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  1. I was disappointed by this video, the title clearly implies experimentation on settlers "mahahaha" I thought; but the video did not contain any harm inflicted to settlers at all. Yes I'm joking. Great episode, it has given me some ideas were I've found myself stuck with vault 88
  2. I'm using 2.2 also, the nag window is far less annoying than the vanilla UI for me hehe.
  3. LOLOLOL Why do I bother trying to eat while watching any of Gophers videos, ah well pause and do some clean up again I guess.
  4. Was it just me that got the title reference or are the more of the mature crowd here ? Great episode.
  5. I'm limited to just the one custom setting... hum upgrade excuses .....
  6. I understand adjusting a monitor, however one that takes 20 mins to calibrate with an external tool and is used for video/photographic production on a daily basis; well it's just not a workable solution for me.
  7. 1. Check for earth loops [ google it ] 2. Mic type . dynamic mics are inherently low output and pc/laptop sound cards are VERY noisy when adding gain stages to a quieter signal. The inside of a pc/laptop is raging storm of electromagnetic noise [use an external sound unit m-track focusrite etc] or a "usb-mic", a usb mic is NOT a type of microphone, it's simply a small external sound card with a type of mic attached to it. cheaper ones will be dynamic more expensive ones will be condensor. 3. Headset mics will not cut it if you're trying to use spoken word for publishing. Yes people use them, it sounds below average even when AngryJoe does it and those are very expensive headsets he's using. 4. As Gopher has said many times, if you're in anyway serious about making videos with spoken word, invest in a decent microphone. 5. Yeti snowball and such are pretty terrible, certainly better than the 20 pence mic that's typically used in headset even expensive ones; spend a small percentage more and get something like a Rhode Podcaster [ small condenser mic, with a narrow cardioid pickup pattern high output very low noise + and a reasonable 2 channel sound card built in or "usb mic" in laymans terms ] Cardioid means it will reject most sound behind it and reduce the need for things like noise gates etc. 6. Real bass/low end comes from breathing and speaking correctly allowing your diaphragm to resonate, don't boost the bass end on your recording, it's a big give away and sounds fake to anyone listening on anywhere near decent equipment. Also people tend to become irritated by it. Don't listen to videos by people telling you to boost low end, they are not professional nor are they correct A real voice professional, follow the advice of someone who makes a living at using the their speaking voice in professional recordings before you listen to anyone else. Good luck
  8. Simplest easiest mod for the yellow I've found, the larger overhaul is excellent though. It's not a total overhaul to the Toussaint theme like the lighting overhaul, so eases up on the yellow, but it still feels quite similar enough for those following the playthrough that like the yellow. (Toussaint looks terrible on a calibrated ips monitor, like someone has overcooked the yellow to make it show on TN panels)
  9. They do, at least CDPR does hehe.
  10. I know Gopher tends to take his time, and I enjoy that fact. However I really did not think this "player mod" would be anywhere near this large, I don't think Gopher thought it would be either haha