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  1. I've already mostly signed out..most of the people from 'my time' have moved on and I honestly don't care about Minecraft to stick around and see this place turn into a Minecraft community. Made the decision this month to finally unsub aswell from Gophers twitch..it's been a nice 32 months but..time to move on. I don't care about Minecraft streams and the last time I had a chance to actually watch something else that I was interested in..was maybe spring? Plus the fact that Gopher has sort of isolated himself from most of the viewers/subs/patreons, only really favoring a couple of people he has chosen, and instead seems to be regularly making fun of his viewers, has sort of turned my interests away. There are people out there whose content I enjoy watching every day, and I would rather support those people. Now I know this place still brings a lot of joy to a lot of people, and I'm really glad for that and I encourage that support and cooperation to continue. In these stupidly scary times, we need happiness wherever we can find it, but for me, these days it only brings bittersweet memories...I must be getting old I've held on for too long anyway out of nostalgia..inability to let go..but.. You can only lose what you cling to..
  2. I'm a little disappointed with the performance and visuals too. I have to run the game on low settings to get playable frames and even then the textures are gritty and weird in places, like edges of buildings not really clipping together and..idk..just..not what I expected. The first game hooked me with its dreamlike smooth look and graphics and this is a bit of a letdown. And yeah I do realize part of it is definitely not having a good enough pc to run it at its full potential. I still love this franchise and story so much though, so this is only a little letdown and I think I will still overall love it and I'm only 3 hours in. SO MUCH to still explore Doing a high chaos Emily one first, then switching to stealth/no killing with Corvo and then probably a no magic one and maybe by that point we'll get some dlc too Overall the excitement continues!
  3. Freshly released 10 minutes ago at the Blizzcon opening ceremony. Watching the live panel now they were so sneaky with this release too...But..yes..SOMBRA!!
  4. Don't expect too much. This happened already months ago and we have talked about it on the forums already months ago aswell. If Gopher wanted to play the game again he would have already in the previous months. So probably not going to happen.,,this has turned into a Minecraft community sort of now anyway.. the recently added content to Payday is really cool though, I'm happy with the game again.
  5. I always take these tests very skeptically, since I don't like boxing people into a certain defined groups. People so much like to box, to define, to limit. "You are this and nothing else; now I will only ever see you as this". A friend of mine actually told me that at his work, they have their MBTI results on their office doors under their names so new clients and colleagues can easily know who thy're dealing with. which to me is just outrageous..maybe talk to me first before you make up your mind about me Given that these test tend to be highly subjective and situational...
  6. If you set up a Farmville community or something with Gophers name on it people would join it too. Doesn't mean it's needed in any way.
  7. I had never heard of Paladins but some aspects of it really seem very suspiciously similar to Overwatch. Like some of the heroes and abilities seem to be copied one to one.. But then I watched some youtube gameplay vids and it actually does seem different enough. And it sees to have some awesome aspects that Overwatch doesn't have. And it's free! Should try it out sometime.
  8. Welcome! Hope you stick around and have fun
  9. I've had quite a few pretty bad experiences, with people being very toxic and abusive. But it's a competetive fps and people get really worked up and frustrated easily ..so I found it's best to just not take it personally or seriously. Shrug it off and just have fun and don't worry about how well you play or what some other stranger is saying... And if at all possible try to not be toxic yourself..even though sometimes some players gameplay reaallllyyyy makes you want to smash something Best played with other people and in a group definitely. I still don't like full 6 people stacks..too crowded and loud and crazy for me, I'm a quiet cold Northener after all so I just stick to 3-4 people max usually...and luckily there's plenty of people willing to play around TS so I'm sure you'll find people who will group with you. Overwatch really should have a trial or a demo or something..
  10. Okmeery


    I forgot to share. I ordered some Overwatch posters a while ago. I have this one behind my computer on my pin board, so when I look up I always remember the salt Please ignore the semi naked Michael Fassbender >_> or you know..don't <_< he's there for other...reasons... I also ordered this one, because I like the message..and Mei is A-meeeeeeeei-zing but I have to still find a place for it... Also wanted to get a hoodie, but I couldn't decide on the print for it. Some other time..
  11. I'm so happy I got my cata banner before Drachenfels. That map is crazy on cata.. Vermintide cata is the Payday deathwish we never had. The struggle..the challenge..Good luck
  12. aww. None of this would have been be possible without you, you know Pcat. Thank you! You brought us together way way back..so long ago it seems in that little cozy old forum. Sigh I miss those good times...But..life moves on. However bittersweet it is. We'll see you around
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