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  1. Easter Egg Hunt (HELP WANTED)

    Event is over didn't go aswell as I'd hoped but I think I'll make something new soon. More details to come. Hope everyone had a great easter!
  2. Easter Egg Hunt (HELP WANTED)

    The Easter Hunt is live everyone! the book with riddles is in the spawn chest!!!! So someone took the books and forgot to put them back I don't know which ones have been found yet but to save myself time here's what the book read. Welcome To the Minionland Easter Egg Hunt! Scattered around the server you will find many "eggs" (shulker boxes) containing easter treats To find these eggs you will be given hints in form of riddles. Some are stupidly easy and some I would have trouble figuring out! So a few ground rules. If you're going to play while you're free to solve all of the riddles ONLY TAKE ONE EGG. That way this is fun for everyone. If you do find one please return here and edit the claimed eggs book so people know. Also for those who helped hide an egg please don't claim that egg or if you helped with the riddle. On that note there are still eggs to hide! Either send me a mail or a msg if you would like to help! ~Sarielz One Last thing. Some eggs are in plain sight. Others are buried. Remember. X marks the spot. Look Beneath the land of the fallen. Brave the Pool of Fire Beneath The Conqured Fortress of burnt bones. Some say that beneath the raindow you can find treasure... you Dig? First Green and then purple it's really quite easy go through the gate and find something cheesy. His stately gaze surveys the land, his greatest trust not at hand, forever hidden from his sight. Take a rest and have a bite! Go to the caves where explosions ring out and pray for your life that you make it out! From our Lords greatest achievement head 2000 paces NE and look for the abandoned village. Look upon the Unfinished Pyramid of Giza for your Price
  3. Easter Egg Hunt (HELP WANTED)

    So guys I'm doing a little Easter egg hunt.... around the server there will be shulker boxes hidden. To find them I will be placing a riddle book at spawn with instructions. Solve the riddle and find the "egg" and claim your reward. Limit 1 per person to keep it fun and don't go claiming one if you helped hide it or make the riddle... BUT I need help I still have 8 or so to hide and need some places to put them and a riddle to match the places. However everything interesting is claimed so if you'd like to play host to one of the eggs message me here or on the server don't post here if so because that'd ruin the fun
  4. Ice spikes renewal project.

    A customer recipe plugin would be easier... in 1.12 we could do it with json files or since we'll probably be 1.11.2 for some time a plugin can do the same https://mods.curse.com/bukkit-plugins/minecraft/recipemanager for example. Could add any uncraftable items. i.e. cobwebs etc
  5. Tourism

    So fairly soon I'm going to start touring the server and was just going to ask for recommendations of places I should visit locations and coordinates would be great so
  6. So...Is MinionLand...dying?

    There are many factors to consider here. Including yhe ones listed above most of which are very omportant you also have to remember Gopher took fairly large break from minecraft at one point to focus on other things and that Skyrim Special Edition launched and a lot of Gophers fans will be putting time into that. I get on the server almost every day for a few hours atleast.
  7. Christmas event!

    A suggestion for secret santa is to have everyone who comes bring a gift and then pair off and exhange gifts.
  8. Dragon Drops

    I'm just going to quickly point out any and every arguement that end game items are suppose to be hard to get is completly invalid. You have to remember that Minecraft is designed to work best as a single player, though it has no issues as an smp. But once you have hundreds of people you have to handicap it to make things reasonable. Wither heads for example. on single player or smp it might take me an hour or two tops to get 3 skulls, not 40. End Cities. you find one and you have an Elytra you travel what a couple hundred blocks? Not 10 thousand. As far as dragon eggs it literally has only two uses. Decoration and breaking bedrock. The bedrock trick would be a pain to do for most areas as the redstone and lazy chunk requirements have you needing nonone near your area and I'm not fully sure it'd work with the changes to render distance. There is only one, though we could duplicate it with a redstone trick. but why? it's a decoration. if spawn ever gets overhauled I'd say put it there to look pretty.
  9. Spawn rates and a possible workaround.

    Honestly the easiest work around, while not very vanilla would be to put in non- vanilla spawers... just one skeleton one and one ghast one in the Nether would be insanely beneficial. While it's not very vanilla friendly honestly I've spent a total of about 20 hours this last week at the Witherpads and have one skull and 12 skeletons to show. That or do like most large servers and introduce an economy system where you can sell and buy items for in game currency. But thats much less vanilla in its respect.
  10. Stivarstead Hold (Minecraft Server)

    I tried to sign onto the server and got an error about it still being on 1.7.1 and the current version is 1.8.8. That might be the issue I know other servers I get on run into lots of issues around updates.