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  1. Hey @Dave Syrinx, happy to see you'er still going strong with the RP Sorry for vanishing
  2. What is it that needs to be replaced in Gophers room? Who/what is Gopher's worst enemy IRL? (or at least the one that gave him the most grief)
  3. Had this one summer job in an amusement park, I was the machines operator. there was this one machine/attraction where it's like a carpet (not really, it's more of a boat) and it just spins in a circular motion, it doesn't even flip so it's safe for from the age of 5, sometimes when i feel kind I let 4 year olds to enter (if they are tall enough). But the job was literally sit in the sun, and you had 4 buttons to push. For 8 hours you would sit there, looking at the damn machine spinning and watching that the kids won't do anything stupid.
  4. Can't stop headbanging, can't stop crying, tears everywhere, it's starting to annoy people at the restaurant...
  5. I thought these sort of mods aren't even allowed on the nexus in the first place
  6. Hmm... watched your 3 latest videos and I have to say you have something in the making here Of course, it sometimes feels like you're reading a script and... well... not to sound rude... but... robotic, i've no other way of putting it. Give a bit of a smile in the end when you ask the viewers to give a like and a comment, a bit of body language as stated above. activate a bit of a charm, you know Besides that, everything was already stated. I've found the videos very informative and that's a big plus. I won't be subscribing since honestly I don't follow much of the tech content and don't really care to, but I will thumbs them up.
  7. *Has a random urge to dance
  8. It was a light hearted joke, as @jeancly and @JustTheBast explained Pardon me if it offended.
  9. This is, in fact, an anthropological research aimed to reveal to us pc gamers more information about the undeveloped species known as "console peasants". Gopher is becoming one with the animals and sacrifices his own dignity for us to understand their ways better, obviously.
  10. Girls? ON THE INTERNET??? BLASPHEME!!! No such thing exists, you better not say such rediculous things boy. *Sprinkles holy water
  11. Hallo! Make sure to check out this ridiculous thread of an awesome dude making the Stiv Bobblehead: https://community.gophersvids.com/topic/2429-stiv-bobblehead/?page=1 (Still waiting for the gopher merch, guys )
  12. Corvo.... or Emily... Corvo - or Emily? Emily? Corvo? Corvo... or Emily?
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