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  1. Episode 43 : The End of Chapter one.
  2. I miss Jack too, but I can't think of anything new for him to do ?
  3. So many wanted "personality of a potato?, I don't need a personality I've got a shotgun" but cut down to "I don't need a personality; I've got a shotgun" that's just not going to work .. lol
  4. T-shirt, but large logo or smaller logo.. gah it's going to have to be both isn't it..
  5. Not going to lie, I had far too much fun in that Hanse camp with whirl; I guess Gopher figures out he hasn't killed the Hanse guy in the next episode. Maybe that's why the game kept spawning dogs ?
  6. Our Dark Lord speaks on the subject. It does seem that the curation side of things is going to shape how this works we will see when we have more details I suppose.
  7. More likely closer to a "record contract" which runs at about 95/5.
  8. At E3 Bethesda announced creation club with mods made by themselves, outside developers and "the very best of the modding community" which you can purchase with "credits" They haven't as far as I'm aware explained how "credits" are purchased, ie do we earn them with game/dlc purchases or with straight up CC. The reaction on youtube hasn't been enthusiastic, but I'm waiting to hear more.