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  1. Lol I use that as my desktop background XD but I cant get it all on the plates.
  2. Hey guys, made these custom from Astro. They look a bit fake, any ideas? need new tags for my headset, lost one in a move.
  3. Just heard about Bethesda redoing the survival mode for FO4, it sound like quite a lot will change. dose anyone know if this will affect gopher and his survival LP?
  4. So I was looking at another one of the forums I frequent and found that they have a chrome extension. I love that it gives me notifications when when someone replies to a forum post I made, liked or followed. Would be awesome if we could get something like this here Anyone else like the idea of and extension and think its possible?
  5. I love seeing these videos now. I do remember when I had no idea how to mod games, and seeing these new videos and saying to myself "I've already done that, i know how to do that!" shows how far I've come in a few short years. And I have to say, its all thanks to Gopher! Thank you so much Gopher for all your videos, and all of your help!!!
  6. And my personal favorite, from the after-school special, "AHH HAHAH AHH ABHAALAHA HATHAAHAHA, LOOK! LOOOK! A sledgehammer, sledgehammer, we found a sledge, sledgehammer! Oh yeah! I may be suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, and possibly sunstroke, but I've got... a SLEDGEHAMMER, YES!!! hahaha.... why are you looking at me like that? seriously... stop it." Jack
  7. great job Choppy! Looks awesome, going to add this to my wallpaper rotation lineup!
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