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  1. This is the first I'm seeing of this game, looks intriguing
  2. I've never actually thought about this, it's an interesting point. I may do some testing with this when I get a chance, but yeah tweaking the perception would probably be another can of worms
  3. The Fallout 3 and Stiv LPs is one I go back to on occasion and watch a few episodes.
  4. The first Fallout game since 1998 I have no desire to buy Oh well, to be expected I suppose.
  5. Cool, I wonder if Bethesda will have learned their lessons from Fallout 4. The engine tweaks interest me, but I wonder if that means we'll need a new Creation Kit and won't be able to mod out of the gate with the old one... Still, as a longtime Fallout fan this makes me happy
  6. RIP, really enjoyed his reviews. He was so young
  7. Interestingly, FO3 has been running better for me than NV after the creator's update. I was able to complete a whole playthrough doing all the side quests with about 4 ctds, I was amazed. I haven't noticed NV crashing either but stutters are terrible.
  8. That picture is awesome! Glad Jack is back too
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