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  1. I had bad experiences with windows 10 in the past my desktop would disappear i would have to restart computer g mod would sometimes crash on start up etc. then when I tried to recover windows 7 all that happened is my screen went black and i had no choice but to reinstall windows 7 completely with none of my old files is it any better and I'm curious if anyone thinks i should upgrade i noticed gopher uses it now is there some advantage to it other then edge being a ram eater?
  2. Since the last music thread had a lot of mixed results I wanted to ask what type of music u guys like and your favorite band/group and song. (No music made for movies or games I only want music made only for the enjoyment of people money and nothing else lul) I want to see everybody's interests Type: Rock Band: Led Zeppelin Favorite Song: Kashmir https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDwotNLyz10
  3. I just slapped this together nothing to impressive just imagined it
  4. Not true he posts all the mods he uses in the description and provides links I'm just curious what the particular set up for that mod is but I understand what u r saying though
  5. I am trying to use the same mods as Gopher and as you know recently he added survival rebalance does anyone know the exact settings he's using for the damages etc.
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