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  1. I finished my blind playthrough about ... a week after it released. I really enjoyed it, it wasn't an exeptional game, but it is a good game still. Perks however, well they suck tbh. 3 Tiers and how many are actually useful? And who's idea was it to make us walk at a bloody snail's pace? I refused to waste a damn perk point into the walk/sprint perks. A total and utter waste, they are.
  2. Anyone play FO76 on PS4? Feel free to add me: PSN: GraemeJMC I have a Headset/Mic.
  3. Now this next comment WILL shock you. I'm not a fan of the 'hold button' to pick locks. I prefer the Fallout style lockpicking mini game. Just more realistic than holding a button down for a couple secs in my opinion. But it won't be a problem in the grand scheme of things though.
  4. Yeah, same here. Will be interesting to hear Gophers thoughts on The Outer Worlds.
  5. This looks amaaaaazing! A first person RPG with New Vegas style choices and consequences? Will wait for more info etc before I decide on a day 1 purchase, but this will likely be a day 1 purchase!
  6. Yup. They screwed up with the B.E.T.A. And 3 weeks? That wasn't enough time. Should've had it begin in Sept and end the week before the full game released.
  7. I will say, I felt cheated for the Power Armor Edition. Not saying I hate the helmet, but they flat out lied about the Canvas Bag! And 500 Atoms?! Pfft. I won't use the crap they put into CREATION CLUB on 76. Even from the Atoms I've earned ingame. I did use the code that came with the game for the American paints for armor/guns as that was a freebie. I just hope they address the MAJOR issues ASAP. The upcoming fixes SHOULD'VE been added during the damn B.E.T.A
  8. Exactly. This game is NOT that bad, it's not crashing every 20 mins (for me anyway), and framerate isn't as bad as some are claiming (on consoles I mean). Yes, this game should NOT have been released in it's current state. That was a stupid (and costly) decision on BGS. They should've fixed the issues before releasing so the game was more stable. But what makes my blood friggin' boil is, people like me who enjoy playing the damn game, get's insulted for it. I HATE THAT! Heck, some people are now fat shaming Oxhorn because he's enjoying the game, and that is not only disgusting.. it's damn right pathetic! Name calling, is NOT acceptable. My apologies for the rant, but I needed to get that off my chest.
  9. Thanks, how on earth did I miss that? Guess I had a Gopher moment
  10. So, I accidently deleted my Xbox character save. Thought I was loading it but obviously I had selected delete. Anyway, this is my planned new character build: It will probably change as I level up etc. But that is my rough build.
  11. So, I found some cryo cells the other day. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Cryolator at Vault 111 a prototype? If so, then why in the blazes of hell do we have cryo cells in Fallout 76? Again, I MAY be wrong here.
  12. So I'm a sheep because I wanted to buy and play a game that had my interest? I'm insulted by that. I hate when people generalise. This game is getting a lot of unwanted hate just for the sake of hating. Harsh criticism is fine as long as it's constructive. Saying crap like for example: "Oh this game sucks, want my money back!" is NOT helpful.
  13. It's a Bethesda game, duh. Obviously I know it's broken as they are still using the same engine that is a complete mess. I've aired my complaints to them when I played the BETA and after release.
  14. Every YouTube video I view about Fallout 76? It's the same old comments: "No NPCs, not buying!" "Game feels empty!" "WTF? This is the next full Fallout game?!? So disappointed!!" I'm having fun playing 76, loving the holotape/note related quests, and not having to hear "My back hurts, my feet hurts, everything hurts!" every 5 mins is also a good thing!
  15. I use a headset, but mic always turned off as I struggle to talk/play at the same time. Plus, Americans struggle to understand what I'm saying as I talk fast and have a rather strong Scottish accent lol. I'll just drop ammo near players. Least we can make ammo via Tinker workbench. And Lead is the one thing I have loads of lol.
  16. And now the Uranium Fever song is stuck in my head LOL. Hmm, I'll see if anyone wishes to buy my unwanted ammo next time I log on 76.
  17. Which'll be 2PM UK time, usually the time I play 76.
  18. Why in the sam hill can't we sell ammo to venders?! I have tons of .45 rounds that am never gonna use, same with .38 rounds. I need the caps to buy stimpaks!
  19. Key rebinding should've been on the list, and should've been included in the key rebind settings. They know that PC gamers are complaining (and rightfully so) about NOT being able to rebind keys.
  20. I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the heads up. I haven't been *wanted* in GTA V and sure as heck don't want to be *wanted* in Fallout 76.
  21. Yeah, I mean there are a few gamers who try to engage PvP (or grief) but most gamers I've ran into have been friendly and helpful against Ghoul swarms etc. I killed a Scorched Wanderer an hour ago, and it had the following loot: 4x .44 Revolvers 3x .308 Hunting Rifles 2x Laser Rifles 2x 10mm SMGs I hit the jackpot! XD
  22. I'm lvl 10, and ended up dealing with 5 lvl 15 Super Mutants, so I took all the drugs I had and GTFO'D like a bat out of hell, survived with 2 HP remaining! God I was lucky lol.
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