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    Fallout New Vegas, of course. Older Fallout related games, from the first one on, including Fallout: Tactics. Modding. And recording Fallout New Vegas. Find me at Roachbait FNV on Youtube
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  1. Wasteland Maid Service: In A World Of... Part 44 "Reimann Cave" This is part 1 of this, but, after the last two really long titles, I'm all 'titled' out Part two of this is in the oven, along with more (much more) Skyrim... And, maybe some Fallout 4... Enjoy!
  2. There's a lot more still...much more... I am putting up another WMS video right now, actually...need to edit the next Skyrim one this week... ...and, I got myself Fallout 4 for my 55th birthday, so I'm playing it too
  3. Weird, huh? ...almost a year ago now... ...seems like ages ago, compared to where I am now
  4. Wasteland Maid Service: In A World Of... Part43 "Sector B, Abandoned Military Facility, And Ivanpah Maintenance Tunnels" This one was very terrifying... The unknown always is... Not to spoil anything...these are getting fun to do again...no matter, the pain... Enjoy!
  5. "Red Eagle's Bane" After finding a few books, Bunny Boo and Leala find the truth behind the tales... And, when things go bad, timeless tactics are needed, and, work perfectly, of course... ...why wouldn't they? Enjoy!
  6. Wasteland Maid Service: In A World Of... Part 42 "Ant Caves, Nipton Sewers, And Sector A" Three more wonderful places to go, when you have nothing better to do Enjoy!
  7. "Hamvir's Rest, Dustman's Cairn, and Greenspring Hollow" Recorded June 11, 2020... Yes, I'm finally getting around to uploading it, and this episode is my first one using the Blue Yeti I use now... ...almost a year later now, hmmm... Which means my birthday is rollin' around, again... This one also includes my mom, and...her little dog I still had no idea about a LOT of what is in Skyrim, and kinda still don't... Enjoy!
  8. In A World Of...Part 41 "Nipton's Pit-Stop Bomb Shelter" Things actually go quite well in this one... It's actually pretty funny...and not using V.A.T.S. is keeping it a challenge... This is actually the fourth attempt for this one... First time was a crash... Second time, I sorta walked off the cliff around the center of Crescent Canyon, where the trains fell in...trying to just bypass the lower part and ignore the geckos... Third try was really "meh", and, unfortunately, I'd wasted way, way too much ammo, missing almost every shot along the way to the bomb shelter, so I stopped before even going in... I guess forth time was the charm Enjoy!
  9. In A World Of...Part 40 "Stung By Sewer Scorpions" By the title, you can guess what happens, eventually... It starts out delivering Rogan her box, or, actually, NOT delivering it right away, yet, delivering it...later... Yeah...one of THEM kinda days... Enjoy Recorded on April 25th 2021
  10. "Back To Bleak Falls Barrow" This time, Bunny Boo has Leala tagging along on a trip to the past... ...and a little roaming around the land, slaying dragons, killing bears and wolves and spiders and... ...eh, you get it by now... I hope! Enjoy! 😃
  11. In A World Of... Part 39 "Rogan's List" I was going to say something about something, but, I didn't end up saying it... So we took the show down to Jean's Skydiving and then the Sunnyset Shelter that Rogan mentioned earlier... So, we go off to get her box of stuff back for her, because that's what the Wasteland Maid Service does...now...I guess... Enjoy!
  12. " Bthardamz " The last of June 6, 2020... I literally had no idea there were roly-poly robots...or, how tough they were... Stupid dwarves... At one point, I'm wondering how anyone could live down there, with nasty metal critters popping out of the walls all the time...dunno...still... But, whatever, the Tamriel Maid Service won't let a few metal monsters stop them, when set to task Enjoy!
  13. "North Shriekwind Bastion, Kesh Again, Bthardamz" More from June 6, 2020... Yeah, I know, finally, nine months later...but there are a few more hours left to edit from that day... Guess I was on a roll Enjoy!
  14. In A World Of... Part 38 "Big Bertha's Bane" If you like seeing giant rad-scorpions get owned, you've come to the right place! And Kitty even buys a new house... At the end of the last episode, the game crashed...as we went in Frankie's doorway... Here's sorta what went down That crash didn't give me a crash savegame file from CASM... The previous save (an autosave) wouldn't load Willow, and would freeze on anything past opening the ESC menu...loading another save froze too... The save from before that was the same...and it was manual... The next save was another autosave, even earlier, from inside a cell created by A World Of Pain...and it worked perfectly...the red hallway... I made a save from that, manual, and loaded it, and it worked...but it was a long time back... I ended up loading the autosave, then loading the later save... And, that worked! So, I manual saved it...and, that worked... Once...and the next time it did what was happening before, no Willow, hard freeze... Here I am, looking at having to start Willow all over again, again...with the newer version with a tent... I ended up disabling Willow, loading a newer version of her, running the game, she was gone, being beat up by Veronica, who was at the 188, no longer with me, which is weird, because we did that several hours back, so I disabled the newer version, enabled the old version, ran the autosaved game again, saved, loaded the save, and she's back to loading from the saves after that, again, and everything seems to be running well... And then I had to redo everything from after the red hallway part to get caught back up to going into Frankie's, then wandered off to find the Underground door North of Goodsprings, which is where this one starts And everything worked fine... I'm thinking 'magic', but, I dunno...it's either that, or aliens... Enjoy!
  15. "Saarthal, Kesh, And The Brinehammer" Bunny Boo and Leala pick up right at the end of the last one...on top of a mountain, in a blinding blizzard... This was recorded June 6, 2020...just before I got my new desktop sized mousepad... Yeah, eight, almost nine, months ago, which seems like years... Cuz, yeah, I had too much fun recording this game, and let editing slide for a little while, then a little while more, then...yeah...more... I remember it was pretty hot all the time, outside...so blizzards and snow in the game were kinda welcome...kinda... ...and work was pretty busy, at that time... Enjoy!
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