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  1. "Saarthal, Kesh, And The Brinehammer" Bunny Boo and Leala pick up right at the end of the last one...on top of a mountain, in a blinding blizzard... This was recorded June 6, 2020...just before I got my new desktop sized mousepad... Yeah, eight, almost nine, months ago, which seems like years... Cuz, yeah, I had too much fun recording this game, and let editing slide for a little while, then a little while more, then...yeah...more... I remember it was pretty hot all the time, outside...so blizzards and snow in the game were kinda welcome...kinda... ...a
  2. In A World Of...Part 37 "Vault 40 And Goodsprings sewers" The surprise ending has had me working on this one all week now... Because, New Vegas hates me, still... But, it's a torture I've grown accustomed to Enjoy!
  3. "Mount Anthor" Bunny Boo and Leala go dragon hunting... ...instead of just running away from them... Enjoy!
  4. "Ivarstead, Riften, Frost, and Winterhold" There is also Windhelm, where Bunny Boo feels right at home, seeing how she's a strong, Nord woman Enjoy!
  5. "Geirmund's Hall To Folgunthur" The end of Geirmund's Hall, and it's off to Folgunthur... Kinda like the title...hmmm... Just keep in mind this was at the end of May, 2020, and I've learned a lot about the game and replaced all of my old computer stuff since then... Which kills me now, watching myself deal with all the clunky junk I was using back then... The next couple vids are after I first started adding new peripherals; new mouse, keyboard, and mousepad larger than a welcome mat...and...a Blue-Yeti Microphone, so you guys and gals can really hear what I
  6. "Ivarstead To Geirmund's Hall" I figured Bunny Boo should do a little exploring, while she was exploring And, by the way, if you are a cultist from another country, you shouldn't start trouble in Ivarstead, the guards there are very, very protective Enjoy!
  7. In A World Of...Ep.36 "For Pain...Just Add Geckos" Once again, ED-E has stolen the thumbnail! The Wasteland Maid Service explores three, yes, three...sets of ruins and caves, seeking Smokey, Labal, and Firetooth, to scrub them for Frankie... V.A.T.S.-free the whole way, just good old fashioned, clean, real-time mayhem! Enjoy!
  8. In A World Of...Episode 35 "New Homes, All Over" Part 7 "Frankies Guns, And Opening The Overlook" I know, no ED-E for the cover-shot... That was three in a row, though, so, good enough for now So...this is it for getting prepared for getting murdered repeatedly, in all sorts of terrible ways... And, probably just as fast as in the last video... Because random Tech Raiders are random... You'll see, it'll be worse, and repeatedly... But, a better kind of worse... Enjoy!
  9. In A World Of...Episode 34 "New Homes, All Over" Part 6 "El Ray, And Bitter Springs Recreation Camp" Enjoy!
  10. In A World Of...Episode 33 "New Homes, All Over" Part 5 "Raven's Nest, The Untouched Vault, And The 100 Square Foot Micro-Apartment" And, It seems ED-E is getting all the good shots for the videos lately But that's Ok, I dig her eyes, and how her voice is all messed up, and, how she says weird stuff all the time... I listen to Angelspit (a lot), which makes me kinda wish ED-E's voice was MORE messed up with partial word looped repeats, and gain faults, along with stutters and glitches, like on the "Larva Pupa Tank Coffin" album (which is awesome, and "Princess Chaos"
  11. In A World Of...Episode 32, "New Homes, All Over" Part 4 "Stanton's Mine" This picks up right on the tail of the last one, and yes, there are Cazadores I just HAD to visit the bootlegger place, again...I know...but, it seems all roads lead back to it, eventually... In a way I'm sorta stalling what is coming up, maybe so I forget more of it than I've already forgotten, which is about everything, besides ED-E dancing for a bunch of people one time, in a cavern...for some reason...and Ghost Town...where the ghouls are...dunno, it's mostly a blur now, so much has happened
  12. "Killing Kematu, Finding High Hrothgar, And Haemar's Cavern Vampire Slaughter" The title pretty much says it all... The whole "You have to get past a whole cave system full of bandits, that will try to kill you if they see you, to even talk to Kematu..." pretty much made my mind up for his fate... The good guys don't deal with bandits in a friendly manner... Not much of a moral dilemma to worry about... But still, fun to do... Enjoy!
  13. "Saadia, Where Art Thou?" Episode 30 Ok, this is the first half of dealing with this situation... ...the rest is in the next one, and it's a doozy... Just remember, the guys at the gate started this...Bunny Boo and Leala where just minding their own business, for once... Enjoy!
  14. "Milmulnir's Bane" Episode 29 No...it isn't Nazeem...don't be silly Bunny Boo and Leala meet the Jarl of Whiterun, he commends Bunny Boo for being so honest about being a criminal on the run from the Empire, and sends her off to be eaten by a dragon... Not ones to shy away from a job, Leala and Bunny Boo head off to claim their fates Yeah, it's a bit long, but, nothing good ever happens fast... Enjoy!
  15. "Halted Streams And Volunruud Screams" Episode 28 Bunny Boo and Leala take a little tour of the lands around Whiterun, cleaning up as they go Enjoy
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