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    Fallout New Vegas, of course. Older Fallout related games, from the first one on, including Fallout: Tactics. Modding. And recording Fallout New Vegas. Find me at Roachbait FNV on Youtube
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  1. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Ok... ...got Vortex installed... Could they have made it more confusing to manage? Maybe... It seems to not like the folders I choose to want stuff in... Guess I need to watch more Gopher vids on it... Vortex keeps telling me I can't do anything until I start the game, which I suppose is to create the .ini and pref files...not sure any more. I'm off to get "Geforce Experience" for recording software...the shadowplay thing... Looks like it'll be a little while before I record anything again... Roachbait FNV
  2. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Happy new years to you too... Ok... Here we go... My system showed up Wednesday, along with my new desk... It's a huge beast...very, very sexy though I got it all plugged in, and it starts up fine...seems everything is doing what it's supposed to do... ...the monitor is pretty awesome, no more squinting at my laptop...nope... ...thing is, it's Windows 10... ...after being a slave to Windows 7 for so long, yeah, back to being a newbie again... ...Ive taken a look at the dox and still have to do the back-up, which they were nice enough to send me a flash-drive thingy, for that... ...now, all I need is about a day to set everything up...get Steam and New Vegas back up... ...and start playing some Skyrim Roachbait FNV
  3. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Got a "heads-up" from D-Storm yesterday after work... They gave me a tracking number, so at least I know it's on the way... ...finally... So, maybe, in the couple days, it will show up... Roachbait FNV
  4. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Well guys...looks like my system won't get here until at least the 11th of January... They say it will be 'shipped' in like, 2-5 'business' days, from today... ...and, no telling exactly how long 'shipping' will take... ...so, I'm thinking two weeks...at least...with New Year's in a couple days... Was hoping to do a New Year's episode on the new computer, but, eh, guess not... And yeah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to you guys too Roachbait FNV
  5. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Yeah, I figured it would be here by now...buuuut...it's not... Should be here some time this week though... ...and yeah, the wait is killing me... Roachbait
  6. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Oooo...nice... Ok...should I get the new system going before I accept it...? Yeah...I have about 4-9 days to wait 'til it gets here...but yeah, Thanx man! That's pretty awesome
  7. Roachbait FNV

    Fallout 76: So this was interesting.

    Yeah, well...here's a tangent opinion...take it, as you will... Since I first saw '76 trailers...when I was still actually living in West Virginia, I had a bad feeling about it... Now that I've seen the "no return" policy and the way in was integrated into the game-sales part of it all, i.e., "no returns on downloaded content", when the only way to get the game was to download it... ...yeah...kinda sneaky, and more than a little bit shady... Offering 500 atoms to compensate people for the helmet bag is a real slap in the face, as far as I see it, adding insult to injury, while treating everyone like fools in the process... ...the icing on the cake, is trading real money for useless game currency, and it's one of the biggest online cons I've had yet to witness... ...especially when you consider the Bethesda itself even says 'millions' have downloaded the game... ...even 5,000,000 atoms wouldn't be enough to change my mind about getting a refund, even if I had been foolish enough to pre-order an untested game from Bethesda, or any other video game producer... ...I work hard for what little I get paid... ...it's not like 500 atoms is worth anything, really, when you consider the rate you earn atoms, people working in sweat-shops get paid more by the hour... ...and Bethesda should know by now that time is indeed, money... ...it's not a thing to be taken lightly, or wasted... I won't be buying Fallout 76, but, I won't tell anyone else not to... Just remember, P.T. Barnum said it best, when it came to marks, and their money: "There's one born every day..." ...and to him, everyone was a mark... Roachbait FNV
  8. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Accidental "very-hard hardcore no-armor" run, huh? ...and here, I'd been doing it on purpose, all this time... One thing this new system will allow me to do is create mods, finally... ...there's no way I would have even tried it with 'my little laptop' here...after reading into it a little... ...as it is, I only have about 30 gigs left to do anything in... (...only...heh...used to be all my old HD had to start with...) ...and when recording anything at 4 gigs per 10-15 minutes pushes the limits on how long I can go, then you consider editing, and saving the finished product... It's like parking an RV in a one-car garage...I digress... The fun part of all this is going to be deciding to either transfer all my saves over to the new system, or, just start anew... ...from over 825 hours ago...last time, it was over a thousand hours lost... Starting all over new might be better, maybe I can just redo the whole "At A Loss For Words" thing, in 'A World Of Pain'... ...or just Cloud my last save, and get it back... ...which also means I'll have to get all the mods I use currently to support it... ...I could just remove all the mods I use, do a clean save, Cloud the save, switch over to Vortex, get the save back, then reinstall all the mods...hmmm... ...might be a good plan... It would be kinda strange to redo the whole thing with Willow again, maybe, I'll do it with the newer version of her, see how that works out...with no J.T., which is sort of a shame, he's really a good dog, just a little glitchy... Roachbait FNV
  9. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    This had me thinking I should ask around a little... So I found this: "While Nvidia's G-Sync is enabled by including a chip in the construction of the monitor, FreeSync uses the video card's functionality to manage the refresh rate of the monitor using the Adaptive Sync standard built into the DisplayPort standard" From the looks of it, the monitor I'm getting 'should' work, at the very worse it looks like I'd have to enable V-Sync if a lot of screen tearing happens, or, adjust the monitor refresh rate if I get a lot of 'ghosting'... Looks like the worse issue 'might' be stutter...but there are mods for that with FNV and Newrim... Guess I'll just have to see when it gets here... Roachbait FNV
  10. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Hmm...well...it seems I'll have to find out the hard way, by plugging it in and waiting to see what happens... It did come with a disc, maybe it'll have something that makes it compatible with G-Force setups... I would think so, in this day and age... It auto-selected when I plugged it into the cable-box, to 60 Hz, and showed that on the screen... Hopefully it isn't a big issue... I'll jump on Steam real quick-like, see ya there Roachbait FNV
  11. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Back in the far-gone days when Diablo was a new game, I came up with an idea...one I've kinda stuck to... "I'll try NOT using any of the really nice armors, and weapons, and items, I'll just stick to the crappy stuff that gives me disadvantages, instead of advantages..." People would be amazed when I traded them "Knights Gold Bastard Swords", or, "Mammoth Plate-mail of Protection" (or, whatever they were...I forget...god-items...) for stuff like a "Lead Ring of Weakness", or, a "Tin Bow of Pain", or, crappy leather armor that took hp away... I was called insane, crazy, or, just plain stupid, an utter fool...and, a few other choice things... It actually made me a better player...better than most... You see, I could go just as far as people, (if not further...) beating up monsters while using all the "good" stuff, while I was acting with a massive stack of minuses to my stats and abilities... It's people like me that can take out "Dead Wind Cavern" with just a see-through apron, and a pair of boots (...a DT of like...14, or something ridiculously low, I'll have to watch it again...) and using lower caliber weapons like a shotgun, .357 pistol, and the Galil .308, with limited ammo for all of them... ...without getting hurt too badly, or killed... It goes to prove the mind is a far more powerful weapon, and defense, when used correctly... And yeah, I know, Skyrim, Dragons...magic, and all that... ...makes me wonder how far I can get with only just a dagger...hmmm... Roachbait FNV
  12. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Yeah, Kitty will definitely be getting a full makeover, in every respect... I've seen some of the stuff MxR has been showing off...very nice indeed... ...now, if only I can find a see-through apron, a corset, a pair of hot-pants, and some nice boots...hmmm... Yeah, I don't plan of wearing a bunch of heavy armor-stuff, and dragging a shield around in Skyrim, either... I call it: "Armor-By-Distraction"... Roachbait FNV
  13. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Actually...my Steam name also happens to be "Roachbait"...for some reason... Oh yeah, it's the same name I've been using for almost three decades... ...since Counter Strike was a beta mod for Half Life... ...just plain ol' "Roachbait" I was already thinking I'd do the Castle Albanna mod as a premier/opening show...once I get past the intro... ...don't tell anyone...shhhh...it's a secret... No cuts, no edits...that sort of deal... You'll get my first impressions, which are always fun, especially for me Ah, yes, the monitor arrived already... ...it's a 27" ASUS XG27VQ... I already tested it, and everything works, damn near twice what I had to look at before, lots of all kinds of nice visual settings available with a little joystick thingy on the back to pick what I want it to do... For less than $300, not a bad deal, HDMI and all that, it even goes up to 144hz, if I need it... One thing I'll have to do is find the Companion mod Llama made for Skyrim...as Willow won't be there... Gonna miss her there... I'll even miss FPT ED-E...even though she's as sharp as a bag of pool-balls... Well, there ya go...I better get back to it Roachbait FNV Ok...went back to Steam and looked again...it says my account name is... roachbait66 ...just like that... ...regular old Roachbait may be all you need, not sure about that...but, anyway, there ya go
  14. Roachbait FNV

    New Video, Wasteland Maid Service...

    I've still got my old 28 oz Estwing, couple of smacks with that thing should deal with it, just fine... And yeah, it's gonna weird seeing the world acting right while being recorded in high-def, for a change... If Fraps shows me a steady 50-60+ fps all the time, that'll be great... I can't wait to be able to actually aim on my own, instead of relying on V.A.T.S. all the time because I'm swimming in molasses through a slide-show... ...guess it also means I'll have to switch over to NMC's large texture pack too, see what that's all about... Roachbait FNV
  15. Roachbait FNV

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Yeah, it'll be like a whole new world, compared to what I've been suffering through, the last five years... Thinkin' I'll use the smaller SSD for the OS...and the larger one for my modded game stuff... ...should work out in my favor... I'll most likely be using the TB drive for editing videos, and other workhorse stuff... The next thing I want to get is Skyrim...and a few other games I've literally been dying to play I'll have to get Steam, my old saves, and a few other things, transferred to the new system, and install Vortex... ...no more old NMM... That should be lots of fun...luckily I have a disc copy of New Vegas, so re-installing that shouldn't be a problem... Before long, I'll get my Twitch going too, that way everyone can see me ditz around real-time Roachbait FNV