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  1. Graeme Jones

    Weird bug with new game and CC mods

    Am I correct in assuming it was the 0 kb bug? Or something different? Because that bug was so .. damn .. annoying. Yes it was. Had to look up a fix on YouTube, and had to delete the game (PS4) including save data etc in order to remove the bug that nested within the system.
  2. Graeme Jones

    On Dogmeat

    I'm glad that Dogmeat doesn't affect the Lone Wanderer Perk, means I can take him to store some of my crap. Very useful for Survival Mode too, along with the CC Backpack. I just hate when the stupid mutt goes ahead of me all the time, wish we had the New Vegas Companion Wheel!
  3. Graeme Jones

    VAMPYR #1 : Newborn

    Yup. It's a game you can sink your teeth into.
  4. Graeme Jones

    FALLOUT 76

    In GTA, twatty waffles who constantly irritate people get highlighted on the map if I remember correctly, haven't played GTA Online in a couple years. So Bethesda could do that, by highlighting irritable gamers with a red skull on the map and ingame?
  5. Graeme Jones

    FALLOUT 76

    Depends, mostly play games during the day or evening. Can vary from after midnight or from the afternoon. Would be cool to team up and have fun without griefing.
  6. Graeme Jones

    FALLOUT 76

    When they announced 76 was online only and no single play? I was furious, and said I wouldn't get it. But my mindset changed, already preordered the Power Armor Edition on XB1 and looking forward to this, as it's a whole new experience. Just a shame none of my friends are into Fallout however. As for real time VATS? I'll try it out, I do use the standard system for certain characters in FO3/NV/4.
  7. Graeme Jones

    Watch E3 with Gopher

    I'm disappointed, but knew this was coming tbh. I'll still buy this though, just angry that it's entirely online.
  8. Graeme Jones

    FALLOUT 76 - Reaction & First Thoughts

    So.. rumours suggest this will be online only? I hope it isn't, by all means have online but the main attraction should be single player. Looking forward to June 10th for more info.
  9. Graeme Jones

    THE FOREST #68 : Back to the Sink Hole

    The next episode will be full of ... rude jokes. Yes it will LOL I never get the time to watch them play live, but enjoy watching on YouTube.
  10. I am completely lost with this playthrough, but I am loving it regardless.
  11. Graeme Jones

    Gopher Rant: I don't like Save Stations!

    Sleep saving in FO4 was aggravation on so many levels. I wouldn't have minded if it was optional. Hard saves, auto saves and quicksaves should never be disabled in any game. No they shouldn't.
  12. Graeme Jones

    Gopher Rant: I don't like Save Stations!

    I lost it at the peanuts
  13. Graeme Jones

    Gopher Rant: I don't like Save Stations!

    I've watched this 3 times now.. and if I watch one more? I shall break my ribs! Gophers rants are Legendary LOL
  14. I was laughing for ages after seeing the raft go nuts LOL
  15. Graeme Jones

    Kingdom Come : Deliverance - Let's Play?

    I'll wait til the bugs/glitches are fixed.. well, got no choice to wait anyway as it's out of stock for Xbox One lol.