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  1. The price of new video cards and bitcoin!?!

    Well, I found with a few tweaks witcher 3 played excellently on my rather older gtx-680 and now 680-670 SLi (it's a driver mod that allows it) My CPU is a i7 and despite being only a 3820 (soft lock of 4.3ghz) it performs extremely well. The Witcher 3 engine is very very well optimized it renders only what the player can see; there are a few vids on CDPR's site/YT about the world design that facilitates that.
  2. The price of new video cards and bitcoin!?!

    It has become a pretty big problem. A quick YT and you'll find a lot of tech channels talking about it.
  3. RIP my name sake, he always wanted to be a red-shirt, to be honest I was much more concerned with Jack having to leave us at the beginning of the week that my namesake dying Gopher
  4. Erm..what do we make of this .. TES-6

    If Gopher can find the time (unlikely with the demise of Jack) I'd like to hear what he thinks about it other than the last video on TES 6 (which was great) but as I say, he's got his plate full atm.
  5. I think most lets-players would have loaded another save and tried to fix the quest; thank you Gopher for not doing that I was choking with laughter watching this one; just suburb
  6. Gopher's Quotes

    FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS (Chapter 8) #10 "It would be like me turning round and saying has anyone seen my car keys? And someone jumps up and says "I've never ever ever stick car keys in an orifice I shouldn't talk about..never, I've never done it not even once; how dare you suggest otherwise" It kinda makes you think ... Maybe your car keys are somewhere you Don't wanna investigate"
  7. It was bound to happen eventually ..

    Chapter 3 Episode 24
  8. It was bound to happen eventually ..

    Chapter 3 Episode 23
  9. It was bound to happen eventually ..

    Chapter 3 Episode 22
  10. https://new.webhallen.com/se/product/237648-The-Elder-Scrolls-6 I don't think the site is fake, and the page has been up for over 2 weeks; a placeholder or is there something more to it ? ./ "Put's on tinfoil hat at a jaunty angle "
  11. It was bound to happen eventually ..

    Chapter 3 Episode 21
  12. Gopher's Quotes

    Gopher speaking to the viewers at the beginning of dishonored 2 ep8 It's hard to be terrified when there's a man on a loudspeaker going "Whoever it is that's drawing willies in the toilet please stop; it's not big, it's not funny, nobody's impressed"
  13. Gopher's Quotes

    Jack talking to Marcus the supermutant at Jacobstown Marcus "Caesar thinks he can change human nature" Jack "... not anymore he doesn't"