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    Fallout New Vegas, of course. Older Fallout related games, from the first one on, including Fallout: Tactics. Modding. And recording Fallout New Vegas. Find me at Roachbait FNV on Youtube
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  1. Insanity

    Call this one "Life on the Fringe" It would seem being homeless during the holidays would be fun, but, not really... The worse part is waiting to get my birth certificate back so I can get in on some decent income-based housing...they keep adding things I need to get it each time I get them what they tell me to get... ...and it seems my case manager wants me in "transitional housing", which pays back into the homeless coalition. Ok, you should see the list of rules you have to go by, and include "sweat equity" into it, that means cleaning the place and doing other chores while other people sit around all day, while I'm off at work... Um...no. I'm not some recovering junkie, or a fifteen-year-old...as it is, they can evict me even faster than my last landlady did. No thanks, really, I'd rather live alone, and be left alone for a while. The people at the shelter are, well, people...many of them lack motivation, or common courtesy, and take full advantage of any sort of perceived weakness. They also seem to see me as one of them, which, I'm not...this is just a visit, I'm not staying, unlike most of them, I have a job. The days, to them, are leaving the shelter, finding a soup kitchen, waiting around at the library until another soup kitchen opens, going back to the library and waiting for it to close, then returning to the shelter... Kinda sad, because it seems to have sapped the will to live from a lot of them, and filled the rest with hopelessness... insanity lay not far behind, when street-level drugs get tossed into the mix, then it becomes the constant fear of losing on a hustle. I just watch, and stay out of it...I still have Mr. Buttercup to rescue, I'm sure that by now, my cat misses his human... ...hopefully, he remembers me... Roachbait FNV
  2. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    Even the sun will set...as the river may flow through a burning forest. Find out what Nick was really up to before all this started, it actually makes total sense, in a world gone infected. As a conclusion, things could have gone way worse... ...as it is, I had a good time, overall, doing this second part of the game. I won't give it away, so enjoy! Roachbait FNV
  3. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    Ah, beautiful, exciting, vibrant New Orleans, gem of the South...party-town. Now, all that our courageous survivors need to do is get past the infected...Fat Tuesday...and, a bridge, where the military awaits to rescue them. That is...if they don't get killed by infected monsters, shot on sight, or bombed. You just gotta love bullet-proof infected. Enjoy! Roachbait FNV
  4. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    Well, it seems a short stop at the Burger Tank is in order...the boat needs more fuel...and, it looks like rain. This one does get a little hairy, worse than a plugged drain, hence the name. When the mechanics of the A.I. act all buggy, yeah, it doesn't suit me well... I still love the game, in spite of it's little annoying quirks. How could you not love these guys? Roachbait FNV
  5. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    Alligators? Anyone? No? Ok, have some muddy swamp infected. This should be good. Roachbait FNV
  6. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    Well, all good things come to an end, and the roads sometimes don't lead you the way you thought they would... ...as it is, the carnival is in town. Another old favorite, I had to do this one a few times, for some reason, it get's pretty brutal in a few places... ...but hey, that's half the fun. Have fun with all that, and be sure to buy some cotton candy, there are even fun rides! Roachbait FNV
  7. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    As it turns out, nothing is as easy as it first seems... Looks like Nick has his work cut out for him, so he comes up with a simple plan that requires little to no skill whatsoever... There's a bar on the way, so it can't be all bad...can it? Nick shows his true colors near the end...sorta... I mean, it seemed like a fair deal. Enjoy, yet again! Roachbait FNV
  8. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    The rescue helicopter is gone, leaving Nick, and three strangers stranded on the roof of a burning hotel. After a month-long party in his hotel room, Nick can only hope his hang-over doesn't last too long, and, that they can find their way out of this mess... ...and maybe, maybe, get to know the young lady in the pink Depeche-Mode t-shirt a little better. ...and maybe, find some aspirins too. By this point, I'd got the hang of this game a little more, it had been quite a while since I played it. As it also turns out, the game will only let me play as Bill, or Nick. Even if I choose random in the game setup, I get Nick for this, and Bill for the other...but hey, it's still fun. Enjoy! Roachbait FNV
  9. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    This is the final part of the first half, and, as in most cases, all good things must come to an end. "Weird-Bat" in hand, "Bill Man" leads the rest on a little tour of the water-front... ...seems a vacation in the Keys, is in order. What better way to spend Halloween, than wandering around fighting the infected, and getting jumped by terrible monsters? But, back to the video...real life is a drag. These are all dedicated to the creator of the "Night of the Living Dead"... ...may he not come back as one. Enjoy! Roachbait FNV
  10. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    It's off to find the military...for "Bill Man" and company... ...and maybe, they'll buy a farm or two. Maybe this time, being rescued will actually help the four friends in escaping the infected hoards... One can only hope, past this point. Be sure to enjoy! Roachbait FNV
  11. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    Ah, my favorite of the whole series, well, sorta. Have your boarding-passes ready, it's gonna be a hell of a trip. Yep...we gotta plane to catch. Maybe, they should have just stayed in the boat... Roachbait FNV
  12. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    It's time for a new plan. "Bill Man" sets off to find a way out of this new mess. This used to be one of my favorite sets of maps...I guess it still sorta is. Not too fond of the ending, kinda brutal on Normal. I guess that's what makes it fun...not sure about all that, but, yeah...ok. Enjoy! Roachbait FNV
  13. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    Here's the second part, Crash Course... And, here goes nuthin'...again. https://youtu.be/M-nkxBxSr-s Just a little romp around town, they gotta find a way out, all that kinda jazz. You know the drill...um, maybe. Hope you guys like it. Roachbait FNV
  14. New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    Ok...New set of vids I've been doing...Left 4 Dead (1 & 2)... So, here goes nuthin'... I've recorded all the campaigns, this is only the tip of the iceberg here...all of them are done at this time, and they are all pretty much dedicated to the creator of the 'Night of the Living Dead', the late George Romero... Don't let the Youtube inspired, crappy, low-res thumbnail here fool you, the framerates in these are way better than all my previous vids, I actually get to show off my real lack of skillz... So yeah, kick back and witness some irreverent incidents with our four hapless 'survivors'... At first I don't say much, but, once you get me started...yeah, you know. Trust me, I've been binge-watching all of them, for a couple months now, some, more than others. I even mix a little philosophy in, here and there, there's always something to be said about getting between a man, and his kitty. This one was done back in the end of July, beginning of August, and I'm the guy with the white beard, can't miss it. Who knows? You may actually learn a thing or two...about the game, hell, about me maybe...even if it's only is how much I like this game, and once I smoothed out what I was aiming at doing with this, about half into this one, the rest of them are pretty damn funny, the whole way through... To me, at least...especially Dead Air...I had a blast with that one. Enjoy! Roachbait FNV
  15. It was bound to happen eventually ..

    I had all but forgotten about Thomas Covenant, the white gold ring he wore, the wedding band, a man who could no longer feel, feels again...I read the whole series, as each book was released... ...be damned if I can remember most of it, I do remember that each time he went back, time had marched a little faster in the 'Land' he went to, than the world he came from. Seems like it was a million years ago...