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  1. I've been eagerly awaiting the chance for a coffee mug and T-shirt, two things I think are staples among the merch for other YouTubers and streamers. I prefer simple designs so the logo would do just fine for me. Though I wouldn't say no to some merchandise. As for LootCrate (never realized that one could be polarizing) I don't see it as a bad thing. I've personally been a subscriber to the service for over 2yrs now, and my interactions with them have never been bad. And it isn't like you'd have to 'push' something like that, could be as simple as mentioning it at the end of something lik
  2. I'm away from home, but if my laptop and the wifi here cooperates I might be able to get on later on today to show you around. So I'm afraid you might be doing a self guided tour Algerhard . Wanderers are always welcome - I do have an open door policy. Just mind your step if you head down into the earth for my big dig/build... there are some not quite - but almost deadly holes in the floor... if you know where to look. Let me know If you'd like me to work from my direction toward you Shawn. I'm happy to help!
  3. Just a quick FYI for Farlanders concerning the ZH issues. They hopefully are all fixed. Rodzyn did some work with the database connections (switched us over to a differ db system and imported existing data) so it should all be working as intended without having to reclaim animals (remember zh here is still not enabled though). If you run across any issues please let us know!
  4. Hmmm, thought I smelled bacon. and as we all know... *drops a five in the bacon awareness jar*
  5. Only had time to watch for a few minutes, but good luck with the build!
  6. Can't help but share The Avett Brothers since their latest album has started to get stuck in my head...again. Highly recommend going to a show if you get a chance to see them perform (one of the best live groups I've ever had the chance to see myself - and I'm even going to include the set they did in my high school gym in that assessment). and another... well, because I thought the tie in between the two was clever
  7. Hello and welcome to the forums! o/
  8. I lean towards aye as far as having a map. Personal Reasoning - mostly stream of conscious so bear with me Based on the what seems to be the main concerns about it's impact on exploration I think Dave has a very good idea about monitoring and holding the map until we've hit a certain threshold of rendered space. Since, at least as far as my understanding of the map (but I left early and may have missed something, so I defer to Algerhard on this) was that it only shows previously explored areas. It would be like if those explorers had mapped as they went and brought that back to civil
  9. My brain quickly went through two states... followed up by
  10. If Libra wants votes, votes thee shall have. I'd throw my hat behind the Town Hall idea for the next build. Then maybe park, which you could center others around if you wanted... I just think Gringotts looking over a lush park would be very nice.
  11. Thank you Shiroi_gaijin! Now we properly can go ham about bacon.... Also I've put together a little album of some of my favorite shots so far from my estate. I'll be adding more as I wander around the server. Texture pack is currently ChromaHills. https://www.flickr.com/photos/98192836@N04/albums/72157675253251560
  12. Both places look really amazing and are giving me the travel bug. (And I think you did an excellent job with the filming Allatar!)
  13. Spa is looking very good Dave! I'd love to just take a month or two and travel all around Europe. I have to check New Zealand off my list first though (yes, you can blame LOTR on that one). Also, I'll see if I can find those shows somewhere; documentaries are some of my favorite things to watch. Only consistently good ones I've found are the PBS Nova series, covers anything from history, science, and nature. Now, where did that bathroom go? .....
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