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  1. Graeme Jones

    Watch E3 with Gopher

    I'm disappointed, but knew this was coming tbh. I'll still buy this though, just angry that it's entirely online.
  2. Graeme Jones

    FALLOUT 76 - Reaction & First Thoughts

    So.. rumours suggest this will be online only? I hope it isn't, by all means have online but the main attraction should be single player. Looking forward to June 10th for more info.
  3. Graeme Jones

    THE FOREST #68 : Back to the Sink Hole

    The next episode will be full of ... rude jokes. Yes it will LOL I never get the time to watch them play live, but enjoy watching on YouTube.
  4. I am completely lost with this playthrough, but I am loving it regardless.
  5. Graeme Jones

    Gopher Rant: I don't like Save Stations!

    Sleep saving in FO4 was aggravation on so many levels. I wouldn't have minded if it was optional. Hard saves, auto saves and quicksaves should never be disabled in any game. No they shouldn't.
  6. Graeme Jones

    Gopher Rant: I don't like Save Stations!

    I lost it at the peanuts
  7. Graeme Jones

    Gopher Rant: I don't like Save Stations!

    I've watched this 3 times now.. and if I watch one more? I shall break my ribs! Gophers rants are Legendary LOL
  8. I was laughing for ages after seeing the raft go nuts LOL
  9. Graeme Jones

    Kingdom Come : Deliverance - Let's Play?

    I'll wait til the bugs/glitches are fixed.. well, got no choice to wait anyway as it's out of stock for Xbox One lol.
  10. Gopher & Chay = The Cavemen! Lol, enjoyed this episode.
  11. Gopher & Chay are the best gaming double act in my opinion. Yes they are. I hope they can keep this series going, for as long as they can. I'm always entertained by their episodes. Subbed to Chay's YT channel and have now began watching from the beginning with his POV.
  12. Regarding it being too dark? I like it that way. Feels like I'm watching a tv series. I use the Darker Nights mod for Fallout 4, adds to my immersive playthrough. Areas with no lights should be very dark, yes they should. Anyway, this was another fun episode. Gopher & Chay are hilarious as a team.
  13. Graeme Jones

    Is Gopher real?

    It would be funny if he made a video saying "Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time.. to reveal the face of Gopher. Yes indeed." *Drum roll* Gopher Appears with a hideous looking mask followed by "MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" But yeah, we don't need a face reveal. Keep it mysterious.
  14. Graeme Jones

    Sea of Thieves #1 : First Impressions

    "Cos Gopher...Gopher never changes." And long may that continue lol I'm so getting this game, yes I am.
  15. Wish this game was on Xbox, I'd love to play this and have tons of fun. And yeah, Chay's Stone of Fire was awesome indeed.