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  1. I totally agree. if your here just to promote your own channel and nothing else than you are in the wrong spot. this is a place for all of us minions to enjoy talking with other like minded people who love seeing our very English (British?) Dark Lord Gopher play. but that doesn't mean that we cant share our own experiences playing between episodes. Myself, I plan on doing a lets play of fallout 4 with a female character by the name of Beans. why Beans? because I want to throw a nod to all that watch Gopher. Frank and Beans? Get it? its gunna be good, and I'm even thinking......... OWL!!!!!! Get it! Don't let it poop! I just cleaned all the poop off the floor........grrrrr. Anyways, as I was saying I'm gunna do a written journal to go along with my lets play as an exclusive to minions, only to be found here. I digress. I honestly think that there should be a freeshare section where we can all share our own works without taking away from our Dark Lords works.
  2. maybe us minions could have a dedicated spot to share our own work. an area where you would only go if you wanted to see other minions play. that way those who dont want to see non gopher things wouldnt be bothered with others channels
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaC8MH0cffAWl_cbgD34nsw thanks! i love zelda and once i have a screen cap for my tv im gunna lp all the zelda games..... kinda a big goal for me
  4. Not to change the subject.... but I'm going to. For the past couple of episodes Gopher has had some problems with the dog. The dog, who so far has not been given any other name.... has not really done much. once or twice hes almost been left behind, hes given away Gophers location, and hes only brought gopher a couple of things. I've given it some thought, and in my opinion there should be a mod that allows Gopher to command the dog without having to point at him first. I mean yeah you should have to point at the dog to talk to it or trade with it, but to tell the dog to stay or tell it to go somewhere or to follow you should be able to do that no matter where your looking.... just saying. also maybe the dog could carry some of this owl poop away..... its really smelling up the place Ponk
  5. First let me say...........WATCH OUT!!!!! You almost stepped in owl poop! anyyyyyways let me say hello one hello all! As always I'm the original Ponketeer, and I'm here to ask for some advice. I love watching our Dark Lord play. So much so that it has inspired me to do my own lets plays. Now granted my lets plays are not going to be nearly as amazing, but that doesn't mean that they cant get there. Now the advice I'm looking for is this. What am I doing wrong and what am I doing right? To be honest I'm not sure if I'm asking this question in the right place or if I should be asking it at all. I ask because I was getting 60 to 70 views on some of my Fallout 1 lets plays but when I switched to New Vegas I started getting only 1 to 5 views a video (pretty sure 1 of those is when it loads from me uploading it). I don't you guys to feel like I'm trying to get views cause I am not terribly concerned with that. I could however use some constructive feedback. I'm not sure what to improve if no one likes or comments or even views. No matter what though I'm going to keep going. I love what I'm doing. Its fun to think that someone out there may get some enjoyment from me having fun playing a game. Its also very good social therapy for me. I have severe social anxiety so being able to do this is helping. Well in any case I will see you all out in the verse Ponk P.S. Can I get a mop or something? This poop on the floor is starting to smell a little
  6. I definatley think that wood background would make an awesome background for the forum, and the gopher banner would go great on the top....... it would also make cleaning up all the owl poop easier...just sayin
  7. I found it thanks. still feels kinda like it needs some work in my opinion. Bethesda uses the exact same company for there forums, and they have some awesome backgrounds. also the gophers minions at the top of the page feels kinda, well generic. im no amazing artist but id be willing to throw up a few banner ideas. once again just my opinion! see yall in the verse Ponk
  8. I most definatley am! dont have a machine that can run it at the moment but soon enough, though the reference to me is very much firefly
  9. As someone who has web design experience, I know that designing a forum to be cohesive with your main website can be troublesome. That being said, I think a darker background for the forums would be great. Maybe a collage of the Bethesda games or something Gopher-ish would be awesome. Not that I dislike the present layout, but it all feels kinda slapped together with no art or feel to it. No offense to the ones that made it, I'm sure you all have your hands full and you have all done an amazing job.... just my opinions here. Ponk
  10. will definatley be on the lookout for owl poop........ thanks for the welcome. yah my kids are both autistic. very busy daddy here. well coffee and recording this morning, thanks for the welcome and ill see you all in the verse Ponk
  11. Hi guys, I want to start by saying a big THANK YOU Gopher!!!! I absolutely love your Fallout LetsPlay series, and it has inspired me to follow my own passion for video games by starting my own YouTube channel. I truly enjoy your play style, and I have learned a lot about modding (which has given me a deeper appreciation for the games I play) by watching some of your tutorials....... So thank you sir! As for the rest of you lot, well I hope to enjoy many discussions with you all in the future about these wonderful games that we all love to watch and play. I also hope to share with all of you my passion for games with my LetsPlays (but well get to that another time), and maybe some of you have some LetsPlays or other videos that might catch my eye, or teach me something. As for my self? Well let me talk about my self for a minute (something I'm not very accustomed to, but am working on) I am a happily married father of two special needs children. I am not a rich man, for I do not have a large sum of money. I am a wealthy man though, and my wealth is measured in the moments of happiness and joy that I can say I have enjoyed. I am an avid Gamer. I have always been and always will be a fan of the rpg genre. I love squaresoft.......... sorry squareENIX........(grumblegrumble grrrr) games, I love the Legend of Zelda, and i absolutely love just about anything Bethesda. Well that's about all I'm gunna say right now, But i will see you all in the verse!! Sincerely, the first and only Ponketeer Ponk P.S. I like Cheese
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