratway, The Ragged Flagon, Shadow Stones, Old Orcs, and Lakehomes" Bunny Boo pretty much drags Leala around Riften for a while... Still learning the world... At least one good fight, at least...
  9. I've almost got FNV back where I had it before, besides a couple little glitches that I can find myself to overlook... ...because, maybe, I can fix them later, nothing really game-breaking... I have several hours of new footage recorded, so far, and the game runs better than I'd ever seen before... I've added "JIP'S", which works with Willow and FPT ("Fake Plastic Trees", for ED-E), along with Veronica and JT... "A World Of Pain" was a bit of a thing, until I got things straight, ALL audio was being nerfed until I told Vortex not to overwrite a file for FPT... ...or...
  10. Yep, well, it seems the save i was using was nerfed... I found an earlier one, and it seems to behave, somewhat, as far as the textures are goin, but, Darnified seems to totally hate me now...seeing how I had to roll back to an earlier version that would behave (the one where you copy/paste the default, ini, and perf files...v04) ...it's really not wanting to work with VATS...the target area is lit up, but the words (head, leg, etc) are black...it might be NVSE being screwy... I dunno, it was seven years ago when I set all this up last time, and now it seems they made Vortex so
  11. Ok...what's the deal with all the color being a washed out in FNV? After the last few days of messing around with Vortex, it seems to hate me... Yes, I'm trying to get it running on my new system, so, I'm having to try to figure out how Vortex does anything... Even installing NMC's large pack didn't change anything, which is weird...I've got Dynavision and Imaginator installed, but, they hardly do anything, besides make it look worse... 😮 Cant even get DarnifiedUI to act right...ugh... I mean, it looks better on my crappy old laptop than on my brand new system with all
  12. Yep, still at it If you thought the last one was a bit faster, I squished this one from 1:54 to 1:00, so, if played at half speed, you get the real deal... Searching for the elusive face sculpture person...at night...in a town I've never been to before... And yes, the map itself is messing with me on this one, quite a bit, actually... I leave town, marker shows up, go back into town, marker disappears... Bunny Boo does meet most of the town...and gets asked to commit a crime, right off the back, because she 'looks' like a criminal, or something...dun
  13. Ok, here ya go I've sped this one up a little, but, not too fast, otherwise, I'd be sounding like Alvin the Chipmunk... Which, was actually kinda funny, while I was editing this one, because I hate my own voice, as much as anyone else does, when I hear it recorded and played back... So, instead of being the actual 1:13:13:11 run time, it's 50:02...so the dark parts are shorter... Cuz, yes, I'm still learning what Sony Vegas can do on weekends, and, I have a job running a pretty complex edge-banding machine during the week, as it is... I'm also coming
  14. Here's the beginning of the adventures of Leala and Bunny Boo For once, it's nice to have someone besides just my horse helping out, and probably dying... ...of course, it's at night, and it starts raining, for part of it... ...there are also wolves and bears and skeevers, oh my... ...and another surprise, lurking around in a certain basement... The editing for this was a bit of a pain, as the sound didn't want to line up like it's supposed to, and it took five tries for this one to seem about right... But, this was with my old mic, and maybe I
  15. Alrighty...Here it is, probably the way it should have gone, to begin with As you can see, Bunny Boo has had enough messing around, and yes, the last one was literally another half hour of wandering around the Sleeping Giant Inn at Riverwood... Cuz, it seemed like that corner had a "Somebody else's problem" field set up around the Jared's journal, or, something...I digress, in my blindness... Not so blind, this time, and everything went rather smoothly, unlike last time, which sort of illustrates the things you run into (or, don't run into) when doing mod revi
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