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  1. This whole week is out for me, I'm not home till late Friday by the looks of it.
  2. I am away next week unfortunately till the weekend.
  3. Wednesday is fine with me
  4. Yes I have clear evenings most of next week if you want to postpone for a few days
  5. I only have Friday free this week.
  6. I can do today if its on.
  7. Monday is ok for me, This weekend is not possible as I am working Evening/night for most of it.
  8. I'm not getting Fallout 4 any time soon, I may give it a try sometime in the future maybe. So if Pathfinders on the table I'm game. Only got Wednesday and Thursday free so if Gorkey cant do Thursday that only leaves Wednesday for us.
  9. Yes I am free later today if it's good for everyone - though my mood will depend on the result of the football just before.
  10. Yo Thursday is good for me this week.