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  1. Threadripper :- https://www.google.com/search?q=threadripper&oq=threadripper&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.2679j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Basically a monster of cpu for content creation and workflow. There are no frames in audio, only in video; the CFR is or should be an option in the capture software eg OBS. if it's not then dump the software you're using it's vastly out of date. The industry standard for video is to have a constant frame rate which is why there is no software that natively supports VFR variable frame rate. VFR is simple a file size/overhead saving feature and definitely should not be used for any footage longer than 10mins run time. I go into more depth myself here in this video.
  2. You can use separate audio in shadowplay now; the problem is the bitrate is too low, it records with VFR (Variable Frame Rate) which constantly needs resyncing while editing and the audio bit rate is way too low.
  3. The video Gopher made on the process, it is outdated now though. Has since used acoustic treatment panels in the room and the recording process has also evolved with a 4k60 capture device on threadripper rig while he plays on another. The microphone hasn't changed, he may be using a sidechain compressor for certain videos and rather than ducking it can be configured to raise a different track to match another, He now doesn't have to re-sync his audio constantly as he records in CFR (constant Frame Rate) rather than VFR (Variable Frame Rate) He has also talked about a lot of the details in this mini series.
  4. Caloss2

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    You can use classic shell if you want win10 to mostly look and work like win7 http://www.classicshell.net/ Used since the first 5mins of win10 the first 4 were downloading and installing chrome Disable win10 spying on you; and updating when it feels like it, instead of when you want it to. https://www.safer-networking.org/products/spybot-anti-beacon/
  5. Caloss2

    Groundwork for a new gaming PC

    Hoping it all goes smoothly Roachbait and happy new year
  6. Found a gameplay footage video; looks like a controller is being used but hey' Dialogue Options WITH Consequences
  7. LOL I popped on to post about this very game, the trailer came up as an add for me on Gophers latest KCD episode and I watched all over it haha Looks really promising https://outerworlds.obsidian.net/
  8. Caloss2

    SSE Graphics Guide

    I use small handful of mods that really are light on on performance but dramatically improve the look and feel of Skyrim Gopher has a guide for all of them. If you want to see them in action choose any video from chapter 6 onwards in my playthrough
  9. Caloss2

    Joining the Minions of Lord Stiv on Warframe

    Thank you Ventic