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  1. thanks and your right passive work along with fire
  2. does anyone know if you would beable to play witcher 3 with one hand. reason I ask is cause I have cp = cerebral palsy witch make my left hand unusable for anything but hitting space bar I do run a mouse with 12 pule buttons also I can play skyrim. also is there a mod for witcher 3 that puts auto walk/ run in like skyrim ?
  3. Gopher

       do you know of any  dll decompler out there for skyrim mod cause there is a mod called Auto Harvest 2 that the dll has to be compled for skyrim se and that would make it work right and i am sure the author  is no long around 

  4. hate to bother you but could you take a look at Fallout Character Overhaul 3.0-54460-3-0. I fallow instructions but it makes my game crash right off the hop / start. I cracked the file and it looks right but I am not a mod coder just a coder. could you get back to me oh I am also using nmm 0.60.16 thanks

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