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  11. Not changing the Frame rate at all, recorded at 60 edited at 60 and rendered at 60, it's only that Adobe has it as a fixed option in the render settings available for mp4/H.264 that I use it at all
  12. It's an either or choice if you're rendering in H.264 with Adobe. There is no option to turn it on or off. Interesting speculation though. This is based on what youtube want your videos format to be when uploading. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1722171?hl=en-GB And here's why it's a youtube problem, check every box on their requirements and sometimes the video will process correctly at their end. Then you publish .... Annnd all the hd options are gone the video has reset to 360p. And it's not just Gopher, it happened to LTT one of their 4k videos did the exact same thing it was 4k and a second after publishing it.... pooof hd options vanish video is back at 360p.
  13. I've been uploading 1440p60 videos longer than Gopher, 4k has been a standard feature for 3 years on youtube. These problems are much more recent less than 6 months in fact; it started when youtube decided to pull google+ coding out of youtube dispite ramming into the coding for years after they bought youtube. I use premiere pro to edit and it's built in media encoder to render, my settings are not dissimilar to Gophers or anyone else's that, but I did recently switch from frame blending to optical flow in the time interpolation settings and I've not had the problem since. Similar videos 45min-1hour modded Skyrim with colour correction/sharpening in post at VBR 40-60Mbs. Usually taking 2-4 hours for youtube to complete it's processing from 360p (and saying processing completed) to actually being at 1440p60.
  14. The audio is getting out of sync because shadowplay uses VFR (Variable Frame Rate) Absolutely No video editing software supports that; only Constant Frame Rates, ( CFR)just like every camera used in the industry. OBS supports both, and this was one of the reasons I switched to OBS in the end. It's that or another software or run the recorded footage through handbrake and change it to CFR and the sound will come back into sync while editing. Shadowplay is fine for shorter recordings, but anything over 15mins and you should look elsewhere, Nvidia knows this is a problem but have no intention of fixing it anytime soon. I did make a video on how to set up OBS and the editing process there after.
  15. Chapter 8 Episode 2, The Legacy Of The Dragonborn
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