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  1. I don't think the matter lies whether or not there could be a possibility to find a fixable car to use, more one of there being a lack of paths to use. Take this episode as an example the route from the Fort to Greentop Nursery, there are no plausable routes to make that trip by car, either there is a barricade set by supermutants/raiders or there is a chunk of freeway/building completely blocking the road. Unless the taxi service only makes routes between the suburbs (not the main city where the big buildings are), like between Sanctuary and the Diner, I don't see a way to make that work other than a tank.
  2. I'm guessing due the way the game world was created, the amount of destruction would make it impossible for any car to roam through the wreckage of Boston. With FO3:WE you could explain the motorcycle, a slim and versatile vehicle roaming throught the "less destroyed" wasteland. In FONV, well its a bloody desert and the Van could roam mostly freely. This may very likely be a spoiler, I haven't played the game, I can't say for sure:
  3. Sorry to bother Xelphos but the theme is not working on my phone, it slows the forums and the links don't respond. It could possibly be that I am using a Windows Phone, if someone could check and report back it would be great. Edit: Reporting back, it took about 2 minutes for the browser to open a link I had clicked, I checked both the other themes and they seem to be working just fine.
  4. Hey guys, hey, I got the reference. Do I win any prizes or what?
  5. The horror game. Crazy scientist in the asilum. Gopher actually played it. It was somewhat out of context but I though most would be familiar with the game, my bad.
  6. Yeah, just go Outlast on it and the hospital white will never be the same.
  7. Damn i thought I was having a stroke reading it first time. Welcome to the forums. Age is not a problem here in the forums, i guess the average age around here is about 32, seeing how many old timers hang around.
  8. Really liking the new dark theme. Here are some things that need the good old fixing: BacktoTop arrow is not centered; And thats that, I don't seem to find anything not working properly. Maybe a diferent banner, but that can wait.
  9. Don't really own the game but from what I could collect so far here is my oppinion DON'T EVER MAKE A PC FRANCHISE WITH CONSOLE FOCUS. Now that I got that out off my system here we go. Dialog sucks, wow is it bad. I thought the options in FO3 and FONV were good, yet kindda lacking, but FO4's are just horrid. I don't know how much replayability this game is going to have really, since I don't see myself immersing with dialog lines as dumb as "Sarcastic". But I guess time will tell how much the modding community can sav the game.
  10. I would like to suggest that Gopher changes the name of his weapons by simply adding the ammo it uses in the beginning. Example: Short Pipe Rifle --> .38 Short Pipe Rifle
  11. Well he did say he was going to recap if anything important happened while he was playing arround in the settlements, and I bet he is going to leave a note to link to every settlement video. I guess he chose this way of doing things because he must have thought that the settlements would be boring, grindy and repetitive. A good way to solve this problem is to make the 2 playlist, but include the settlements in the LP one, that way people would have a playlist just for settlements, and the LP playlist where they could just skip the settlements at will, but either way I dont see too much hassle in doing it the way he is planning.
  12. So must of you must have been following the recent events surrounding the terrorist attacks in Paris. I have both my parents living in Paris, and thankfully they are fine. I created this topic so that the community could throw some words of support to those affected. My thoughts are with you guys, stand strong and stay safe.
  13. I was kindda hoping for a full on immersion playthrough, with a detailled and compeling backstory behind it, just like Richard's, but I guess I undertand that Gopher is not familiarized with the game yet and doesn't trully understand how he can manipulate the story to his own favour. Well, I guess I'll have to wait until the next one, still I was just hoping he had changed the wife's face not to have Shaun face have the generic traits. Looking forward to the rest of the series though.
  14. Aussies can already play the steam version Same for people with VPN (it may be against Valve's ToS) Have fun guys
  15. Thanks a bunch! It was the inspiration around it, maybe Jack made a special edition of Jack's Whiskey for the holiday season
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