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  1. Hey there ladies and gentlemen I hope you all had a good christmas or if you don't celebrate christmas a good break! But on to my question, what mods would be suitable for a warrior/werewolf playthrough in Skyrim? Since a lot of you mod Skyrim, I presume you have some mod recommendations for this kind of character; or even a mod list if you have one. Thanks for reading NextStopFun
  2. Hey guys. I am a massive fan of Payday 2 and I have slogged almost 390 hours into the game (I am Infamy 9). I am looking for a group of players to heist with as my old crew have moved onto different things. I own all of the DLC, enjoy both stealth and loud missions and I enjoy achievement hunting. My name on Steam is NextStopFun, so if you're interested please feel free to add me and message me. Thanks for reading NextStopFun
  3. Hey there and welcome to the forums! I too now primarily play on PC and like you I am absolutely flabbergasted about how customizable and unrestrained it actually is. I also love the keyboard and mouse compared to the controller as it is much more accurate and fast. I hope you enjoy your stay NextStopFun
  4. Hello my fellow minions! I'd just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm NextStopFun and I have been watching Gopher for a long time. He has single handedly managed to teach me how to mod games like Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas due to his fantastic mod tutorials. I thank him for that and for getting the website running again. I hope to meet some like minded individuals on here and have some good chats and even potentially play some games. Thanks for reading NextStopFun
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