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  1. yeah. you are right, but it was kinda frustrating last stream when his render distance was too low to see my ship and never noticed it.
  2. Think that you could send this to gopher? I would love for him to see it, especially with the right resourcepack to get the best first impression.
  3. I can open a private creative server and help you design one if you want.
  4. Little sneak Peak at my next mini project. or maybe it will be a main attraction to my city.
  5. Thanks man. I hope more people feel the same. I can't wait to finish my little projects and get started on my city.
  6. Dragonsbane ~~~~~~~~~~The Flagship~~~~~~~~~~ This is the Dragonsbane Flagship. The ship was designed to hunt down evil dragons. The ship was not designed for warfare but has cannon windows in case war does come upon the kingdom. A powerful Scorpion ballista is mounted on the bow of the ship, armed with harpoons for taking dragons out of the skies. The skull ornament on the bow of the ship was taken from the first dragon felled by this ship, an old red dragon who tormented the kingdom until it was in ruins. The Sails are made from the red hide of the old dragon and trimmed in gold. This lures in evil dragons looking for fights and warns off good dragons who mean no harm. The ship has seen many battles, both of man and dragon, and has survived the decades. come see this legendary ship in all it's glory. Location: X: -19 Y: 67 Z: -35 Best seen in the CONQUEST Resource Pack: Planet Minecraft or Conquest Ravand Side View Deck Scorpion Ballista Captain's Quarters Lower Deck Brig Skull Look how close it is to Gopher's lava tower!!!!!!
  7. I don't know if you got it but from the video it looks like you did not loot the top floor. go back and loot it there is something important there you missed. Spoiler: it's a magazine that let's you build more stuff at settlements.
  8. Hopefully Gopher sees this. just want to point out something that is not obvious at first but is definitely important. there are several tiers for the armor pieces. you can find 2 leath right arms that have identical mods but one may be better then the other. this is true for all armor pieces except head armor. the metal arm you got is the basic version but there is in fact 2 other version. you can tell the different tiers apart because they will look different when you pit them on. like the metal arms, the basic metal arm only covers the forearm, but the highest tier metal arm covers the whole arm and has pauldrons with fins on them. in their base form they will have different names but if they have any mods on them the mods will overwrite the name making them almost impossible to spot. if is a good idea to keep an eye out for these upgrades. since they can gain significant amounts of Damage resistance. from my testing the best gear seems to be the highest tier metal arms and legs combined with the highest tier combat chest piece and a combat helm. (technically a synth helm might be better but you can't wear glasses or anything with it. though from the wiki it does look like the top tier synth armor is in fact the best, (though it looks weird. but it's up to you.
  9. Gopher. there are 2 programs you can get on the nexus that help with building. the first one removes the build limit and the second one allows you to place things in places that are normally red. also, if you junk a container that has something in it it will move the contents to the workshop. And if you start to give her drugs you can not assign Mama Murphy to do anything anymore. she is a special character, If you remember from previous games they actually talk about the sight, it is cannon in the game lore. if you give her drugs she does give helpful advice for quests but there is a limit, once she has had one of every base drug in the game she will become unavailable and will not give you any more advice. so save her for missions you are having trouble with. though her advice is needed for a certain main quest unless you become a master lock picker.
  10. Little tip Gopher. they implemented a system in the game where the heavier a weapon is the longer it takes to aim. so if you want a fast gun make it light. if you want a sniper that you can aim fast and shoot fast make it light. A good gun firefight gun is a balance of weight and power. the weight also affects how fast it shoots in V.A.T.S. which is why some gun shoot really fast and others seem to take forever.
  11. I pronounce it both ways. though I will admit to using G-if more then J-if.
  12. Wow you are just constantly correcting me.... Just joking dude. And I did not know that they spelled it differently there so sorry about that. but in the game it's spelled a certain way so as far as it goes in the game it's still technically applies. though now I know there is a reason he says it differently other then his accent.
  13. Gopher here is a little tip for the future. If an Npc is not moving ahead during a mission and keeps trying to say the same line but keeps getting cut off. It's because they are trying to initiate dialogue with you to tell you something that might be helpful in the mission!!!!! Fallout 4 does not lock you into conversations like previous games, it allows you to move around and walk away and such. So next time an Npc keeps trying to say the same line but never finishes a though cause you are running around the room like a hyperactive child on sugar. STOP, LOOK AT THEM, AND TALK TO THE POOR NPC's. While you can call aluminum whatever you want. if you actually look at the word and sound it out is is pronounced A-LU-MI-NUM Not A-LU-MINI-UM. Where do you get the MINI part of the word from? If it was spelled with an extra I after then N then you would be completely right. but there is not second I or any other letter that would make it sound that way. again call it whatever you want but due to it's spelling I think it should not have that extra I sound you add. Oh and you missed looting several of the synths. about 3 on the bottom floor and 1 in the top room.
  14. Oh bolt action I forgot about that one since I don't have one. and it may be one of the mods im using that altered the recievers ammo types since that's is how they are working for me.
  15. First off yes they can be converted into each other. what ammo they use depends on the reciever mod you put on them. I believe the basic and automatic version use .38, hardened or calibrated use the .308 and there is a special receiver mod you can use that turns it into a .45 this is done with several guns (changing the ammo it uses.) and I know because I have Fallout 4 open right now and am looking at it and checking through these mods. it seems like there are a few exceptions to this rule as like 2 of these recievers don't use the same ammo as other similar receivers but for the most part that seems to be the way it works. other then the revolver all pipe weapons are pretty much the same weapon. any pipe pistol and become any other pipe weapon except a revolver. from an assault rifle to a sniper.
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