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  1. To be honest I consider No NPC Greetings to be so essential that I didn't think to remind him of it in the modding livestreams. I expect him to remember its existence soon enough though if Episode 3 is anything to go by. (Oh, blue friend... so close and yet so far...)
  2. Unpopular opinion time: I know Darker Nights will be a thing very soon and the vanilla bright nights are a bit boring, but think about it. Unlike Earth, where the full moon is already quite bright on cloudness nights, Nirn has TWO moons, one of them seemingly a lot bigger and/or closer to the planet than Earth's moon. Of course there would be noticably more light during nighttime.
  3. I was thinking Apachii Divine Elegance might be right up Lenny's alley as well, though for now it sounds like maybe he might be happy with the Thieves Guild armor.
  4. I have a creeping feeling that Inigo will land squarely in the puppy category. Also I'm excited for whatever other categories people will get put into. And how many of those categories will have descriptors containing "stupid".
  5. As far as I know Kris's problem wasn't the esp but saving the bsa archive, that's why the alpha version for SSE had loose files. I actually started playing with that loose files version in the early days of SSE and never had any problem with it.
  6. (I recon that things like Frostfall, Campfire, iNeed, Live Another Life, moreHUD, Footprints, Bandolier and Winter is Coming fall under a similar "well, duh" category as SkyUI, so let's not waste our time with stuff you already know all about) Distinct Interiors is from the same person that made Opulent Thieves Guild and alters inns, shops, guild halls and other interior spaces. The guild hall modular esp has a slightly different, slightly less opulent take on the Ragged Flaggon, for those of us that aren't as much into posh ceiling tapestries. You can absolutely mod only the Ragged Flaggon and leave all the other guild halls alone if you want. Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim City Edition is for the careful thieving character who doesn't want to draw attention by sleeping at inns or buying houses. Simple rooming in hidden alcoves and sewers, optionally already furnished or populated by critters that need clearing out first. On the other end of the player home spectrum, Rayeks End is still conveniently hidden but also decked out in every luxury an ambitious character could possibly wish for. Plan on mixing some magic with your thieving? Apocalypse and Summermyst from the same author as Ordinator give you a ton of new options for spells and enchantments. Plan on staying away from magic? Dual Wield Blocking for Idiots does work with a spell in your off-hand but works even better if you're actually dual wielding blades, and Smithing Oils uses a Witcher-esque oil system crafted at the forge so you don't have to grind through three different crafting skills just to access decent poison and elemental damage. Two mods that pair well with Immersive Citizens: Immersive Patrols puts some more people on the roads, like traveling merchants, hold guards, small companies from either civil war faction or some more Thalmor to gleefully murder. It also puts medium sized battles inside roadside forts' courtyards, so the civil war feels a little bit more like it's actually happening without getting in the way. Holidays by isoku is always a nice way to make the NPCs feel more like people. Who doesn't like to decorate their porch with pumpkins in the fall or get blindingly drunk in public on New Year's eve? Finally, the best Armor packs around are still Immersive Armors and Warmonger Armory, but there's a couple armors that you might like in Legendary Armor Conversions and Recolors as well as some nice Witcher conversions in the Apachii Divine Elegance Store.
  7. Spoilers concerning youtube discourse and later gameplay and plot below That is indeed the cave where Phillipa was hiding for a time. And I think that little nook with the hand symbol that you couldn't interact with had some Witcher gear diagramm hidden there back in the day.
  8. Well I hope he tries that solution with the other perks, too. LIke OutandBack said, his damage output seems a bit off as well, that Golem especially took ages to go down.
  9. I seem to remember that I had the same problem with my toxicity a few months ago. I think what I did was I took the perks out of the tree (can't remember if all of them or just the potion related ones) and then re-applied them. Like I said though, that was quite a while ago, so no guarantee.
  10. @ShawnBoucher If someone settles next to you and is somehow surprised at you building a gaint shovel, then seriously what are they even doing on a Gopher server.
  11. What JustTheBast said. The funny thing was for me, my native speaker brain didn't even pick up on the literal translation until Gopher was all confused about the meaning of "blind", so I can kind of see how the mistake wasn't noticed by beta readers/editors either.
  12. Dear Quarico,

    all the kudos to you. I have no idea how you always manage to get up so early for online stuff. I got up at 4am to watch Critical Role this morning and I regret all of the choices that led me here.

    1. Quarico


      A little insanity and a self-promise that I'll nap later helps, but I still get that regret. :D


  13. Lol no, actually none of this was explained in the video, that's why I fricking asked? Literally the only commands shown in the video are /trust <player name here>, /untrust <player name here>, /abandonclaim, /subdivideclaim, and that's it. For someone with years of experience with Minecraft/programming in general it might be totally obvious that instead of <player name here> you can just put <all>, but not everyone has years of experience or any experience at all, and it was never specified in the video or even on the offical mod homepage, where I looked before asking here because I didn't want to waste anyone's time. I get that you're swamped in people asking probably stupid things at the moment, but I could have done without getting accused of being too lazy to do the research just for asking specifics today too.
  14. Trust all as a command for subdivisions would be convenient. I was thinking of having a kind of guest bungalow on my land for folks traveling through. Leaving it unclaimed poses the danger of some uncharitable individual claiming the guest house and the food therein for themselves.
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